[3.9] Ultimate EDTrickster [2M dps - UNKILLABLE] (ALL content)

■ Welcome to this guide, exile! ■

This is my take on ED-Contagion trickster. It took on all content in the game in 1.5 weeks in legion, around 55 hours played at the time. It focuses on much more defenses than other ED guides you will find out there, while achieving similar to higher damage numbers. While there are many other ED guides out there, the concepts shown here are the ones that prove to work best overall to clear the most game content. Most of them are nothing new, but this guide compiles the best ones to provide a well rounded character for all content.

I have played more than 350 hours of ED trickster in legion (40/40 challenges) and have carried more than 130 uber elders, most of them deathless. I have killed depth 606 triple damage + AOE aul.


[3.9] ~3ex shaper viable setup: https://pastebin.com/FvgLBqnW
6000ehp - 450k ED dps - 74% dodge

[3.9] ~10ex all content setup: https://pastebin.com/Na469Vqm
7600ehp - 850k ED dps + 1M blight dps - 74% dodge

[3.9] Endgame setup: https://pastebin.com/Juu7NqYE
8300ehp - 1.6M ED dps + 2.5M blight dps - 74% dodge

Theorical BIS setup for the big bois:
[3.8] 300ex+ BiS setup: https://pastebin.com/PT5jT5dj

■ Build Overview ■

This build has around 1.1M ED dps, 7-8k EHP and 2k effective regeneration per second.
AS any ed build, it relies on Essence drain and contagion for map clear and regeneration. It also has a 6 free sockets in your chest where you can put any chaos dot skill (soulrend, bane or blight) to effectively double your dps (2M total dps with blight).

It differs from other ED tricksters by being EXTREMELY TANKY, utilizing many defense layers to be very durable. It is hardcore viable.

■ Videos ■


■ T17 Uber elder week 1 legion deathless (trash gear)

■ Depth 606 insane AUL Extra cold + aoe + crit + chain + endurance(2nd try)

■ Extra cold + ignite + damage AUL (1st try)

Hard Minotaur full facetank:

■ Build Concept ■



This is a chaos DOT build. There is absolutely nothing special. We scale spell damage, chaos damage, damage over time and most importantly: chaos DOT multiplier.
We are NOT lowlife based so we are missing a quarter of the maximum theoretical ED damage, bu we more than make up for it in survivability. Lowlife also quickly becomes expensive.

We also socket our gems in +x to level of socketed gems uniques and rares, to boost the base DOT of essence drain. They are items such as:

Overall, there isn't many ways to scale our damage, as only the following are possible:
- All increased damage sources (spell, dot, chaos...)
- Chaos damage over time multiplier
- ED gems level
- Increased chaos damage taken by enemies
- Lowlife for pain attunement
And we scale all of these, except lowlife. While one could argue we can always fit a bit more increased damage sources, we're already above 800% total increased. It is difficult to get significantly more.


Now, the spicy part!
Here are all of our defense layers:

MAXIMUM DODGE: We have 74% dodge, we dodge 3 hits every 4. This is before factoring in evasion and avoidance, and is a massive defensive layer.
45% evasion: on top of 75% dodge, we also have 45% chance to evade. On top of other small avoidance sources we also take, we end up having above 90% chance to not get hit when we're supposed to.
Large EHP pool: We have 5.1k life and 2.5k es as MoM hybrid. ES is always up because of ghost dance and Wicked ward, both giving up big ES recovery. We stack faster ES recharge start to make wicked ward almost always active.

20% phys mitigation: name says it all. We permanently have 3 endurance charges, and pantheon gives us up to 8% additional.
Blind and chill: We blind and chill bosses. I can facetank deadly Minotaurs. It's situational, but really strong if you know how to use it. These come from our flasks, and can (should, probably) be used by most builds. Note that the blind chance is not used in avoidance calculations in this guide as it is highly situational.
260% movement speed: really fast. We are hard to hit and can easily dodge telegraphed attacks such as syndicate Haku/Janus slams. (some of them will still hit you, but it's no problem since we have other defense layers. Just get hit 4head.) This amount of movement speed is nothing special as most builds can achieve it, but feels really nice as ED's playstyle allows us to be running almost all of the time instead of casting things.

