[3.6] Ascendant - Infinite Labrunner (250-520% Movementspeed)

Hello Guys!

I'm happy to show you my Scion Eternal-Labyrinth Farmer Build!

I hope you enjoy it and also would like to hear your feedback and suggestions.

It is good to race through the Labyrinth and also the Build is a good Currency farmer since we dont care much for Traps due to high movementspeed, instant life flask and a basalt Flask.
We also use Grace to make the build a bit tankier and we also profit from Grace for our QotF Setup.

It should be able to do some very high rankings.
Depends on individual loading time, skill and stuff. Stuck at doors will cost you a lot of time for sure just a few seconds but if you stuck a few times you'll already lose ~20-40 seconds.

The ~400% Movement speed version will cost ~10-15 maybe 20 Exalteds.
It needs a bit more of Equip to start but you can go for the budget version if you want.

It is a bit slower but also a bit tankier and it dont need Might of the Meek jewels. Should be still enjoyable for quick enchantment runs.

Need Help with Something? PM Ingame: HahahaEinZion

Was early on. Have hold Rank 7 that day, i really suck at Lab running when it comes to door opening and stuff, may you have more luck, exile.

Very insane speed for Laby
Quick Lab Runs
Facetank Izaro most of the time.
Good damage for Izaro
Safe Traps - due to Movespeed & Instant Life Flask
Easy Enchantment Runs, Easy Darkshrine Runs and Stuff.
Maybe Rank 1 Viable, dunno. Suppose needs faster SSD and CPU then my i5/860 EVO. I don't promise you anything.

Only made for labyrinth farming
No Mapping
Evasion based (can get 1 hit if don't pop basalt flask in time)




For the Helmet we want to use Devoto's Devotion for the Movement Speed.


We need a weapon with Fortify on Melee Hit (Use Dreamfeather for best results)
And we also need a weapon with Resolute Technique Corruption (Use Dreamfeather here also)
It grants a nice boost of Movement Speed you also get 100% Hitchance by Resolute Technique.

Use ichimonji for run through very fast.


For amulet we use Daresso's Salute with 10% Movement Speed Corruption. It also grants a nice boost of damage with our Damage on Full Life Gem and Leech powerd by Slayer Node.


For rings we use a Shaped Ring in combination with Mark of the Elder Ring. For the 80% Attack Damage and 8-10% more Life.


For chest we use Queen of the Forest due to Movement Speed and good Evasion Rating.


Here we use Oskarm but you can also go with Tombfist and put in some juicy Abyss Jewels with flat life, flat phys. I use just it due to Spell Dodge and also they are very Cheap with +2 Duration Gems. (Phase Run)


I'd recommend to use a Stygian Vise Belt here because of nice Jewels (Flat life, flat Phys) but you can also go with Rustic Sash for more Physical Damage. Other Choice: String of Servitude with 36% Movement Speed during any Flask effect. Switch Seven-League Step for Res Boots if you use String of Servitude. Thanks to Kathos8276 here.


We use Seven-League Step boots for the Movement Speed. You can also aim for 10% movespeed enchant if you want, will make it even faster.


Make sure you've got high rolls on ur quicksilver/basalt Flask. And also bring 1 Instant Life Flask with you. You can also use an Silver Flask with Increased Duration >35% and 30% Movement speed since the flask will give you onslaught for even more speed (20%).


Haste - Grace - Enlighten Level 3 - Blood Rage (Setup in Boots)

Damage Setup
Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks or Chance to bleed - Concentrated Effect - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Damage on Full Life

Phase Run - Enhance Level 3 - Empower Level 3 - Increased Duration

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks

Ancestral Protector - Faster Attacks

Skilltree, Jewels, Path of Building, Bandits, Pantheons, Ascendancy

Path of Building

>=500% Movement (PF, More expensive)

>= 400% Movement (Expensive)

>= 279% Movement (Budget)

Please care Jewel Setup in Path of Building - You don't need %Attackspeed, priotize %life or flatlife first.

Jewel Setup
We use 2x Might of the Meek here, Watcher's Eye with Movement Speed while affected by Grace and Transcendent Spirit and also we use Pure Talent Jewel at Scion left wheel now, Spirit jewel needs to be right side of tree close before bow circle. Pure Talent is not just very nice in Terms of Movement speed it also gives +all Attributes which means we can drop a big Intelligence (30) node for now. Care that you get an ring with Int on it and also shaped for mark of the elder bonusses.

Take Kraitlyn, will give movement speed, attackspeed and stuff. Very good for our uses.

Soul of Lunaris and Upgraded Version of Soul of Garukhan.

