[3.6] The Shimmeron Killer - Trickster - Self-Cast lightning powers -Orb of Storms Burst !


“Fate whispers to the Warrior, 'A storm is coming. You cannot withstand the storm.'
And the Warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm.'

Hello Exiles,

the idea behind this build is to unleash the full potential of lightning powers, relying on self-cast mechanics in combination with the Shimmeron Wand.

We use a very efficient combination of Orb of Storms, Lightning Tendrils, Arc and Blade Vortex to zap all enemies.



- NOT beginner friendly
- Cannot do Elem reflect & -max res maps

Actually, this build is hard to play.
But so satisfying for those like me who do not like Arc/Mines builds and prefer to do the job themselves, going all Palpatine-style against your enemies.
Kill and kill with style. Obliterate everything on screen and walk on the smoking corpses scattered throughout the maps.

Disclaimer : I'm still testing this build. It is indeed very experimental but i'm sure i can make it viable for endgame content (Uber Atziri, Guardians, Elder).
Atm, i can smoothly clear all maps contents (t16 included), but still need to improve against some bosses.


Trickster :
* Chances to get part of non-chaos dmg as chaos dmg.
* +1 power and frenzy charges.
* Evade and Dodge thx to ES
* Cast speed with movement skills

Other option would be Assassin : more DPS thx to huge boosts against enemies on full/low life, but less evasion overall.
I'm sure Elementalist/Scion/Inquisitor could also do great. Haven't tried them yet.


Mandatory items are :

With 7 power charges up, we get :
- +70% crit multi
- +(21-63) lightning damage to spells
- +2.1% base crit chance
- +14% chance to block spell dmg

Perfect roll of +10% crit multi / power charge is worth 1ex at least.

Of course, we also need :

3.5 has just nerfed this item to 5% of mobs life as lightning damage when they explode.
Mine is 7% and has pretty good rolls. Any 3.4 version with+ 6%+ is at least 2ex base price (meaning with 2 sockets...)

Now, our main problem is to mitigate the lightning dmg dealt by the Shimmeron every time you crit -which is all the time with this build : 200 lightning dmg / second / power charge.
So with 7 power charges, we are dealt 1400 light dmg / second for 4 seconds !
To counter these dmg, we use :

- Life regen Marble amulet

- Purity of Lightning, to get 79% max lightning res. This also serves to counteract the effect of Elem Weakness maps (we stay at 79% even with malus).

- Herald of Thunder + Curse on Hit + Warlord Mark

- Berek's Grip to leech life on shocked enemies

- Topaz flask. /!\ getting nerfed in 3.5, so it won't be as efficient as before : instead of +6% max res, it now gives you -20% elem dmg taken.

- Of course, as soon as we can, we pop

For DPS, best choice of Vinktar is "adds x to y dmg to spells".

And we take life and life regen everywhere we can on the tree.
Currently i have 5,7k HP, but i think 6k wouldn't hurt.
PoB says i'm still dealt 115/sec if i've crit recently.

And now, my friends, it's time to unleash the power of lightning !!

We blast nearby mobs with Orb of Storms.Run, put the Orb, run and watch your screen EXPLODE with lightning.

Orb of Storm is on my helmet, with "supported by lvl 20 Innervate" mod, which gives us a nice boost every time the Orb kills.

+ note the "19% inc Shock effect", meaning the enemy takes inc dmg when shocked.
Orb of Storm + Ice Bite + Elem Proliferation + Arcane Surge (+Innervate)

We also farther packs onscreen and offscreen thx to a simple Lightning Tendrils CwC Arc setup.

Tried that against boss, but it's much too weak and I died all the time.

So, instead, we go meta with Blade Vortex.

Gem setup : BV + Conc Effect + Elem Focus + PhysToLightning + Controlled Destruction + Lightning Penetration

If you've got only a 5-link, forget Lightning Pen, which is used mainly against bosses. You should do fine without it.

DPS : 520k against Shaper, 720k with flasks up (Diamond and Vinktar). A little bit more against standard bosses.
But my current gem setup is not perfect, so you can expect more with 20/20 gems.


Get Shaper gloves with this modifier : "Socketed spells have +50% to critical strike multiplier".

And then, put BV on a 4-link with these gloves.
DPS is actually better than with the 6-link of the Inpulsa !

NB : Notice also the nice "x% chance to avoid interruption from stuns while casting" mod.

And then, you cant put your Lightning Tendrils CwC Arc on the 6-link. You can add cold dmg and elemental proliferation for more clearspeed.








Well, this is : the power of self-cast lightning spells !
Thx for reading. As you'll see, this build can be still improved a lot. Any advice/comment welcome.


LL or CI with lot of ES to go dual Shimmeron wands !

IGN : Kokamoru.
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- NOT beginner friendly

I'll be the judge of that!
Let me know how you feel with the build ;)

- Done some improvements to gem setups and the overall presentation of the build.
IGN : Kokamoru.
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Yeah, 3.6 is here, and with it, some long due improvements for us self-casters !

We get no less than 3 sources of buffs :
1) new gems,
2) new node and
3) reworked Trickster Ascendancy !

First, we can enjoy the two brand new supports gems : Energy Leech + Infused Channeling.

We buff ourselves with a stronger Orb of Storms, we farm mobs with the reworked Storm Burst skill, and we now near the million DPS mark with Lightning Tendrils against bosses.

New gems setup :

- Orb of Storms + Arcane Surge lvl.11 + Innervate + Energy Leech
- Storm Burst : + Energy Leech + Infused Channelling + AoE/Conc.Effect.
- Lightning Tendrils + Energy Leech + Infused Channelling + Light Pen. + Elem Focus + AoE/Conc Effect.

Then, as far as the skill tree is concerned, we use two new clusters located between Shadow and Witch : Lucidity, for stun protection while channelling and Ethereal Feast for improved ES leech.

I'll make a more complete update of main msg after some more testing with the reworked Ascendancy nodes. Anyway, 3.6 looks very promising and I hope you'll enjoy this reworked build.
IGN : Kokamoru.
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