[3.5] Winter Orb Build - Atlas Complete

Yet another Winter Orb build Featuring
Softcore survivability
Very high damage single target and AoE
Easy to play
Good starter build grows into very good endgame build with currency
lazy curse application

Not killed (yet):
- Uber Elder (too stupid)
- Uber Atziri (not tried)
- Ele reflect is no-go
- No leech is no-go
- No regen is chill if you don't waste mana without enemies close by (warlords mark leech needed)

Video Guide: here

Another one?
This build is working and I love it. I like playing around with things and making a build my own. Not supermin-maxed.
Take this guide as orientation!

Current Gear

1. Mechanics of this Build
Just like Blade Vortex, Right click charge up to 10 run in circles around bosses. A lot of boss mechanics and Sydicate mechanics can be dodged by just walking in circles.
Not that Winter Orb attacks faster at stage 10! So your main focus is to keep it at 10 during boss fights. Move a little, cast, rinse repeat.

Cooldowns are:
Vaal Righteous Fire

2. Gear in Detail
Alternatives for each slot

Weapon & Offhand

Main Hand: (cold) Spell damage + extra chaos damage + (maybe) cast speed
Offhand: (cold) Spell damage + cast speed (expensive) + Life + resist

Shield gives you more defenses because you can get 100ish life + 40 or even 80 resists.
Using a second weapon works as well. For dualwield builds the same stats as mainhand apply.
Using Wands gives you more spell power and is also cheaper.
Using Daggers gives you Critical strike chance which is a little more expensive and we do not overly use crit in this build
Using Sceptres is just like Wands but more expensive

Cheap-ish unique options:

Divinarius is a better option (couldn't find one to link)


good damage

very defensive, but if you don't have enough evasion you will be superslow. We do not have a lot of dex on the tree so getting evasion will be hard

expensive and very good aoe clear damage


Rare - Life + Resist + open Prefix for AoE enchant!
Lab enchant +2 Winter Orb stages is best. any other Winter orb enchant will do as well.
A Herald enchant might be nice for a while. Like less reserved mana


Rares with + damage against chilled enemies
projectile / AoE enchant is an option.
other stats are: Life + resists

These item bases are neat:


Windshriek/Windscream for double curse: Frostbite + Warlords Mark
Note these are the Prophecy version of those:

Rares with Life + Resist + 30% movespeed and maybe this enchant


your run of the mill Stygian Vise with Life and Resists

for farming... if you have it.... you don't need it at all... seriously...


Those are a duo.
Once you buy Shapers Mark buy a cheap Elder ring to go with it. If you are rich buy/craft a Warlords Mark curse ring (watch required itemlevel!)

If you want to run cheaper use Opal rings with life and Resists or any other rings you fancy. Any rare will do.


Is what I use for this build. If you want other amulets check out other Winter orb builds. thnxplz


Bleed remove + instant/fast life

Topping you off

movespeed + freeze remove

additional damage

additional damage

cheaper than Dying Sun Damage + defenses

cheap and useful

NOTE: I have no curse remove flask or mana flask in this setup. running no regen maps takes a bit of practice because winter orb just has a high mana cost.


Rare abyssals: Life + flat Spell damage + onlaught/phasing on kill + increased damage if you have killed recently.

Most important is life to be honest.
Make absolutely sure you have NO +physical damage to spells on any jewel. Because you will notice when you run a physreflect map.

3. Tree Ascendancy Bandits Pantheon
Level 94
Level 73
Level 50-ish
Early Game

Alira is an option but I don't use crit. So...

Solaris or Lunaris is Major
Ralakesh is nice but take whatever you like

Ascendancy Pathing - Labyrinths
1 - Pendulum of Destruction
2 - Mastermind of Discord
3 - Shaper of Desolation
4 - Beacon of Ruin
[[ Paragon of Calamity would be HC choice. ]]

4. Gem Links

I suggest you hover over the gear - but heres some background info

[6L - 3b2g1r] Winter Orb:
Winter Orb - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Ice Bite - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Increased Duration

Feel free to swap GMP to LMP
Inc Duration for comfort
try cold> fire if you like, conc effect whatever. it's just what I use.

[4L - 3b1g] Aura Gems:
Herald of Thunder
Herald of Ice
Clarity (vaal clarity for no regen maps to jumpstart)
Vaal Righteous Fire

Use those in the +1 AoE gems head
If you do not have the +warlords mak curse ring use:
Both Heralds + Curse on Hit + Warlords Mark [2b 1g 1r]

[2L 2b] Curse with Impresence and Windshriek:
Blasphemy + Frostbite

[2L 2b] Movement
Flame Dash + Faster Casting

[2-3L 2-3r] Defensive CWDT
Cast when Damage Taken (level 2) + Immortal Call (level 4) + Increased Duration (level 20)
CWDT and immortal call levels need to be adjusted. The higher CWDT is the more damage you need to take before it proccs. I suggest a low level CWDT and a 2 levels higher IC - this ways it works.

Things that you can just play around with but probably should have on your bar.

[1b] Arcane Surge
Use with Flame Dash or second attack skill
[1g] Phase Run
Use without anything or combined with Increased Duration. Is fine on its own tho.
[1b] Ice Spear or Arc or Freezing Pulse
or any other spell you like. Used for single target focus, downtime, Arcane Surge Proc
[2L 1b1g] Lightning Golem + Culling Strike
Because Cull makes bosses faster and Golem gives cast speed + a little tankyness
[2b] Cold Snap + Bonechill
using this with CWDT in my boots. You can selfcast this to make it a more reliable damage cooldown. Or pair Bonechill with the second attack skill.

5. Leveling

Early Tree: click here
Level a classic witch:
Wands with spell damage
use any gear that gives you life or has good 4links. mostly 4blue
Freezing Pulse as damage spell
Arc also an option.
You can use Winter Orb as soon as you get it.

Kill all bandits
First Lab: Pendulum of Destruction

It's hard and unnecessary to write a full leveling guide for every build. There's good videos on youtube by ZiggyD for example that teach you the basics of the game.
And everyone else knows double Lifesprig, Tabula, Praxis, Bereks and so on...

I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have anything supportive to say please do so.
Questions are welcome!
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Reserved this. for update note or whatever. next league same build.
srsly ? now 20+ same builds with DPS < 200k GJ
use pandemonius

0 reason to use shit frostbite neck
Pandemonius is little overrated imo.
Somethin like this is better imo, and cheaper
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Can you maybe give us a pastebin of your end game items?

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