*Update* made 3.8 tree and POB. its however 100% identical to previous.

Hi Jauer here.
It´s been a long time since i posted a build on forum, but some migth recall from beta era.
My crafting service/Vouch thread for Legion HC
13/7-19 under construction will keep adding stuff.
27/7 Cleaned up abit
30/7 HIT LVL 100 and finished my 40 challenges.
2/8 Made small updates to describtion of gear and added GEM section
10/8 did a random unided map and forgot to check for reflect. rip..
18/10 added my gear from 3.7 to the 3.8 POB, sorry but have not been active much this league.

Try to notice shaper balls do less then 2 k damage (get hit 2 times), not any thread at all

LVL 100 in Pure chalula

Video Showcase
A video explains alot, so just to get a general impression of the build. T16 map with Uber elder guardian Eradicator.

Added Uber elder kill. first one in long time, so was abit rusty, failed abit on placing the vortexes, minion controle, and allowed my self to get in a bad possion 2-4 times. The log could easy have been avoided. all in all very smooth char to do uber elder with.


Shaper kill, the kill time variers depending of EO proc and shaper jumping around. Notice the stun locking of bosses.

*new 21/7:AOE showcase, you can scale it much more with investment.

Chimera boss just to showcase how it tanks Physical damage

Pretty crazy Phonix kill

T16 abyss Lich

Uberlab Izaro fight.

*new 18/7 PURE CHalula run

Delve 330 ish with CITY

-Tired of dieng to legion stuff, even on a tanky Char?

-Wanna play on a fairly budget freindly char that can do very well endgame and still scale with investment?

-Need something very forgiving to push your personal boundrys for how high content you can do in HC?, one of the most newbie freindly tank builds!

-Like seeing some big ass hits destroy intire screen and stunlock t16 bosses even?

-More tanky, way more dps and aoe clear then herald of agony builds

-One of the best solo delve builds.

-Immortal Lab farmer.

-Relative easy gearing process, nothing beside weapons are mandatory and most items are very strait forward.

Well this is what the build offers.

the Downsides are:
-its relative slow moving becours of low ias weapons and leapslam.

-Cant compare to Clearspeed builds Like ED and similar in destroying legions.

-The single target DPS is neather in the insain catagory. thoe high enough to down every content ingame easy.. up to 3 mill shaper dps!.

-legion can be annoying since you cant leech or generate charges in the release stage so can risk if no mobs around not to kill that many.

-Nulifyer nemesis mod rares can steal your endurance charges so be aware, can be deadly if you try to take the intire screen with no charges.!

Why this build
After ripping some very potent and expencive builds to legions i wanted to be able to tank it all.

I been playing Nebulch jug doing synthesis, mainly inspired by Alkaizers version offering most Dps and tank for the investment. prior to 3.7 Molten strike was the single strong skill to use.. but MS have been significantly nerfed, and even more so for slower harder hitting weapon types. However Tectonic slam got buffed in its damage scaling. The passive tree have also been rewamped together with many gems, including fortify, this version of the build takes a very diff pathing then in the past, and focus on Fortify effect.

PATH OF BUILDING (if you dont have it Download it)
Take note that for dps i clicked all the the sources it generates. so for example remove frency charges doing shaper figth ect.
*note i added my timeless jewel as a rare jewel.

*New POB for 3.8* same as 3.7

picture of data from POB

Forum passive tree


Kill all for 2 skill points.
Oak is not bad eather 20% damage, 1% regen and 2% phys mitigation. can help alot early game, late game the phys mitigation becomes pretty useless.

From all the skills i tested Tectonic slam seems to deal most damage and have best aoe clear at same time.
On a note, it does not seems that the charged Slams are calculated in POB, meaning with helmet ench the real DPS is 0.60*0.55= 33% higher then POB suggests. so with my POB around 4 mill!

The special about tectonic slam is it have a chance to consume a endurance charge to create a very powerfull hit. we mitigate that by using endurance charge on melee stun support,even doing boss figths the Jug note: Unflinching auto generate charges.

the Key unique is the nebuloch that drops from The elder.

This is our main source of defence and it scales its damage from the endurance charges. so the more the better. the downside is not that bad since with 9 endurance charges you degen 1800 pr mace or 3600 total. this is mitigated by fire res

No purity of fire: 3600*0.23 = 828
With purity of fire: 3600*0.19= 684

The tree got alot of regen but also we use Kaoms way to furthermore give more regen. This item use to cost 2-4 exalts but in this league its a few chaos.

For full fire conversion you need avartar of fire or some special crafted gloves, i will not discuss the gloves, but for the AOF you have two options.
to spec it on the tree or to use a Xoph blood amulet.

the downside of specing on the outside of the tree is not that great and opens up for other strong necklesses. like impressence or a strong rare. i would acculy belive its possible to craft way better amulets then the Blood.

