Because the skill doesnt offer anything above other skills.
It got OK base damage as a damage skill, but no other utility than bleeding with is easly acoquaired from other sources turning the skill to junk. If it offered stronger version of bleed or some new bleed that you could stack with regular bleed then it would be good game to build around.
Honestly, if there was only one change made to puncture, I would like the stationary and moving bleeding damage to be the same (60%). I've been playing with puncture on my assassin since I could acquire it and am mostly pleased. I am level 65 and in act 3 merciless with far less deaths than any of my other characters because of the way a ranged puncture build lets me play; hit and run. I bleed as many targets as I can and actively avoid taking damage. Sure it takes longer to kill things, but for me it's an acceptable trade off for survivability. Although, I wouldn't mind a bleed damage increase as well.
I don't know if in some point of PoE development this could be made, but I suggest add a alternative skill effect when using Puncture in Bows.
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So this skill could use some form of buff. Seems every other older melee skill has gotten some changes done to it(aside from sweep). Just increasing the base damage on it to be closer to some of the other harder hitting skills would go along way. Another idea would be to have quality reduce duration, but keep the same maximum damage at max duration.

The build I am using has a 20 second bleed, and using crimson dance. The unique ability to scale the bleed by duration is very nice, just not used very much.

Currently leveling a Bleed slayer on xbox, exclusively using this skill.
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Would a 100% chance to cause bleeding from the tree would cause bleeding while supporting puncture with bloodlust support?
can puncture get a new mechanic thet fits ist title?

Based on melee and ranged.
How about, to let puncture make more like the frostblades Skill Gem by adding an projectile on melee Attacks and let it like it is on ranged but when it hits an enemy it forks enemys it hits or pirce all enemys near the Player (based on proximity), for Bow Players and melee Players, I would like it.

as of version 3.8

if you use puncture with a bow, it shoots a "basic attack" projectile with no distinguishable animations at all!!

sometimes you cant even see the arrows that you shoot

frenzy (skill gem) now has this colour green projectile animation when fired

can we get something like that for puncture?, i mean come on, it so minor yet important
The aiming on (bow) puncture feels really wonky at the moment.

The shot is fired from shoulder height, but the aiming angle seems to go from between the middle of your feet to the mouse cursor.

Most people (I think) would expect a more natural middle-of-bow-to-cursor missile trajectory.

Attached screenshots are from a video recording so I could capture the mouse pointer & I used the crate for a reference target.

Because puncture is such pinpoint missile, it ends up feeling distinctly weird.


What "feels" like it should be a 90 degree shot from bow-tip to mouse-cursor:


The actual angle that will be required for a 90 degree shot:

And the resulting shot (which goes one foot-to-shoulder distance up from where the mouse cursor is):

Edit: What makes it feel even worse is that this angle makes it not really consistent. A vertical shot will pass exactly through the mouse cursor, while the closer you get to horizontal the more difference the foot-vs-shoulder height thing makes.
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