■ Pros and cons ■


■ PROS ■
■ Fast mapper
■ All endgame bosses viable, including deep delve bosses.
■ Hardcore viable
■ Cheap, clear upgrade path. Shaper 3EX, uber elder 8EX.
■ CONS ■
■ Doesn't do the DEEPEST delve bosses (4+ mods depth 1300 auls will kill you, but that's not really a build problem...)
■ You are a meta slave
■ Performs really poorly in the timeless domain, requires heavy swaps for HoGM (but can actually do it)
■ potentially clunky 1-2 playstyle (altho very fast)

These pros and cons are pretty much what you would expect from any ED build. Here are other options for ED/contagion that are also great in what they do:
■ LowLife occultist or trickster: Lowlife doesn't synergise very well with trickster. That said, the limited damage scaling options mean LowLife will still be the best damage. Be warned that the damage isn't much higher, and LL trickster feels really squishy. I don't know how occultist feels, it could be an option.
■ Full tank trickster: it is possible to achieve really high tankyness by using a shield and swapping a few setups. We're looking at 11k ehp+ with 60% dodge and 45% block. Since we cannot use an ED bow, we cannot scale gem levels as efficiently and the damage is more or less divided by 3. ED's damage is already kind of low, you're reaching at most 400k singletarget with this. It just isn't worth it in my opinion. It will be the best setup if you have infinite currency and a +4 hyrri's ire, but don't count on that too much...

If you want a good allrounded build that clears fast, has most of the damage scaling options available and can facetank the world, this is most likely the guide for you.

Information for Halls of grandmasters:

After a discussion in this thread, here are a few tips to clear Halls of grandmasters with this build:

Darkxellmc wrote:
The following is true for most builds. It'll work well here because of the heavy investment in spell damage/damage over time, but honnestly most builds can do this grayed out lines are optional:

Get a saffel's frame, for more defenses.
http://poe.trade/search/uragaatogoruok Get this item. You might as well take a 20% cast speed one, it's usually 1c.
■ Socket the following support gems in balefire (no need to link them): Burning damage, Elemental focus, controlled destruction.
Socket in saffell's: CwDT - Phase run - Ice wall (all lowest level)
■ Put both in weapon swap. ED clears grandmasters really well, despite what people say. Go in the map.
■ When you encounter a CI exile, swap to balefire and nuke him. Scorching ray has busted pvp scaling, and cannot be blocked, dodged or evaded. It WILL kill.
■ Be VERY mindful if you see someone turning on righteous fire. He will most likely also use scorching ray. Run away and take him down from a distance, using balefire makes your beam 10% longer than theirs, you will outreach.
You will die on the exiles using caustic arrow. They deal massive damage. If you're struggling too much, swap you pantheons to fully upgraded arakaali (keep shakari for minor). These are usually the last ones before the chest on the topleft branch, but that's not always the case. Keep your guard up.

Last thing, don't do HoGM in hardcore. Just don't.
that said, hope it helps. GL hf! ^^

■ Gear and explanations ■


Finally, the core of the guide!

My gear in legion for reference:

■ Equipment

■ Flasks

■ Jewels

■ Boots

MATATL's boots with up to 6% attack dodge are hard to beat. They always come with 30% movement speed. Try to get life and resistances on top of the dodge/MS mod. A bad pair of boots with just MATATL's prefix and some life will be good enough for uber elder, don't stress it too much.

ENCHANT: Movement speed or Regeneration. I prefer movement speed.

■ Weapon

This is the only piece of gear you must invest in for endgame bosses. While the rest of items you wear can be 2 chaos trash, this one is important!
If you are on a budget, get a 4-5 links Cane of unraveling.
You should upgrade to a 6L one to do shaper.

Your endgame weapon should be an ED BOW and soul strike for better energy shield sustain. You can get a 6l base to craft on using divination cards. Roll +1 gems using alterations, regal-annul to make it rare and multimod. The crafts will cost you 4ex, the base around 2 to 3 ex.

■ Gloves

If you are on a budget, life and resists will do up to uber elder. If you have a bit more to spend, elder gloves with chaos multiplier are great.
ENCHANT: Of SPITE. Chills enemies around you when you get hit. awesome. Of LIGHT is also a somewhat decent choice but almost never actually triggers.

