3.4.5c Redeployment Notes

please fix the realm of brazil ... years ago that has been falling in each league start
This is crazy, but glad it was sorted out quickly.
Yeah, that sucks, but mistakes do happen, and it's amazing to have GGG react this way.
Good job finding out so quickly if anything.

The person who made the typo mistake must be feeling pretty bad regarding this now .... but, well ... mistakes do happen.

bonemash wrote:
Headsoup wrote:

bonemash wrote:
lets retroactively ban everyone for abusing double dipping all those years back because it wasn't an intended mechanic, or for abusing sextants before they placed a cap on them

There's a rather significant difference between exploiting a mechanic for in-game advantage and exploiting a bug to the detriment of other people's accounts...

no there isn't, its the same thing lolz

There clearly is.

Plus, when basic mechanics were designed and double dipping was part of it, it was likely just working as intended.
GGG probably didn't calculate how crazy it could scale in the long run and what they would add to snowball it.

Somebody understanding double dipping and scaling it has literally not way to know that it was not intended ( as it likely just was at the start ), one could just have guessed that the balance team didn't foresee all the effects, but that's it.

This case is very different.

bonemash wrote:

so u think if someone spends a lot of money on the game, in say, a short period of time, and gets banned for no good reason within a reasonable time frame following those purchases, that they are not entitled to compensation? people spend MTX on the game because there is a presumption that they would get to experience the full measure of the effects of that MTX thru stuff like virtual items. A denial of that is a typical 'non delivery of products & services' and if for some stupid reason, it ever gets to the point where it becomes a legal concern, then any legal mind will rule in favor of the plaintiff.

When you signed up, you agreed to the ToS, deal with it.

If you don't like it, you can go try to find another online game that works differently.

Trying to defend those 4 people is mind-blowing ... definitely not quality members of a comunity anyway.
Might likely be the kind of people scamming poor new players and potentially disgusting them from the game.
Won't be missed.
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

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[outdated]Sunder guardian : thread 1831267 [BHC]ripped
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Nice statement. Keep up the good work and maybe implement a peer review before the code is comitted to the production branch.
xXx_1 wrote:
diriLeSh wrote:
do i have only lag problem with eu london server in hideout ??
over 500 ms lag in hideout.. and have disconnect.

My fear is
With all new players who joined
And all the buzz of the opening the new league

Server crashes frequently in the first days
Of Betrayal league

I hope I'm wrong

Well that was obvious

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