[Xbox One] 3.7.1c Follow Up Patch Notes

Cant play after I leave town...
A button doesnt work to clic on anything: portal, doors, azurite map, stash, etc...
What happened?
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Same, as soon as I go to my hideout I can’t interact with any objects. Can’t open stash or use the crafti f bench. Reset it around 20 times. Before the patches the game was running so well, now it’s so bugged.
wew, i thought the crashes were going to be fixed, but i guess not yet. impossible to play
Still can’t do anything, have tried the last few hours! Can’t interact with anything after leaving town. Any updates???
Jeff answered on the discord. A new update will be available soon to correct this problem. In the meantime, remove the gem on your A/X button
Thank you so much, it was horrible.

Good job.
Glad to see this! Keep on coming with the great Content GGG us console loyals are so thankful for your hard work.
Knowledge is power.
I still can't teleport to my hideout (it crashes the game) and now I can't even go anywhere with any character as I face invisible ennemies until it crashes.

I guess it's been the same issue for months now since something was changed in the way the game is loading stuff: it takes way longer than before, and it hasn't finished loading when you can actually play leading to a crash quite often if you don't wait for it to finish loading all the models and textures... Pls, make sure to fix this, this is getting tiring right now.

Fixing performance issues at high level would be nice as well. Whenever there's a lot of mobs, I have an FPS drop (even though I play in performance first). I usually play characters that are creating a lot of effects, resulting in a drop of FPS. And when I get in a city with ~10 other players, all of them having wings and other vanity stuff, the FPS rate drops again.

The game used to work smoothly on Xbox One X (back in the Bestiary league), what have you done ? :(
Tried everything including uninstalling and then re download from store. I am still getting dashboarded. I can't even get through one section at times. Currently in chapter 6.
Ya my games freezing over and over... it takes me like 5 tries to get into a map sometimes... plus something is wrong with cyclone it stops hitting randomly so i cant leech or do damage so i die... another thing leap slam keeps double attatcking same with bladestorm... the inly melee skill i can use properly that i like is lacerate

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