■ Helmet

Very cheap and difficult to beat! +1 gems allows us to have an additional level on enlighten as well as slightly boosted auras. It also gives the most ES out of any unique helmets, and also provides a lot of evasion. Best in slot, unless you obtain some truly insane rare hubris circlet. Martyr crown's is a good 1alch unique if you don't have access to vertex for some reason. I killed uber elder with it, it works. Just get high Energy shield to synergise with your ascendancy:

ENCHANT: Don't bother, too expensive...

Best in slot rare hubris:
Vertex can be beaten with a properly crafted rare. It is difficult to break 300es with more quality of life than vertex (750 eva and +1 gems), so Vertex is the go to helm as long as you can't afford a very well crafted helm like this:

This is crafted on an already enchanted base hubris circlet (20ex this league) and by spamming dense/aberrant fossils to hit good ES (aim for 315+) and the chaos resistance mod.

Shaper has 35% - 10% from witchfire brew chaos resistance, so this -9% is a 13% MORE damage multiplier. With the enchant giving you 4.5% more damage too, this helmet grants a total of 17% more damage compared to the vertex, with some life and resistances, and a bit more ES, but less evasion.

■ Body armor

This is best in slot. It has insane evasion, giving us 500 flat ES from our ascendancy.
The dodge and spell dodge are also really cool, allowing us to reach dodge cap. Perfect form is an other option, but does not offer as many benefits as Hyrri's Ire. I'll go over it in the "popular alternatives" section.

■ Rings

Life, resists. The usual. Try to get +1 Min endurance charge if possible, it is a massive survivability boost.

This is our way to generate endurance charges.

■ Amulet
LadyLoriana's item, thanks!

Again, aim for life, resists, and an endurance charge. You may also minmax it by having a chaos multiplier elder mod, but that's way more expensive. Not needed for uber elder, just get life and resistances.
Once again, I cannot stress how good +1 min endurance is for a single suffix if you are rescapped already.

Anointment information:
You may use 3 blight oils on an amulet by talking to cassia to allocate a notable of the passive skill tree on your amulet. This section covers the notables you should go for, what they give and their cost.

Freedom of Movement [Clear/Sepia/Violet]
Phasing on kill
10% movement speed while phasing
5% dodge while phasing

Allows us to reach 74% dodge. This is what you should annoint uneless you have a much higher budget and can reach dodge cap without it.


Low budget:

Beef [Clear/Clear/Sepia]
+30 strength

A good node to annoint really early on. Dirt cheap, it's better than nothing. Strength helps, especially for leveling.

High budget:

Constitution [Golden/Golden/Silver]
14% increased maximum life
+20 life

Probably the best node to anoint on most life builds that don't already have it. It's the best life node in the game, nothing can really be said about it. It's better than soul of steel if you don't have the 3 endurance charges and a +1maxres chest.

Soul of steel [Golden/Golden/Golden]
+150 armor
30% increased armor
+1% to all maximum elemental resistances
+5% additional physical damage reduction

There's a reason this is the most expensive anoint in the game. Not only is this passive busted, it has insane synergy with the build.
With a +1 res Hyrri's (not too toooo expensive, people usually go for other corruptions) you're hitting 78% elemental resistances.
Despite not having armor, we have a lot of physical damage reduction from endurance charges and pantheon, and a 5% additional is just huge.

Constitution will be ever so slightly better if you don't have endurance charges on your jewelry, but otherwise soul of steel is just the best anoint you can make.

■ Belt

Stygian vise with an onslaught jewel. On the belt itself, life and reduced flask charges used. This is a good spot to put aspect of the spider.

■ Jewels

On rare jewels, aim for LIFE at all costs, then any damage source that affects you, like in any other build.

Green nightmare is a good option in the late game, as it gives frenzy charges on kill and a bit of dodge chance to reach cap without flasks. The 3% it gives puts us at 64% flat, which goes up to 69% with solaris pantheon or 74% with quartz flask.
Don't forget dodge as increasing returns for each point you get, so you really want to reach that magic 75% cap.

Watcher's eye is really expensive this league, but pretty cool. The mod you are looking for is damage over time multiplier while affected by malevolence. Due to the price, this should be one of your last upgrades. It boosts your damage by around 7% compared to a normal rare jewel.

Lethal pride gives us strength. We need 111 to run increased duration. Lethal pride can add 4% life on nearby nodes, try to get as much strength (flat life) and 4% hp increases as you can by divining it. I personally have 2 strength nodes and one +4% life node.