Gluttery is used only to proc endurance charges prior to figth els i just run with it in my inventory


This build is all about stacking Defences.
High armor, 50k+
Molten shell full effect. CWDT or self cast.
high chaos res. up to cap if 1 item with res.
18% reduced ele damage from hits from the Nebulochs.
alot of phys mitigation from endurance charges.
Its a jug. so ton of armor. mitigation from the accendency. and regen based on damage taken.
Flasks, can swap ele res flask to what ever need..
1 purity aura can be changed for any need.
6.7-8k life. This migth not sound like the largest. but this version of the build specs into alot of fortify, so its just as tanky if not more as pre 3.7 8+k life versions.

the new fortify notes offer 50% more effect, and with helmet craft and timeless that can easy go over 100%. Atm my build got 95%.

So in total around 39% reduction from fortify ageinst all sources of damage!

Stun. this is not to be underestimated. i Can stun most bosses including agent of the void in Shaper realm out of animations, basiccly making it a ragdull.
also this functions as a great Crowd controlle in mapping locking down most packs and rares in front of me.

Kaoms roots are great. especially with good ench: regen, pen, attack speed. and very godtier with endurance charge corrupt. Atm i just cant fit the resists to use it.. also lacks 1 gem soccet when i use tombfist.
This boot is mandatory for doing uber elder, You can switch for another boot with Movespeed and resist when mapping(to Reach ele weakness cap)

Outside the Gear i mentioned. rest can be regular rares or uniques you like to use, however focus on life and capping your resists, i would prioritise to get life over damage on gear.

A rare chest crafted with serrated fossils and pristine can give similar result as my chest, its not super hard to land a good role, however with current popularity of thoes items the serrated fossils have gotten abit more expencive.

There is a guide how to craft similar made by ZIZ(even thoe the methode have been used since delve league)

GLoveToombfist is a nice glove since offering some decent life+ res(from abyss jewel). with equipping a Murderuos eye jewel in it WE intimidate on hit, dealing 10% MORE damage. i cant figure out to fit in a 2 soccet. since gem soccets. Also its vastly more expencive. Lastly since its fairly common unique it can be aquired with ELE weakoness on hit( or other suitable curses). that is hard to get on propper rare.

Timeless jewels
Legion added this unique set of jewels that can completly change how notes work or what you can do.. i havent looked much into it. there may be jewels that makes a completly diff passive tree much stronger, and even make smart use of other items aswell. Including Intimidate. for switching glove. or other powerfull notes. many other types of timeless jewels could be strong.

For now i use a Lethal pride jewel, i used many diff in the past, this is more defencive. i had several with very high dps, up to 20% MORE DAMAGE!

You can soccet the listed items where you Pref, but my setup is.
Chest: tectonic slam, elemental damage with attacks, Fortify, Endurance charge on stun. Melee Physical damage. CONC effect.
THis is my 6l DPS SETUP. Even thoe Neather fortify or Endurance charge on stun is BIS, they remain for reliablility.
IF you have a white soccet you can switch CONC for PULVERISE. this addds alot of more aoe., I run ele focus+ PUlverise instead of melee phys and conc.
NOTE!: there can be more powerfull Setups i just havent figured since new Gems are not calculated in POB, AFter shock can easy be the strongest support of all. and MUltistrike can also be biggest.. so Feel free to experiment or calculate damage.!

Helmet Leapslam, faster attack, WArchief totem, Combustion
THis is movement skill + totem.. and both will Debuff globally from igniting enemys with the Combustion debuff. so get that totem up on bosses!

Glove Herald of Ash, Purity of X(ice/fire) Pression.
The herald of ash is great for boosting dps. and adds a large portion of the AOE clear since we hit hard and overkill alot burning remaining mobs in aoe.
Pression, lvl to what lvl you feel you need+ unreserved mana.

Mace 1 Enduring cry, Blood rage, Blood and sand.
We LVL blood rage to the amount we got Dex for.
WE switch stances in between Blood for solo target, and sand for aoe clear.

Mace 2CWDT, Molten shell, wave of conviction
This setup, gives us 10k absorbing shield, and a fire debuff to targets when hit.

Boots Nothing, or lvling gems, or something you would like to use. i keep this slot open since it allows for switching in Kaoms Roots.

My Gear, note that this is very endgame setup and you can slowly progress towards this, This is not the Tier of items needed for starting the char!!!


Bandits Kill all
So the lvling can be done in multible versions. i would suggest you generic melee dualwield setup.
as soon you get first lab you can start using tectonic slam. it feels very powerfull early game. but any other skill can work to.
EARLY Game tree lvl 31 just accendet
Gear wise you can do your standard twink lvling uniques or just random rares you pick while lvling a fresh league.

At lvl 55
we go 2 lab. GEAR ofc been upgraded. with equiv weapons and better rares and maybe a Kaoms sign.

LVL 70
Now we just killed merc lab and kitava and is at maps. WE pick Avartar of fire. ichimonci is a great weapon but much els can be used.
LVL 75 Unspec the phys notes at start into life/armor.
For gear selection just use what you got. focus on capping res+ life.

