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Last bumped on Mar 24, 2020, 6:04:55 AM
I've updated the description so it's clear it doesn't work with two-handed swords.
brad31781 wrote:
Shadowstorm wrote:
Is the bleeding damage calculated based on the total damage the skill does when it is used or based on the damage the target receives when hit by the skill?

Reading the description it says 'Initial Hit' which leads me to believe it is what damage the target actually takes. So you'd get more out of this ability if you had supports to raise its damage but splitting it wouldn't help on each individual targets damage taken.
This is correct. Each target hit bleeds based on the damage that target took from the hit.
It's not considered a 'bow gem' - currently only the bow-specific gems are. Puncture works with swords as well.
aerows wrote:
I've tried with various combinations, but does it ONLY work with physical damage? It states damage, so I would assume it would work with support gems and auras, but so far, it doesn't seem to be working that way for me OR, I'm just expecting it to be a quick DOT like poison arrow.
The amount of damage over time is based on how much physical damage was dealt - it says this on the gem.
aimlessgun wrote:
Also a couple questions: does the DoT stack
The moving and non-moving versions of the bleeding stack together. If you puncutre something multiple times, only the highest-damgae puncture is in effect at a time (just like burning)
aimlessgun wrote:
and does an enemy that is being knocked back count as 'moving'?
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Umbraal wrote:
Well the new aoe skill would be Whirling Blades and I assume Ethereal Knives (I have absolutely no idea what this is though, it deals physical damage so it's likely not a spell but it wouldn't make sense to use your weapon).
Ethereal Knives is a spell
Skjuld wrote:
Update on this : It's often useful on bosses, but its application frequently fails. I'm not exactly sure why. The visual effect is not very noticeable except when the mob is moving.

Often, instead of the animation of Puncture (a kind of lunge with the main-hand) I get a DW animation with no Puncture. I don't know if it's linked to the ability or the general combat/targeting routines.
Puncture doesn't have a specific animation - it uses your basic attack animations. Each character has a variety of these to choose from for most different weapons (and work on adding more variety is ongoing).

There are two different bleed effects - the stationary one where you're taking less damage is less visible, the moving one where you're taking lots of damage involves lots of bleeding.
Are you perhaps running out of mana? Puncture, like all attack skills, will default to the basic attack if you don't have the mana to activate the skill.
Puncture's quality bonus was using an incorrect stat. This will be fixed for 0.9.12

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