Unique jewels placement

On lethal pride, aim for Strength and life notables. Fire res and totem placement speed are nice quality of life as well but should not be the focus.
My jewel gives:

■ Flasks

Classic flasks setup. Aquamarine is a 4uses flask with a belt mod, and synergises very well with the build. It also lasts 6.30 seconds, giving a total uptime of 25 seconds. It is basically always up, even on bosses. I would consider this better than a basalt. Witchfire brew is a must have, insane damage boost.

If you don't like the aquamarine setup, you may use a jade flask for additional evasion or a basalt for additional physical damage mitigation.

■ Gems and links ■


■ Weapon

There is no variation when it comes to essence drain. You should push for a 6l as soon as possible and buy a level 3 empower. If you only have a level 1 or 2 empower but you have a 6l, you should use Decay support instead:

■ Helmet

You should put your auras in your helmet because vertex gives +1 level of socketed gems. This means you will only need a level 3 empower instead of 4. It will also give a slight damage and ES boost by leveling your auras more.

■ Gloves
If you use an es base gloves, you should put your Contagion setup here for ease of coloring. Intensify and area of effect supports are mandatory to make contagion's aoe massive. Faster casting is a nice quality of life boost.

■ Boots

I recommend placing a 4l wither totem here. If you can't afford red sockets or strength for increased duration, use faster casting instead. Don't use blight totems, it's lower range, worse hinder and takes a jewel slot. It's a noob trap.
Wither doubles our damage against anything that stands 2 seconds in the wither circle, it should be used against endgame bosses.

■ Body armor
Here you have some choice. For more damage, the best option is blight:

A CwdT setup is also viable with the following gems:

If you do not have aspect of the spider on a piece of gear, you should use flesh and stone in sand stance:

Lastly, a phase run gem can be good to add in. it's your choice wether you want to link it to CwdT or cast it yourself, but it is a good addition:

■ Passive tree ■

BANDITS: kill all of them! 2 passive points is better than anything they give.

■ Pantheon ■


■ Leveling ■


Leveling is surprisingly smooth, as blight got massively buffed.
It is a great League starter, but will not be the fastest.

Level 4-12:

Grab blight in act one after killing hillock. Try to get a 3link setup with the following support gems:

All these gems are purchaseable from Nessa in act 1 after killing Hillrake and getting a quicksilver flask.
Skill tree:

Level 12-30:

Upgrade your blight setup with a 4 link if you can with:

Grab essence drain to boost your single target, but blight is still clearing well at this point. Try to grab a 3link essence drain:

Also, kill all bandits for 2 passive points.
You should start to have close to capped resistances at this point, aim for 75% all elemental resistances. Chaos res doesn't matter.

At this point, you might start to have a few alchs worth of currency to spend, consider buying these cheap uniques:

Skill tree:

Level 31-60:

At around level 30 (start of act 4), I would recommend starting to use contagion and essence drain combo. Drop blight and use a 4l essence drain:

as well as a 4 (drop faster casting if you have only 3 links) links contagion:

Now is a good time to start to invest in dodge on the tree, start by taking 40% with acrobatics. Eldritch battery might also help with your mana issues if you have some ES on your gear. Use malevolence and discipline (swap discipline for purity of elements if you don't have enough resistances):

Skill tree:

Level 60-early endgame:

If you own a 5link setup, use:

Now is a good time to do the first 3 labs. See ascendancy choices in the passive skill tree.
At level 62, you can start using the vertex to boost your auras a bit:

Your next upgrade should be a 5l cane of unraveling, this will allow you to clear up to red maps easely:

Notice that we don't take mind over matter. Take it when you have at least 2000 energy shield. This will happen when you obtain Hyrri's ire, most likely:

Skill tree:

■ Popular alternatives ■


This section will cover different popular options to the gear recommended. Some of them are good, others are big no-noes for this, it'll be written under the item. here they are, in no particular order:

Queen of the forest

Rating: Viable alternative
Queen of the forest is a good choice if you're looking for more speed. It has low evasion and no dodge, meaning it'll result in a much less tanky character. The bonus resistances are nice, and the movement speed is of course amazing.
Make sure to replace the aquamarine flask by a jade flask of reflexes to benefit fully from this item, to reach 45k evasion.


