[3.10] OneShotKill Elemental Hit Ballista Hiero - 9.6 million DPS - EZ Boss Killer + budget friendly

Hello community, I like to share an insane damage and safe to play build with you.

!!!!IMPORTANT: Please read Vei´s comments on the current patch 3.10 on page 173 of this guide. He is helping you guys a lot. TY buddy!

This build was created in Version 3.4 (Delve League)
Please read the changes for the current game version.

3.6 (Synthesis)

With the huge re-balancing along with patch 3.6 many builds have to struggle with nerfs.
The core skill tree is the same. This build got hit only by minor changes:

1) Tombfists got nerfed (no more attack speed roll)
If we are honest to ourselfs, we all knew that they were overpowered.
But even without the attack speed roll, the 2-socketed version is very potent. You get the 10% attack speed with the two abyss jewels.
Now you can consider very very good "gripped gloves" (with projectile damage as implicit) as an alternative for the tombfist. Aim for 16% attack speed, good life roll and resists. You may consider crafting gripped gloves with delve fossils to even get an abyssal socket on them.
2) The elemental wheel (left from the templar starting point - with the celestial notes) will have a different layout, but with stronger notes.
Feel free to chose the most potent notes in the new wheel.
3) Since the highly endgame items provide a 2 damage course setup, we deal a ton of extra damage to bosses, because their curse immunity is lowered to 66% (from 80%).
4) I´m not able to give a clear recommendation for the very early leveling stages (until you start running the totems). But I guess for leveling to level 35-ish arc is still solid, or storm brand. You may try to level with spark. It is really up to you...

3.5 (Betrayal)

The patch 3.5 brought many balance changes to Path of Exile.
Two changes will effect this build. (I guess it was too overpowered after all) - But an important note at the beginning: It is still a very powerful build, in my opinion still the best overall build in the game in terms of map clearspeed and uberelder farming & great delve grind potential.

1) Chin Sol Bow got nerfed to 50% increased damage at close range (down from 100%). With my char & gear I edited the Chin Sol in PoB to the 50% roll and the damage loss / output per totem is decreased by 24%.

2) The Hierophant Ascendency now only grants +1 to maximum Totem (down from 2). This means, we have a total Totem count of 4 (down from 5).
But at the same time we now summon 2 totems per cast (up from 1) and we get 3% increased flat damage per totem (total of 12% increased damage). This compentates mostly the missing totem. And for endgame boss-killing it is nice to have a faster output of the maximum damage-potential (2 casts to have all totems up).

But at the same time we get the new "Multiple Totem Support" gem, which will give us +2 totems (for the loss of 20% damage at level 20). So we gain +50% total amount of totem (6 totems) for the loss of 20% damage & we need to change the "Elemental Damange with Attack Skills Support" gem in the frostferno 4-link setup. (new version of PoB isn´t released yet - can´t calcutale the actual numbers with the new linking yet).

My advice for mapping = use "multiple totem support" for mapping (total of 6 totems) AND use "Elemental Damange with Attack Skills Support" for bosses (4 totems).

And we now can have double corruptions again. With double corrupted late, late endgame items, this build is even stronger in version 3.5, although this build got hit by two nerfs. In theory the frostferno can have +8 level to elemental hit with the perfect double corruption.

Alternatives to a bow & quiver?
In my opinion (I tested it in PoB) there is no alternative to a bow and quiver, because only a quiver can have "ponit blank" and the useful wand notes in the skilltree are too far away. Even with double "Piscator's Vigil" wand (for damage showcase) the damage decreases significantly compared to the 50% increased damage at close range chin Sol roll. (disclaimer: I don´t know the veiled mods yet - they are not released yet - changes can occur)

Perhaps another quiver than "Skirmish"?
Maybe we can craft +1 Totem on rare quivers, then we can increase the damage-output very much, with a great, rare damage-quiver.
(disclaimer: I don´t know the veiled mods yet - they are not released yet - changes can occur)

Perhaps another bow than "Chin Sol"?
Even with the nerf to 50% increased Damage at close range (down from 100%) there is no solid alternative yet. I created a perfect rare bow with double corruption in PoB and even then the Chin Sol is better.
So you see, that the old version was quite "overpowered". (disclaimer: I don´t know the veiled mods yet - they are not released yet - changes can occur)

3.4 (Delve)

surpassed 12.5 million DPS with new Body Armour + new Gloves + new Amulet
added very endgame items and linking + min-maxed pastebin & PoB screenshots
(added media: Video Delve depth 600+ speed farm)

-9.6 million DPS at 6.3k life? (high-end items = 12.5 million)
-8 million DPS at 7.5k life? (for HC)
-oneshot T15 bosses?
-insane clearspeed?
-kill shaper within seconds (per phase)?
-a budget-friendly build to get it started?
-solid Delve grind?
-a build, where you don´t need a 6-link?