Skillpoint - Duelist (Slayer) - Ranger (Pathfinder) -> Path of the Ranger.

First version:

More optimized version:

I would suggest you to level as something else since our Single Target Damage/AoE isn't that Crazy and this build was only optimized to farm Eternal Labyrinth at Level 92

Budget Version
For better Budget you need to drop Watcher's Eye with Increased Movement Speed while Affected by Grace for some Rare Life/Flat Phys Jewel.

Also replace 1 Quicksilver Flask with another Basalt Flask. So it's easier to Tank izaro on a budget.

Also go for 5L instead of 6L QotF - look for 220-230% Evasion. Maybe go with 215% Evasion or lower and divine it urself later on.

Take an uncorrupted Daresso's Salute instead of the Corrupted Version. You can go with Carnage Heart in Amulet Slot also.

Drop Empower/Enhance Level 3 out of Glove-Gem Setup.

Go for Phaserun 20/20+Increased Duration 20/20 instead of 21/20 Versions.
You can use rare boots with Life, Res, 30-35% Movement Speed instead of the Seven-League Steps.

Mark of the Elder should be fairly cheap to get started.

You can also buy 1 Socket QotF and Use Jeweller's Touch.

Drop Faster Attacks Gem if you're on a 5 Link.

I'll do the theory on this later and add Path of Building Link for the Budget Version.

Probably you should be able to drop all Might of the Meek if you're using heavy rare items (Stygian Vise, Two-Toned Boots, cheap Shaper Ring. In terms of gloves you can also go for 1 Socket Tombfists for another Abyss Jewel.

It ended up with 279% Movement Speed modifier. Also optimized the tree a bit more.

Pathfinder Version (520%)
!! WARNING !! -> Only recommend to play this version if you're having a lot of money to spend on and also want to farm lab a lot, it's even more expensive then the normal ASCENDANT VERSION !! I've really tried to get out the maximum of movespeed in skilltree and enchants, also phaserun setup and stuff.


* Egoistic playstyle since you can't really party.
* Faster (520% with Pantheon calculation included, 514% in PoB for now due to Silver, Quicksilver, Basalt Flask (100% Evasion rating) and Phase Run (Empower 4/Enhance 4) up.
* Pathfinder ascendancy will let you keep up flask's easily.
* Uses 2x Transcendent Spirits since they don't have an maximum. (Makes us even faster)
* Never care for traps too
* Perma Phasing you'll never stuck at monsters in Labyrinth (Watcher's eye).
* Almost maximum for a Labfarmer i suppose. I think you could still optimize the tree a bit more around due to more speed but 3k life will suck at Izaro.
* Can go with Allure instead of Ichimonji due to perma phasing (gives 30% speed)


* Even squishyer then ascendant build
* Blade Flurry
* Not mapping viable
* Leveling is quite hard with that build -> Better have some ranger already or level with something else (respecc later which means you need double amount of regrets. -> Cost a lot of money, 2 ex i suppose) or go in Party for leveling. Lack of clearspeed, tankyness and also map damage.
* 3.8k life with String of Servitude Belt, needs switch at Izaro. Probably with rare belt 4k life.
* Need to swap weapons around due to Ichimonji swords for Phase Run buff effects -> Swap before you start Labyrinth and reswap at Izaro's boss room.
* Only Labyrinth viable
* Cost tons of money.
* One hit possibility.

Path of Building
* Please care that you use other rare shaped ring/belt due to resistance cap. Also care for intelligence requirements! Take big node instead of acrobatics if you don't have some items with int on it.

Q: 'How much Currency can i generate using your build?'
A: Pray for good rng maybe you hit an nice enchant or get nice drops for Izaro's Treasure chests. So you can't say like 10 ex in a hour maybe you hit a few nice enchants or maybe you hit nothing in a day. RNG.

12/28/18 - Added Budget version, improved thread abit.
12/28/18 - Optimized expensive version also with string of servitude, transcendent spirit and Pure Talent Jewel, tried Silver Flask too but its to squishy for now also uses Kraitlyn bandit now (does other builds use him ever? lol).
12/28/18 - Optimized version is a bit more expensive due to heavy offcolors (4R 1B 1G) Drop faster attacks for chance to bleed gem feels alot better at Izaro.
12/28/18 - Drop 1x Might of the Meek, Respec 1 Intelligence Node, get a Pure Talent and also an Transcendent Spirit Jewel (1 ex) for expensive version. Invest that 1 Point into acrobatics i suppose.
12/28/18 - Link for PoB is online now (https://pastebin.com/yKCEBiGz).
12/29/18 - Added Pathfinder Section (https://pastebin.com/NTp7rivu)

Tips / Tricks
Press Phaserun, pop quicksilver/silver flask.
Care that you pop basalt flask 0.2 seconds before izaro fight start and try to keep flask up. Otherwise you'd be one hit if you're unlucky. Even with high dodge chance/acrobatics since we don't stack much life in order to get more movespeed.