Rating: Very poor choice
Chaos Impresence makes sense on paper, but just doesn't deliver. Despair is amazing, but Witchfire brew already provides a despair aura, making it redundant. Even when using Impresence, the chaos Dot on witchfire brew ends up being about 5% more damage, making it a worthwhile flask anyways.
The Dot damage is nice, but is nothing in comparison to an elder amulet. The lack of phys mitigation from endurance charges and resistances makes this item underwhelming, especially for its often high pricetag.

Cherubim's maleficence

Rating: Very poor choice
No Evasion or ES makes this item an awful synergy with the trickster ascendancy.
The chaos damage is nice but is only about 7-8% more dmg in the end, nowhere near enough to make this item worth using.

Blight totems

Rating: Very poor choice
Blight totems deal an insignificant amount of damage compared to ED. They stack wither in a very short range, and the hinder doesn't stack since we already hinder enemies with Aspect of the spider and Wither. It also costs a jewel slot that should be used for life and damage.
Spreading rot is however a very viable item to use if you have a 5 or 6link blight setup in your chest. But do NOT replace your wither totems by blight totems.

Devouring diadem

Rating: Situational
Devouring diadem mana reduction allows room for Flesh and stone, complementing the build well. It also gives ES from Feast of flesh. On top of this, it saves 1 point on the passive tree. On paper, really good.
However, it has low Energy shield, giving a low amount of ES from the Trickster ascendancy. Running flesh and stone also means no gem socket room to run a 6l damage setup in your chest armour. The points on the tree are irrelevent, we want to be pathing to Arcane Expanse anyways. The ES recovery is somewhat unreliable, and we already have multiple other sources of ES recovery (soul strike+rings, wicked ward, trickster ascendancy).

In the end, the benefits from this helm are not enough to justify the lower ES and giving up evasion. A rare crafted hubris will also provide a sizeable damage boost, and the vertex will be just as good if not better until then.

The perfect form

Rating: Very poor choice

Perfect form is a popular items in ED trickster builds, but just doesn't fit here.
It is often used for builds that do not path towards Phase Acrobatics. In our case, We are aiming for 75% dodge chance, so we will take Acrobatics and the 3 small nodes behind no matter what. Spell dodge is neat, but attack dodge is infinitely more valuable. Not pathing to Acrobatics is a mistake, and missing 10% dodge from Hyrri's Ire is a very questionable descision.
Perfect form also has less evasion, meaning it's missing 300 Flat ES from Escape Artist. While arctic armor is a nice buff on paper, we can already apply chill when hit using of spite glove enchants, and the physical damage reduction doesn't apply when moving (on ED, it just isn't up at all). This means that even for free, it's arguable if it's even worth the gem socket it takes.

TL:DR: It's not an awful awful choice per say, but if you can't afford hyrri's, use a high evasion rare. Don't use Perfect form.

Atziri's step

Rating: Very poor choice

Atziri's step used to be a nice item, but given the current powercreep, it's not competitive against new temple items.
Spell dodge is nice but nothing compared to attack dodge. Temple boots always grant 12% attack dodge and 30% movement speed as well, and you can get more life and resistances on them.
Atziri's step is an item I'd only consider usable in SSF settings, but even then I would probably value resistances on a nice pair of rare boots more than spell dodge from this item. In league, get temple boots, they are only a few chaos.

Rare chestpiece

Rating: Situational
People often say that in the endgame, you can beat Hyrri's ire with a well crafted rare sadist's garb. While it is true, I have yet so see someone crafting a viable rare alternative for less than 100ex. You'll want the 10% dodge essences provide, and hitting life, evasion and ES on top of that is insanely difficult.
The item shown above is nice, but isn't strong enough to get the +1% maxres Hyrri's ire I'm wearing. It also cost me twice as much.

Go for this only if you fixed the rest of your gear, it is an insanely difficult goal, for not much returns.

Brutal restraint

Rating: Viable alternative
Extremely good alternative, really difficult to achieve. Unlike the rare sadist's garb, this will be a sizeable upgrade however.

The "of deshret's" mod means you can allocate Wind dancer for 1 point:

This will empower Ghost Dance by 20%, as well as providing a very sweet oneshot protection from the 20% less damage taken.
You will however want to get a lot of strength to compensate the loss of Lethal pride.

