[3.6] Ascendant - Infinite Labrunner (250-520% Movementspeed)

Hi, this post got me interested in running a Blade Flurry speed runner after the nerfs to stat sticks. I mashed ideas from your thread in conjunction with ideas from this lab build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBlzJU9dDRk

I run Pathfinder instead of Scion and use a different 6-link for BF. It's not the fastest, but I believe it is a safer clear (~378% movespeed currently).

People who find this to be a bit too squishy/expensive can give this build a try. PoB: https://pastebin.com/JVWCA0RX

Some notes:
- Defensive flasks (Basalt/Lion's Roar) can be swapped out for the more aggressive flasks (Silver flask/Atziri's Promise) based on preference.
- From 93-97, we want to take the top half of the Sword wheel on the far right of the tree for a nice damage boost end-game (https://i.imgur.com/iqXEC6Q.png).
- Vaal Haste can be swapped for a 20/0 Hatred when bossing for more DPS.
- Weapon swap between Allures for running and Dreamfeathers for bossing.
- Phasing with Haste on Watcher's Eye is immportant to keep Allure's speed buff active at all times. A big plus would be +Movement Speed when Grace is active, but is a very expensive combination with Phasing.
- For unknown reasons, the resists on Daresso's Salute doesn't reflect on PoB.
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Hi - Thanks for your advice appreciate it.

Yeah some ppl could find it a bit squishy thats for sure.

Needs a bit of training atleast if you got any problems let me know i'll try to help you out here or ingame. :)

And i also suppose i forgot to mention blood rage in PoB. I personally made a few changes (Decoy Totem) and stuff.

So due to Evasion with my build you can easily be 1hit especially if he uses 2 Handed Mace (Izaro).

For Full move speed ~527% with Allure Vaal Claws you'll need to follow the Building Guide for PF but i suppose its even more squishy and not good for all players. Since it need heavy investments anyways. :)

Thanks Guys i appreciate it really!
how can i see the skilltree ?
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Hi thank you for sharing the build any advice on which skill we should use to level ?

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