[3.21] Vatinas' Spiders + HoP Guardian - CI, 70K armour, 1400 ES on block, millions of DPS

Tuia007 wrote:
how did you get 690k dps on sentinels

im missing the cluster and one ring with the dps, even so i'm not even close...around 30k dps per sentinel

The 30K is your un-used non-linked HoP from secondary weapons.

If you select the other one in PoB, level your gems to 20/20 and empower to 4 it gives 375731.9 per sentinel. Add on the cluster jewel, 2nd ring, and Righteous Army and you're much closer

Seeing a lot of comments about Vaal Molten Shell. Not really worth using, I'd suggest swapping to Vaal Discipline as your Vaal gem (shares souls so don't have 2 Vaals for this build). Vaal shell only blocks 30%, so regular works better and the regen from Vaal Discipline helps this build a lot more.
Hi all! What about new alt gems? What new gems we need to use? Thx for answer!
For anyone struggling with resists on jewels - try crafting them yourself using abyss jewels with the fractured mod +all resistance. From the OP, we just need one jewel with spell block which we can buy (unless you're lucky crafting), but the other can be whatever we need.

Here is the trade link:


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Barambak wrote:
Hi all! What about new alt gems? What new gems we need to use? Thx for answer!

Check out the gems on OP's character
Phase Acrobatics is very juicy too on Skin of the Lords...
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I'm having trouble capping res any suggestions?
Enveier wrote:
I'm having trouble capping res any suggestions?

There are not many options once you have all the gear for the build but I have all res maxed by getting 2 jewels in your belt with all res or individual resists. You can also search for some on your rings but they are not showing up often. Easiest way is the jewel.
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Hello, first of all thanks for this wonderful build, lot of fun.

You said that we spawn HoP during a boss fight when we hit them but it seems that it dont work for me, im I missing something ?

Sorry for my english
The build interests me for sure, but when i try to import it to my Path of building, i get an error message saying that the build uses an unknown version of the passive skill tree... How can i fix that please? And since the only way to see the skilltree is to look at the PoB, i can't know where to go on it...
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Need to use the community fork PoB - it's more up to date


For Chevalier, all I can think is you haven't activated the aura
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