[Xbox One] 3.7.1c Follow Up Patch Notes

I played 2 hours (act 4) and only 1 crash
My character is Marauder with no skill in A button
I don't try to go to hideout, so I can't say if I'm affected by hideout problem
When i log in and spawn in town i can do everything. But as soon as i leave town i cannot do nothing.nothing works. No portal, no talking to npc,no chest nothing. Please fix this asap cause i cannot play anymore
This is ridiculous.

After so many hours, the bug still up.

Mine doesn't work.
Hideout doesn't work.
Lab doesn't work.
Can't go into Zana's room too for maps.

But, GGG is doing great work for make new micro-transactions. This works perfectly... XD

Its a fuc***ing shame how GGG treats console users. I could tolerate no guilds and pay special stabs for trades, but after that, I am reconsidering leave this game definitely.

Wp GGG am nice patch
new league = 2 week that i don't play, all map crash!

login ---> prepare pg for fight ----> map ----> crash

playing daily time = 5 mins

Keep calm guys!!

Maybe, with some luck, GGG fix that sh*t next year :)
If you remove the skill from the (A) slot, it will allow you to interact with everything again. Still won't be able to play due to the constant crash though.
Any word on a date for 3.7.2 for console?
Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606288
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
Thanks for the rollback on this one, at least we can play.

Though I really enjoy the new mechanic based on random freezes for which you cannot predict if you're going to die, crash, or both. It gets very exciting. Adding to that the random lag making the game unaware of where I am, it makes the timed events and the mine really enjoyable.

(In case it wasn't obvious, this is ironic, it gets really hard to level up when you die randomly whenever you don't play a tank. :( )
Since most of the maps still crash, I'll guess I'll do a new character again, until the end game gets playable again. Just my third one for this legion already. :p
when is the update that fixes the game? still cannot use vaal double strike... when are we going to get proper support? skills that were said to be fixed are not. why cant i use a skill on my A button? why cant i loot properly? when will these be fixed? sometime after pc is not the support YOU promised. i can literally post the video showing when this was said.

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