[3.11] Witch Build List

[3.8] Zombies/SRS Occultist

The build is designed to function well in hc & ssf environment. While it got hit with 3.7 nerfs to ES, zombies get less dependend on the Necromancer ascendency and there are other good changes to come in 3.8, so I think it's interesting again.

At the moment it's partially updated (new passive skill tree), I'm waiting for the new gems info and going to test it as soon as the patch goes live.

[3.8] Death’s Oath Occultist - Death Whisperer(CI) Updated regularly

Build guide is adjusted for all 3.8 updates, waiting on Withering Step in game in order to link to guide. Left myself a note so that I won't forget to change it in 3 months.
Hi, i have fully updated my Incinerate build guide for 3.8
-Dragon's Breath Elementalist


Hey it's that time again, I updated both of my build with the latest changes for 3.8.

Scourge Arrow Ignite prolif Elementalist

A Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils CwC Arc

As always thank you for your work :)
[3.7] Scourge Arrow, Ignite Proliferation Elementalist. Melt T15 on a budget, All content viable.
[3.7] Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils Cast when Channeling Arc. Budget version included
I updated my build (was listed before, as Katmos Holy Zombie build), from this thread:


Kindly put the updated version in the guide lists, as well.

No major changes to my build; it's 3.8 ready.

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hi, i would like to see my newst build guide in your list

[3.8] My new best Friend | CarryOn Golemancer [SC/HC] | Uber Elder

its a very detailed written down build with all infos you need + lvling guide. just take a look and if you like it, i would like to see it in your list ;)
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Hi, i updated my build to [3.8], no major changes this time : "StormFire" A non-ignite Flameblast Elementalist"

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I've updated my build to 3.8 with a deathless uber kill and major DPS and defensive improvement
My guides:
[3.13] Broodmother: A Summon Spiders Necro | Deathless Maven | 7m DPS | 11k EHP

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