[3.6] "The KnightKing" Budget League Starter -> 5+Mill Shaper DPS This Season

Got my Prism Guardian, and the gem link you have requires too much % life even with reduction. Or am I missing something?
Got my Prism Guardian, and the gem link you have requires too much % life even with reduction. Or am I missing something?
Jase85182 wrote:
Got my Prism Guardian, and the gem link you have requires too much % life even with reduction. Or am I missing something?

I wish I could see your skill tree, but maybe you're missing mana res on the tree?
Do I need go soverinty route or small reduced mana node by leadership?

I assume you have a more advanced 3.6 video coming.
I've been just trying use best guess. The pastebin thing I can't seem to work. Just lines of code.

FurySX wrote:
Hi guys,

wanted to share my experience with this build up until lvl 92 so far.
This is the gear I'm currently running:

Got lucky with 6-linking Shavy myself. Dying sun was my last big upgrade.
Apart from that my gear is either self-crafted or was 25c at MOST.

At this point the build melts through maps. You can even single-handedly carry 6 man groups.
Once you get the hang out of it, it's really satisfying as your Ice Spears will run ahead you and kill everything as you go.

From now on I will invest into getting the max. amount of extra ES from GG helmet, boots and gloves since this build is rather squishy.
As long as you're under 8k ES (which i guess is not easy to overcome) I think you have to accept some deaths - especially from Betrayal encounters.
Apart from that I will try to get my hands on a nice Watcher's Eye - maybe I get lucky and can farm that myself ^^. Aspect of the Spider isn't such a great priority for me at this point.
Invested quite a bit of time into crafting wands.. Didn't manage to get one like mine with %increased dmg per Power charge and high crit multi by now. But even the one i have now boosts my dmg by 1m according to POB.

Pre Shavrones I played this build on a 3c Destroyer Regalia 5-Link minus Controlled Destruction and had no problems whatsoever! I never used a Tabula.
When I was going with my group (including supporters) I was running LL with Prism Guardian (mostly for Pain Attunement), when I was alone I was just running Hatred+HoI and used a rare ES Shield - it worked rather well! Getting Shavy and 6-Link only allowed me to do red maps on my own.

Just wanted to say that this makes me happy! I'm stoked that you are enjoying it. Syndicate encounters on T15s with hard mods are where I struggled last season... and I actually locked it up until I had more ES. Thank you so much for your input and keep crushing!
pvpkaos wrote:
why dont Ghost Reaver with chaos mitigation method?

Because so much Chaos damage is delivered over time... So a flask will not help you leech beyond it. You need to be able to leech both HP and ES if using this method. Strongly suggest you do not take Ghost Reaver unless your flask skills are off the charts amazing!
Thank you for the build!

~3 Mill DPS, 5.7k ES with 6 linked shav's


I dropped aspect of the spider, too difficult to get useful gloves with the aspect of the spider craft mod this early into the league, not needing aspect of the spider makes gearing much easier. My weapon Dreadbeak (onslaught quality of life lol) and my gloves will be getting massive upgrades soon. A decent weapon will boost me up another 1 Mill dps, even cheap weapons are big dmg with any decent craft.

Dropped Prism Guardian - ES on the shield is low and w/o aspect of the spider, the only useful extra aura I could use from the reduced reservation from the shield was artic armor and possibly purity of elements or herald of purity. Switched to Light of Lunaris shield linked with blood magic which has high block, more dmg and multi.

Currently running:
Herald of Ice, Zealotry, Discipline
Hatred + Blood magic + Enlighten 2

Is there a way to get light vision w/o Arcane vision? Need every skill point possible.

Do we need Zealots Oath for Zealotry's consecrated ground to regen 6% ES? No one else is picking ZO up from poe ninja.

Reserving like 95% of my life and I can still use Vaal RF

Need to craft a power charge elder wand

Picked up the 6 ES leech nodes. I think with 1.7k ES leech and ~350 ES regen from conc ground I should survive more things. Wondering if 6 increased maximum energy shield nodes to increase my effective HP pool would be comparable.

Dropped the added ES from shields nodes but that was because of prism guardian. Might consider repicking them up with light of lunaris but I found a nice 3 point path through arcanists domination to get frost walker, which I needed for Wise Oak resistances atm.
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I just got my shavs so im looking at the skill tree, is there a reason you dont grab the es leech nodes near the top left jewel? (light eater and friends)
Got my first Shavs for the league yesterday, still only 5-linked. I'm running a "safer" version with lots of ES-leech and using Windscream to get 3 curses, which offsets the lack of power charge generation that PC on Crit gives us.

Also running only blue flasks focusing on phys damage mitigation which honestly is what usually gets me killed.

It oblitarates anything and if you're good at avoiding hits, bosses are a joke, still tons of upgrades to be done, most of my gear is pretty terrible right now and yet it does about 2.5mil snapshot dps, 2mil would be more accurate.

Next in line would be upgrading gloves, getting a wise oak, possibly a high es enchanted hubris, then 6-link that Shavs and convert into the Power Charge version.

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Hey JN1K5, thank you for the build. I am having fun with this although I know I have a long way to go (currently lvl 80). I've not had much trouble leveling, yes a few deaths. I recently got my non-shav chest to 6L, so was able to add CD which is nice. Being non-shav, I am running with The Broken Crown, which ties up my Bane unfortunately but what are you going to do? So if you could look my meager gear over and offer some "next step" advice, I would appreciate it. I have noticed that my Total DPS is closer to 600K than 5M like your own. I'm hoping there are some easy fixes that I am overlooking. My current plan is to upgrade some gear but nothing major before the chest piece, maybe a new wand. But I would love to upgrade flasks, jewels and the quality on support gems.

Character name AWKWORD. Cheers.

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