I don't think that was the case, though it happens, but I'll try to look more closely. It does not happen very frequently anyhow.

That's not very easy to test with that char, when I'm focused on testing, I tend to get killed :)

I'll try to test on less challenging mobs so that I can concentrate on the conditions.
This is a suggestion that came to mind when discussing a visual feedback issue with Puncture, and the extremely strong DOT damage when moving, that can happen in Chaos with some enemies.

How about making the bleeding DOT a bit weaker, and add a movement speed debuff to the target instead?

This would be bother useful against some enemies like necros, annoying snakes, and enemies with the fast movement aura ; but also when you are on the wrong end: in Chaos, it would give you more reaction time and I think that would make this type of attack more interesting overall.
this gem needs a support version!!!

waiting for OP to deliver.
yeah someone in chat suggested that this skill should only be a support. I think that's a good idea, and then as a regular skill gem it could be scrapped.
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well giving this piercing as a bow sure did emulate poison arrow nicely, even more via the vurnibility curse because it boosts physical damage done which is both on the hit and the DoT... and it increases DoT damage ontop.

not sure about the order of math application though because the physical increase is a "more"... i just know that things die much sooner than my 8.8 second window provides while foes are trying to get to me.
Does puncture work with the trap support gem? It would be cool if it created a sort of frag mine or even just a chance to puncture a single target.
I'm not sure the "quality" on this gem works.

I have two, one with 9% quality, and one with 15%. It correctly states the duration increase in Misc tab on the Character Panel. But, if I mouse over the skill in my hotbar both gems show base 5 sec duration.

Unfortunately, with the relatively small time difference between these two gems, I can't tell if it's in fact working as intended or not. And haven't seen a "no quality" Punture since I noticed this issue.

Edit: After testing between a 0% and 15% I "see" no difference in duration. Again this could just be due to the difference only being a little over half a sec.

Is it intended this way since it only hits every second? Shouldn't the 15% atleast round the duration up to 6sec? Quality seems quite pointless on this gem if this is working correctly.

Even after linking both to a 50% Increased Duration, the hotbar shows the increase from the support gem(7.5sec) but doesn't factor in the quality.
"A tool knows exactly how it is meant to be handled, while the user of the tool can only have an approximate idea." -Milan Kundera
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i don't know how to help on the duration issue, but the damage is not "every second" it is continual as all form of damage over time damage int he game. you can even see the bar flowing smoothly down instead of "ticks" of every second passed. the game never rounds except for displays.
Well, without a combat log, I cant tell if the quality is working as intended. But I can confirm that the extra duration is not factored into the Hotbar pop-up window
"A tool knows exactly how it is meant to be handled, while the user of the tool can only have an approximate idea." -Milan Kundera
Puncture's quality bonus was using an incorrect stat. This will be fixed for 0.9.12

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