0.10.4 Teaser Image, 0.10.3 Update Patches and News on Shipped Goods

You may recognise the new skill demonstrated in the screenshot from monsters in Act Three. It was prepared as a player skill during Closed Beta, but due to balance concerns it was only used on monsters. We believe we've solved most of those balance problems now (though it's still scarily effective in certain situations).

The skill book shown in the inventory in the screenshot is the way that we're now handling passive skill points and respec points granted by quests. We always intended to give them in the form of consumable items, because the extra step not only feels more meaningful to the player but helps communicate to new players what they have received and why. There is no way to abuse these items to get more than the right number of points from each. They cannot be transferred to other characters.

We deployed the 0.10.3b patch yesterday, which fixed a bug with chest drops and adjusted map drop rates (upwards) based on feedback, testing and analysis. We're planning to deploy 0.10.3c later today. I'll discuss its changes in the patch notes thread for that patch once it's posted. UPDATE: Looks like it'll be Monday, NZ time. We ran into tiny problems and don't want to break the realm just before a weekend when we only have a few developers around to fix it!

Many people haven't yet received the physical goods from the supporter packs that they ordered towards the end of Closed Beta (or in the case of some of the more crazy signing requests, earlier in the Closed Beta). Our bulk signing of physical goods was delayed by the launch of the Open Beta, but we now have signing stations set up at the office again and a lot of shirts/posters/DVDs/CDs are getting signed each day. We have also replenished our stocks of the manufactured physical goods required for these packs and are packaging/shipping as many as we can per day. Thanks very much for your patience!

Quick question: How much interest is there in the return of physical goods supporter packs for Open Beta that have different contents than the Closed Beta ones? We've been holding off on pursuing this idea until we have fulfilled the orders that people have been patiently waiting for from Closed Beta. I get more and more mail about this per day from excited fans who want to purchase packs that include physical merchandise (and exclusive pets).

Thanks again for your feedback and support. We'll continue to work on 0.10.4 and are currently on track for deployment on Wednesday NZ time as usual. Have a great weekend!
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First! Yay ice shield here we come!
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Wow, news already!

Edit: Open beta support packs? Yes please!
I regret not getting one in closed beta.. was very busy at the time.

Would this include forum icons and/or titles?
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Gah! How dare you tease me! :)

Edit: I think it would be awesome to bring back supporter packs. Just because someone finds the game after CB doesn't mean that they wouldn't want to grab a sweet bundle pack and support the game. Also, new exclusive pets, forum titles, and so on for new packs would be sweet.
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I would love if you could add a pack with PoE T-Shirts, trying to buy one, but still failing at that. And I am worried that my local T-shirt printing service won't really get me the quality I want. Also some other stuff, like Posters, maybe some figures or smthn, all that would be really cool and I would love to see that in microtransactions shop. Also, great patch, as always, really looking forward to the new one, that new skill will be fun, I am pretty sure about that. I only hope that next weeks uniques will fit my needs more than this weeks ones. ^_^
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Sheesh, you really ARE doing weekly content patches.
So about 10 Diamond Uniques down...only 350ish to go, right?! :-)

Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
i whould be interested in buying additional shirts :)
Ice Shield? Is that the actual name of the spell ? And when can we expect to see updated notes for its use. :) lovin the new content alwaysss
frost walk?

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