In addition, it's possible to get onslaught on kill on Melding. This removes the need for a stygian vise and allows a very defensive Elder leather/crystal belt with lots of life, ES and recovery rate. This more than offsets the loss of strength from Lethal pride.
Be warned tho, this mod is very rare. Imo, it's not worth using Brutal restraint if you don't have onslaught on the melding wheel, or don't need the strength from Lethal pride (unlikely). If you can, go for it, but it's probbaly out of reach of most players, so it's not in the guide.

■ Questions and answers ■


The 3Ex cheap version is already too much for me! I'm leaguestarting/am a new player.
How do I start?

Worry not! Just grab a 5L cane of unraveling, a rare chestpiece instead of hyrri's ire, and a rare jewel instead of the green nightmare.
This will down the cost of the build to ~40c, which is what you will have after running a few maps.
Make sure you follow the passive skill tree and grab enough life/resistances on your gear to reach 75% against all elements. You should then upgrade your gear piece by piece.
Grab a 6l cane and a high evasion chestpiece when you can. When you have more than 2000 energy shield, start Using MindoverMatter. This is where the build really kicks in and you'll start rolling on endgame content, getting currency and upgrading your gear.

Can I reach 75% dodge instead of 74%?
Just grab the minor 3% node on the free next to survivalist. It means you will get hit 4% less often, which is a viable option for 1 passive point. You may also choose to help kraitin instead of killing all the bandits.
I will look for a way to get more dodge using the new crafting methods if possible. If we can get 6% more back, we reach dodgecap with pantheon down and no annoint, meaning we can annoint soul of steel.

How do you generate endurance charges?
The crafted suffix on rings and amulets is:
+1 to minimum endurance charges
You cannot have less than your minimum amount of charges. If our minimum amount of charges is 3 (2 on rings and 1 on amulet), we permanantly have 3 charges.
This also means we have full endurance charges, as 3 happens to also be the default maximum.

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a POB would be great
heehaw2002 wrote:
a POB would be great

My profile Is public, but yeah, I'll add one.
Could you post leveling steps please. Cheers
Last edited by vosszaa on Jul 6, 2019, 6:54:56 PM
Added a leveling section. Leveling is piss easy with this, but not very fast. It's pretty much the same for any Chaos dot shadow, so there's that.
Could you explain further your choice of the Green Nightmare Jewel, while I see the value of it, it looks like something you spec into as your last few points. Also, judging from your pictures, your lethal pride jewel appears to only be giving you extra strength, 4% life and some armour, am I missing something here?
Last edited by IchiMorghulis on Jul 7, 2019, 12:06:35 PM
Thanks for the guide. I've been reading through ED/C builds for awhile now, and I think this one looks pretty great.

I wanted to refer to the 3ex, 10ex, and endgame item sets side by side, so I made a single PoB that contains all three of them. Under the "Items" section of PoB, I can just flip between three different Item Sets now, instead of having to navigate between three different builds.

I also compiled the three passive skill trees (111, 116, and 120 points).

Here is a pastebin import code for that PoB: https://pastebin.com/zShV8UMd

Figured I would share this compilation in case others want to see all three imports at once as well. I put a link to this thread in the "Notes" section and tried to make it clear that it's all Darkxellmc's work, and I just made a combination PoB out of the 3 provided in the OP. Hopefully that's alright. Or if Dark actually likes this idea and wants to run with it, feel free to do so.
IchiMorghulis wrote:
Could you explain further your choice of the Green Nightmare Jewel, while I see the value of it, it looks like something you spec into as your last few points. Also, judging from your pictures, your lethal pride jewel appears to only be giving you extra strength, 4% life and some armour, am I missing something here?

Yes, that's indeed something I grabbed very late, around 94-95. It is pretty expensive in terms of passive points (costing 5 points total), but I think it is worth it.

Frenzies are a great damage and mapping speed boost for the build. I originally had them on my jewelry, but I prefer having 3 permanent endurances for the tankiness it provides. Green nightmare is a good solution to generate frenzies, as other ways are impractical.

Green nightmare also conveniently puts us at 70% base dodge, which means we get capped (75%) from our pantheon. Without it, you need your quartz flask to be up all the time. Even tho we have 3 uses of quartz flasks, it isn't reliable enough for my liking.

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