[3.20] Ice Dancing Queen - Icestorm/Cyclone/CI - Viable For Everything

I played this in the past and plateaued at level.. 92ish? I don't think I did uber bosses, but I got fairly far into red maps and whatever the league was at the time (I think Sentinel? Been a while)

It was the first time I was playing a stacker, so I made some poor choices and didn't really optimize anything.

I'm planning on going for this for Crucible, hopefully we'll get an updated pob? And maybe some of the new stuff will fit in the build? :D
Kassakos wrote:
Kassakos wrote:
Kassakos wrote:
So, 1 week in scourge and I've spent about 3.5ex so far.
I have around 2,280 Int and 6,990 ES.

Damage feels just "ok", to be honest I expected a lot more with more than 2k Int.

As for defences, the build feels way too squishy.
Resistances are difficult to cap, and I'm not even wearing the Stampede boots to make room for some more resistances.
I can definitely feel that leeching is not performing as fast as it should and sometimes I will get 1-shot out of nowhere (even with all flasks up and tons of enemies to leech from).

Notable fights:
-A8 Conquerors take some time to kill (except Al-Hezmin, once he stops moving he's easy prey) but Baran especially is 1-shot fest (even lost all 6 portals once). I haven't tried Sirus yet because I can feel my pants getting soiled just by thinking about fighting him.
-Lost all 6 portals to Catarina after getting 1-shot (maybe the "Mortal" carpet attack? Still not sure).
-Enslaver was as tough as they come, had to get a friend to help because I couldn't sustain ES (even in Frost Shield) with all the tornados around.
-Eradicator was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought, only died because I messed up some Frostblinks.
-Constrictor was quite easy in terms of defences (thanks, CI!) but it took a lot of time (back to the damage being a bit low point)
-Hydra was going down a lot quicker, died a couple of times for bs reasons, like my hitbox being in front of her while I was clearly touching her back, or I walk right into a frost bolt.

I'm really hoping the build will kick off with more Int but for now, 3k Int seems way too far away.
Maybe getting better helmet/gloves/rings.
And seeing how low the damage is at 2k, I'm a bit pessimistic on how I can manage to get to 3k or if it will even be worth it.

Other than that, it's a good league and the content feels refreshed and nice :) If I can sort my damage and squishiness, it will be even better than Expedition for me ^^

However it turns out, thanks Kelvynn for the build, much appreciated ^^

Edit: typos and additions

Update for anyone having similar survivability issues!
(TL;DR: Drop Int to 2.1k, Invest in more than 8k ES, reduced RIPs by 90%)

After looking at poe.ninja, I realised that a lot of Int stackers are happy with 2.1k Int and invest a ton in ES.

I had some currency so I decided to experiment with this.
I had reached almost 2.5k Int, so I dropped around almost 300 Int and won 1.4k ES, so now I'm sitting at 2,175 Int and 8,414 ES. Damage-wise, it wasn't much of a loss.
I also realised I had not set up the CWDT gems (CWDT - IC - WoC). I couldn't get a 3rd red socket so I added Ele Weakness, as an extra curse in case this setup procs instead of the 5L.

The result is me playing with one hand until I reach a boss. It's super relaxing even in t16 rare maps.
Unless I roll some rippy mods (no regen, ele reflect, multi proj, crits, etc.) I literally just hold the 2 click buttons and move the mouse.
I've placed Vortex on the LMB and Cyclone on RMB, so holding them down clears everything almost instantly.

Resistances are still a pain to cap (with Cold being max uncapped for Wise Oak) but I dropped a Bismuth flask to get an Aquamarine to max Cold uncapped. You can check the flask set-up in my profile :)

With a better Chest and Amulet, I can probably hit 10k ES without dropping more Int.
And I'd be happy there, as with 8.4k ES already I face-tanked 2 out of 3 hits of Sirus's "DIE" beam, giving me time to dodge the last hit LOL

The set-up you see now in my profile did Elder deathless and A5 Sirus.
Damage (and subsequently leeching) is not amazing, but face-tanking otherwise lethal attacks is super fun! Now I only die if 1 of the aforementioned mods rolls or I receive multiple Phys dmg attacks.

Hope this helps :)

Final update on the build for Scions.

Current stats:
INT: 3,228
ES: 14,732
DPS: 444k up to 563k with flasks up (according to PoB)
Res: Capped without flasks

I got lucky with farming exalts so I had enough currency for some upgrades.
I got better rings with 54 Int each (upgrade to 64 with catalysts).
Someone was selling a 12%Int 520ES chest cheap so I got it and crafted 6%Att.
I ditched The Stampede and got Sorc boots with 177ES 55Int and 25%MS (requires a quicksilver flask permanent uptime to feel ok, but definitely a loss of MS).
I ditched the Snowforge Ele mastery passive wheel to get a medium cluster with Int, Att, Dmg and Dmg from Herald buff. Gave me about 20k more DPS, as the 2nd Split Personality travels 4 more passive nodes. I will keep experimenting with this for a bit, but I don't think there's much that can be gained.