==>>To everyone who plays this build with the Keynote "Elemental Overload" -> fool you, totems don´t proc elemental overload!!!
==>>I was inspired by several players during Incursion League (v 3.3) - I don´t came up with this build on my own.
==>>Many of you thought "Elemental Hit" got nerfed (combat focus jewels nerf) in 3.4 & Chin Sol in 3.5-> still insane damage -> everything works more than fine :-)

I try to explain every mechanic to you. You will learn to understand every choice I made. If you learned something new or you just like this guide, please leave me a comment. Thank you for your interesst and thanks GGG for this game.


NOTE: all videos with regular gear (not min-maxed - see pastebin)

Speedfarm T16 Elder Lair Map (1 sec Bosskill):

Kill Chimera (2.5 seconds per phase):

Kill Minotaur (without taking damage):

Shaper Run (a few seconds per phase):

Delve Leage specific - Delve Mine at depth 300+:

Delve Leage specific - Delve Mine at depth 617:
Gear and Gem Setup in this video:

->> 2 blasphemy curses (enfeeble + projectile weakness -->> in boots)
(yoke of suffering with "apply an additional curse" is required)
->> since the two curses with blasphemy only take 35% mana reserve each, I equipped "frostwall" instead of the "enlighten lvl4" in the boots (both blue socket)
->> no grace & no hase active (just vaal grace & haste effect from time to time)

Boots gem setup:

(enfeeble just on lvl 15, because I haven´t enough INT to level it further.


PoB Damage:

with new body armour:

(My final stats - 2.5 million dps per totem = 12.5 million total dps)

Mouseover Ele Hit Damage:

PoB Config:

PoB Items & Flasks:

Boss kills:
I will upload a video with Uberelder soon. The last two runs I died one time, due to my bad movement (want to upload a deathless video). The char works just fine at Uberelder.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/y7P0EZWA ==>> Regular
https://pastebin.com/JKehzB1e ==>> Late Endgame (min-maxed)

My other guides:

OneShotKill Ele Hit Totem Reloaded v2.0 on a Scion with life leech

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Poet´s Pen Arc Warper maxMF Assassin +84% quantaty:

01. General Thoughts / Concept
02. Pros / Cons
03. Gear (including recommended corruptions)
04. Jewels
05. Flask Setup
06. Example Gear & outlook on perfect gear
07. Gem Linking
08. Defence Layer Overview
09. Offence Layer Overview
10. Map Mods (mitigation)
11. Skill Tree & Ascendency
12. Pantheon & Bandits
13. Leveling
14. Thank you note


I wanted to create a build with very high clearspeed (the same speed as an ele wander) in combination with strong capability to clear all bosses including Uberelder. Also the "delve-potential" should be strong.

I wanted to use the "close range" mechanic from Chin Sol Bow with the Skirmish quiver (for one extra totem) and the quiver corruption "Point Blank", so you don´t have to skill it in the passive tree. This is a total damage buff of 150% at close range and an extra 25% damage buff because you have 5 instead of 4 totems. Veeeeeery juicy!
In combination with a Yoke of Suffering amulet this build has a 100% shock mechanic for nuts DPS. Damage is converted to fire.
If you like some more toughness, you can easily switch gems and don´t need to respec or use alternative items.


-insane damage output
-kill Uberelder as fast as a GC Miner
-no 6-link required (easy to get started)
-very great clearspeed (nearly the same speed as an ele wander)
-cheap to get the build running (1-3ex - depends on time of the season)
-safe way to play

-expensive to min max (corruptions on items like kaom´s heart or frostferno)
-no leech mechanic -> just life reg via totems (Hierophant Ascendency)
-Totem playstyle is not for everyone...

03 GEAR SECTION - slot by slot
(see the whole gear at once also under chapter 6)

First things first, the following items are essential for this build:

-Frostferno (Helmet)
-Chin Sol (Bow - due to its bonus on close range)
-Yoke of Suffering (amulet - grants shock mechanic on fire damage)


Frostferno is the key. Since the Elemental Hit skill counts as lightning, fire, cold and projectile at the same time, this helmet grant +4 level on Elemental Hit. For more damage you can corrupt the helmet with a vaal orb.

Useful corruptions (in this order - best first):
+2 level to socketed fire gems (boosts ele hit and combustion)
+2 level to socketed projectile gems (boosts ele hit and ranged attack totem)
+2 level to socketed cold gems (boosts ele hit)
+2 level to socketed lightning gems (boosts ele hit)
+2 level to AoE gems (boosts ele hit)

With a level 21 Elemental Hit and the right corruption you play with a level !27! skill. Way better than every 6-link could every be.

