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I love the zombie waltz has that george romero theme to it on how they walk. Please do not change it i love how they walk! :P
I can see the first witch being made then a comment by the villagers. Villagers: KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!
Also I'm not sure if someone else mentioned it or not, but that damn animation for opening chests/ turning corpses is REALLY bad.

I would rather the character doesn't even move when toggling chests etc than him taking a full second stomping down, especially during combat.

Perhaps make the animation a very fast and small kick instead of the full-on stomp.

I'm sure everyone would agree with me on this one.
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I'm actually curious if the items from chests are better than those out of corpses, barrels, and tribals/boulders... due to their unbreakable nature and the time it takes to open them.
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I noticed that Cleave animation doesnt look like it's completely finished. I mean when sweaping weapon character take it back in the middle of slash, weapons should gone further to let animation look smoth imo, same with marauder one handed animation, he backs his weapon just after it touch enemy it doesnt look good, weapons should cut through enemy. Also marauder should have more animation for one handed weapons, while carrying shield its just one animation, could be 1 or 2 more, and ll not look boring like it do now, every character should have few basic atack animation, and skill such as cleave same.


I have an idea for 1-hand/shield characters. They could use shield to hit an enemy, of course for a weapon damage, it would look good and realistic.
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The character attack animations feel mechanical and robotic , they are not fluid like in other action rpg's.

I don't know if you made them like this on purpose to encourage future cash shop alternative attack animations so I hope you will make them more fluid in the future.

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Most spell animations look a bit because of the simple fact that the hands look too far apart, I think they would look drastically better if the hands where a lot closer.
When shooting multiple arrows with the ranger the arrow path look a bit odd beacuse they overlap would be better if they all started in one point I think.
sometimes zombies "moonwalk" to the player instead of teleporting, or walking to them. By moonwalk, I mean slide along the ground very fast like on a bungee to the player character. I notice it most in big areas.
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I definitely feel like the animations of the characters are stiff. There not very organic or powerful feeling. When I do a powerful hit that can blow a person off the ground I would cock my arm all the way back not half way. The characters feel like they dont have a full rang of motion. I SUGGEST USING MOTION CAPTURE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ANIMATIONS! because then they would be a perfect representation of what a person would look like if they swung a weapon full tilt or jogged across a beach! Animations have a HUGE effect on games and this would help out TREMENDOUSLY!
I would like more flare added to the 2 handed weapon standard attack animations to add more sense of weight and force. They feel a bit "floaty" to me currently, but part of that can also be attributed to how monsters react to the blows. Having a seperate "reeling backwards" animation specifically for 2 handed weapons and high impact spells/skill would be awesome, but also a great deal of additional animation work.

Cleave has nice weight to it, Sweep isn't bad either, although it looks a bit awkward to me. Bending backwards to form the circle and all.
All just personal preference though, I like big hulking weapons to look and feel like their stats.
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LoJackATK- The 2h attack animtions have been punched up it'll be coming in the new art patch. part of the reason their slowish at the start is a balance thing but i've tried to make the timing less even and exaggerate the anticipation more. the reel back thing is something we've worked on but it's quite hard to implement so it'll probably come in down the line as the animation system gets more sophisticated

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