-Sirus is almost always down (unless I mess up last phase) even at A9. With 14k+ ES, I can facetank quite a few of his attacks. The "DIE" beam will only kill me in the last hit if I don't have Frostblink available, so it's all a matter of good decisions and knowing the fight (I heard GGG buffed him and he procs his attacks more often).
-Conquerors and Elder/Shaper Guardians are a walk in the park even at A9 with juicy map mods
-Elder, Shaper and Uber Elder are done deathless.
-Atziri is a walk in the park (careful of the reflection clone).
-Reached wave 23 at Simulacrum. Krosis and Omniphobia are super easy if you know what to avoid. Omniphobia has a lot of damage reduction, so as long as you're always behind him, you're good, just takes time).
-Maven Invitations with map bosses or Elder/Shaper guardians ("Formed", "Twisted") are done, but it doesn't exactly cut through them like butter.
-Catarina is super fun, because I just stand under her, constantly leeching and facetanking.
-Synthesis maps ("Distant Memories") are getting melted. Cortex not so much...

-Uber Atziri is a no-no with this build, as it doesn't have enough dps to gun down the 2nd bosses (Vaal trio) before they mess up everything. Maybe a more experienced player can do it, but I couldn't.
-The Maven was a close call for me. Tried her twice, but again, since dps is not disgustingly good, she goes to memory game phases way too often. Managed to kill the brain/core thing, so after that it became messy. Again, a more experienced player can definitely do it (this was my first 2 tries ever at the Maven, so not enough practice).
-Harder Maven Invitations are a disaster. I wasted 6 portals in "The Hidden" and through the power of capitalism, bought the breachstones and the invitation again and invited someone else to clear it, as with 2 portals up all 4 breachlords were still alive.

The only upgrade I can go for now is an amulet that has all 3 good mods (%Int, %Att, %dmg per Int), however, they go for at least 75-100ex now, so I'm not going to spend time farming for that.
A good mapping upgrade would be a Headhunter with %Int or %Att corrupt implicit, but that's a few hundred exalts, so brainlessly steamrolling through 5-Ways is not happening.

All in all, it's a good build, but definitely not a top tier one, because of its limited playstyle. If you want to create a build for mapping only, drop 15-20ex at it and you have a relaxed and braindead gameplay.
Good league-starter if all you want is to play and chill without being competitive.

Final comments:
Due to the extremely limited and expensive upgrades mentioned above, this is my final update and I don't think I will be pursuing anything else in this league.
Thank you once again, Kelvynn, for the fun build! :)

Edit: typos

Hello everyone!

So, I've been messing with this build on Standard, finding upgrades, levelling up etc. I am very much in love with this.
I've spent a substantial amount of currency (Exalted Orbs then and now Divine orbs) and I can comfortably do everything except Ubers (including Uber Atziri).

My stats are:
Level: 98
Intelligence: 3,453
Energy Shield: 15,372
Normal DPS: 9m
Standard Boss DPS: 7.2m
Pinnacle Boss DPS: 6.7m

The above DPS numbers are with optimal circumstances (Cold Exposure applied, both curses applied, Unnerved enemies).
With a nice "Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call" I very rarely die due to bad map+mob mods combinations.

However, the 3.21 patch notes have me worried.
While losing 25% Mana Reservation Efficiency for Discipline doesn't affect the build much, the loss of "1% increased Spell Damage per 16 Intelligence" from the Caster mastery and the change to Arcane Surge drive my Pinnacle Boss DPS down to 4.7m.

Does anyone know any ways to counter this? Either by replacing Arcane Surge or changing the Passive Skill tree.


Here's my pob: https://pastebin.com/bLGFBuBc

Edit: typos
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Unless I'm mistaken this build got whacked by the changes GGG have made for 3.21. There are 3 masteries which have been changed.
- Energy Shield Mastery
- Caster Mastery
- Leech Mastery

Not sure if other changes also affect it. The new options in these masteries look like dog crap for this build. Are there alternatives to get it back to where it was or is the build dead now ?
build won't be dead. latest skill tree reveal on a pledge of hands, might make it seem we could get some nice skill tree uses for the weapon itself this league *crossing fingers*

Any chance on getting an update for 3.21? I'm a complete noob and this is my favorite build and I hope it's still possible to build!
If the stats only apply in league that won't help those of us who play in Standard. I've played this build on and off for probably 3-4 years. First build to level to 100 (the hard way, not in 5-way). I really hope it's salvageable. The changes GGG are far reaching on builds that were never even meta. A nice finger to the player base.
KittenznOm wrote:
Any chance on getting an update for 3.21? I'm a complete noob and this is my favorite build and I hope it's still possible to build!

Most have been playing Trickster version for few leagues when he got cool stuff. It is stupid tanky.

I really hope this can get updated for Crucible ): Already started leveling my Scion. Don't want to full swap to Trickster, but may have to cause I love cyclone
No update for 3.21 - I assume it's a dead build now, along with a number of others, which were never meta but GGG decided to nerf them in to the ground anyway.
I really hope we get 3.21 addressed
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