From this point on you slowly upgrade your stuff into The final gear. you dont need 2 nebuloch to get going. 2x kaoms sign+ 1 nebuloch and 1 other good weapon is fine. you can kill red elder ect with that setup.

OR be creative and lvl with stuff you wanna try.!

Notes about bosses, Shaper, Uber elder

The build is very good at bossing, its close to immune to Physical damage, and also reduces elemental damage taken.

the one minor weakness, is that both Fortify and NEbuloch elemental reduction is ageinst Hits. so Damage over time is our weakest spot. In thies fights its Shaper beam(think its 50/50 cold/ligthing) So thats the only part that hurts the build.. however this is relative easy to avoide. so not big deal just watch not standing to close to shaper since its aoe can hurt you if close behind him.

All other hits in the figths can be easy tanked. The mobs, and phys degen. the cold vortexes. ALL elder hits. even hes big slam(50/50 phys cold) hits for around 5k. shaper slam is like 500 hp. shaper balls can be scary but i tanked a few and it hits for 2k max.. so we can effective tank all 3 and live.

I would suggest.. ignore Elder attacks.. and focus on avoiding shaper balls and beam.. kill the mobs to prevent the degen spread. and place vortexes smart in bulks.

For pantheon.. i use Solaris (even thoe lunaris can be better) just to avoid getting crit 2 times and die) and minor god i use soul of yogul to reduce cold damage.

There is many options to deviate in gear, if you got some crazy rares.
i had a big idea of listing all the options but ill for now settle with posting a great reply by TELEMETRIC, it have many of the elements i also thourt of.

One note that he dont mention that would be my main go to version is.
AUL ANGER verion, adding in a watchers eye with multi ANGER MODS including converted phys to fire. Its now possible to craft a insain glove with the 25% conversion for 100% conversion. Lastly A Lethal pride with multi fortify effect can be added + INtimidate.

telemetric wrote:
Found your build, used to play it (a version i came up myself but basically the same) since MS nerf. Loved it and i want to add some ideas i came up during this weeks of playing

Gear i used to have (STD stuff, endgame , etc.)


What i would advice / suggest
1) run

For Permanent Vaal Molten Shell (and whatever other vaal skill you would like, aka Vaal Haste) in deep delves, huge improvement in survivability

a Fortify on Hit corruption on Nebuloch means no Fortify on 6l setup

A Onslaught chance on Kill Nebuloch is a huge improvement for delves / mapping

4) Try a
instead of Xoph + Tombs for a different approach, you can go north in the tree picking up Avatar of Fire and placing a
to free up 2 Ascendancy Point and gain 100% accuracy rating. Look at my tree

Note : My tree / Gear as of now is for Nebuloch Cyclone, wich basically is the same build concept/idea but with a different skill. Everything i've wrote here works for both, but obv there are some differences on tree, enchants and crafted mods

Hope i gave some creative imput to someone, the Nebuloch + Jugg archetype is one of the best in this game, Tanky as fuck (currently blazing at 2k delve, both with Cyclone & Tectonic version) and the damage is good enough for all.

JuhlDk wrote:
"Hi got a problem i just take to much fire damage plz help me
I got 2x nebulock
2 kaom's way 2
80% fire reist

hi, Well taking Arconist will help alot, also your gear is lacking alot of life, the astramentis is not a good amulet imo, you also got alot of unallocated points, get thoes 2 points jewels soccets for life + damage or resists, allowing you to get more life on gear, the better HP pool the better regen. if you struggle to hard in the beginning you can run 1 nebulch + 1 weapon

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Hit lvl 100. and finished the 40 challenges with the last uber elder kill..

Most my XP was grinded in RED maps, mainly t16 spawning red elder, shaper, uber elder. and delve+300. nearly all solo.
half of 99 was grinded in PURE BREACH STONES, 5 way timeless. and poorjoy.

I will take a break...

If i can hit 100 doing the hardest content doing this so can you

2/8.. PPL start replying with Uber elder kills ect where they have done stuff they never done before.. i encurage anyone to post their succes being first into Ulab, redmaps, mastermind, shaper ect.. all counts!! keep it up ppl!
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Which bandit should i choose?

Thx for answer.
i have taken non. but Oak is not that bad. can certainly help early game
Hi how did you get that gg chest ??
JuhlDk wrote:
Hi how did you get that gg chest ??

zig did an videou about the chest craft process
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNffIekoz78 preety popular this league
Added Shaper kill Video.
This chest or similar i used to craft in multi leagues. now however its gotten popular so the fossils now cost alot. last league each serrated costed 2-3 chaos.
edit shaper video was not complete so added new and a little crazy phonix kill
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Finished adding videos, if any want more let me know.
Finished adding videos, if any want more let me know.
Hi there!
Thanks for the build.
Could you upload a full t16 clear video please?
I want to see the general/legion clearspeed.

You linked a wrong video for your t16 clear, its also shaper.
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