443% Movement Speed modifier for now. Flask/Phaserun UP
Resistance aren't capped with String of Servitude Belt. If you don't have ambitions to competite in Lab Leaderboards i'd highly recommend you to use a rare belt with %life, res, res, <flask modifer> or something else you like! If you don't know what you're doing you'll die easily with the servitude belt. If you stuck in fire as example or something else.

Useful Links

Please take a look in the Path of Building notes section i've written a few things about the different versions there.

Goodluck at your Lab Run's. :)

[3.6] - Seem's like not much has changed to this build.
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Why not string of servitude with movement speed corruption for 108% ms, and you could drop seven league boots as it is simply a 20% increase from a normal boots, and with a normal boots you can cover the res you miss on the belt.
I'll give it a try later. Thanks for your advice so far.

Didnt even think about that Belt. But it should probably work a little bit better since we use the Pathfinder Ascendancy anyways.

Edit: Works well. I've also optimized the Skilltree a bit more due to use Assasin's Haste. Can also go with Belt and Seven League Steps - Need to switch belt at Izaro due to Tankyness. But it has exactly ended up with 400% Increased Movespeed, will all the Flask/Buffs up.
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Kathos8276 wrote:
Why not string of servitude with movement speed corruption for 108% ms, and you could drop seven league boots as it is simply a 20% increase from a normal boots, and with a normal boots you can cover the res you miss on the belt.

String of servitude is on max roll only 36 max movementspeed, the implicit shown on the item is already tripples
Added budget version and also optimized the expensive version a bit more.

Please take care that you only use string of servitude if you know what you're doing. Your resistances aren't capped with the servitude belt. So you need to switch at Izaro if you want to run really fast through.

You should have at least 30% fire res and high life on your rare belt. Use stygian vise here for Izaro (gives nice abyss jewel slots)

I've also made some notes in Path of Building in the budget version and expensive version.

Tomorrow i'll rework the budget tree and write a bit more about the gem setup and stuff. I've tried to make the budget version a bit tankier and it also doesn't use Might of the Meek Jewels. Should also work on a 5 Link.

I've also recolored my QotF

We're using Chance to Bleed instead of Faster Attacks now as 6nd Link.
You can also use Malm if you want.

Cheers and good luck' :)

Got any questions? Feel free to ask.

Edit: New Video will follow later today! -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zScFkj0X78c
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Looks great cant wait to try it!
Does assassin's mark worth with RT? Why are u using those gloves and RT? And crit on flasks?
No, AM doesn't work with RT.

I use just those gloves due to cheap corruptions and the spell dodge as suggested you can go for Tombfist or anything else you like (Slink gloves) if you got it with +2 Duration or +1 Gems. Feel free to use another here and i also use crit on my flask cause i had them already with 30% move speed you can go for increased duration or +Charges or other stuff you like.

If you go for other gloves you can use enfeeble with Ancestral Protector and may Curse on hit. So helps to tank Izaro. But other gloves probably not that cheap especially Tombfist.

I'll change it later today.

Thanks for your advice, appreciate it.

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How to not die to izaro first stage everytime? Either im doing something wrong or im missing something. I feel like my damage is ass, and i went with the expensive version, and i seem to just get deleted by izaro every time. Most of the time i dodge his slam, but i just die everytime regardless it seems like. Look at my build if you need too on POB.

Account name: Gaine
Character: eniaG

Also why do you choose slayer over like Juggernaut, or champion?
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Hi thanks for your reply.

Do you switch belt at Izaro as i suggested?

For sure you can go Juggernaut / Champion since we dont need overleech much.

Should help with tankyness but i'd suggest you to switch to a rare Belt.

Seems like you missing a few Skill Points, take +2 Bandit instead then.

3,9k Life seems a bit low for now. I've already 4.2 with Unique Servitude and 4,4-5k with Rare Belt.

So you can take 1 hit and press instant life flask.

If you feel like dying much just go for Champion or Jugg. Instead of Slayer or also feel free to take any other Ascendancy you like.

I've chosen Slayer personally due to Culling Strike.

Also if you feel you're lacking damage change Faster Attacks with Damage on Full Life. Faster Attacks dont helping much with damage.

Cheers, hope i could help you out a bit otherwise PM ingame.

You can also go for decoy totem since it helps a lot and i personally use it actually.

Edit: You also missing life nodes left bottom of the tree.
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