Keep in mind, that we use a corruption on the helmet, there is no space for an uberlab enchantment. The +2 corruption is very very very much better than the "+15% Elemental Hit attack speed" or the "40% increased Elemental Hit damage" enchantment on the helmet!!!

Until you have a Frostferno (while leveling):
any rare helmet with life, resists. Or a Starkonja, Rats Nest, Devotos Devotion


The Chin Sol bow grants +100% increased damage at close range. And we put our totems near enemies. Boom - a ton of extra damage. The wall of totems stands between us and the monsters. We take fewer aggro, because monsters try to attack the totems - but they die trying :-)

Useful corruptions (in this order):
+1 arrow
+% increased attack speed
+% (base) critical strike chance
+adds elemental damage
+adds physical damage


Skirmish grants us +1 Totem. This is a great damage buff.

Useful corruptions:
We want "Point Blank" on it. This is a further 50% damage increase at close range (100% from bow) -> total buff = 150% at close range.
Point Blank grants more damage than "+1 Arrow"


Kaom´s Heart to reach a solid total life pool of arround 5.5k
The increased fire damage is a great buff for our ele hit. Get at least +35% on it.

Useful corruptions (in this order):
+up to 50% increased damage
+% increased life
+reduced damage taken

NOTE: If 40 or 50% increased damage as implicit, isn´t that important. Main thing is to have the additional multiplier in the "damage multiplication chain". It is useless to have a low "increased fire" roll of about 20-25% and the corrupted implicit. At least it should have 35+% increased fire damage. Don´t buy crap for many ex...


With 2 abyss sockets and a murderous eye jewel attached to the gloves, enemies are intimidated (take 10% increased damage). No other pair of gloves in the game deal more damage in our case. Up to 10% increased attack speed (legacy roll) plus the intimidated mechanic + 2 additional jewel sockets - be(a)st gloves!

NOTE: Tombfists got nerfed in patch 3.6.
Learn more in the first chapter "GAME VERSION & CHANGES / HISTORY".

Useful corruptions (in this order):
+% increased attack speed
+% increased maximum life
+Curse on hit -> Temporal Chains (!Only with a +1 Curse Yoke amulet!)
+attacks have +% to (base) critical strike chance

Keep in mind, that enemies just can have one debuff (curse) at a time and we curse them with flammability. So we can´t use the "curse on hit" corruptions on the gloves. The only possible way is, if our Yoke of Suffering amulet is corrupted with "Enemies can have 1 additional curse / Apply an additional curse" or you skill "Whispers of Doom" in the passive tree (not recommended!)


Gang´s Momentum are the best in slot boots for maximizing our damage.
With ele hit and other items and passives in the skill tree we have a >100% chance to ignite enemies. And the boots grant a +40% damage buff agains ignited enemies.

We don´t want curroptions on the boots, just an enchantment from the (uber)lab.

The only two enchantments (in this order):
1) +120% increased critical strike chance if you haven´t dealt a critical strike recently (this buff is always on, because we never crit -> our totems do!!!)
2) Damage penetrates +10% of enemy elemental resistance if we haven´t killed recently (buff is always on - we never kill -> our totems do!!!)

I wanted a bit more life and found some shaper based Boots with +35% totem damage. In PoB the following boots will decrease the overall damage output by 0.5% (compared to Gang´s Momentung, But I gained +200 total life with the change. I needed to get some new jewels aswell to get fire resist highest for the Wise Oak Flask.


A Stygian Vise is the best belt in slot (besides Headhunter of course...)
With the new Delve rolls, a belt can have up to +110% increased WED (short for: weapon elemental damage -> or = "elemental damage with attack skills").
With a double WED roll (80% max) (+50% elemental damage with attack skills AND +30% elemental damage or fire damage), the belt can only roll two resists. Keep that in mind with your resist cap!



The Yoke of Suffering brings a huge damage buff due to the mechanic, that our fire damage can shock enemies. And we have a 100% ingnite chance, so we shock them all the time. Insane damage buff!
Important: You can´t see the damage boost on mouseover in the game, but you see the boost in Path of Building (PoB). There is no other amulet in the game with this kind of damage buff for this build!

Useful corruptions:
+1 curse on enemies (now we can run flammability + enfeeble at the same time -> read more about gems in chapter 07 "gem linking". Or even flammbility and elemental weakness for nuts debuff on enemies (the biggest damage boost of the build = double debuff curse)
+X% attack speed


We use two Opal Rings, each with WED (weapon elemental damage -> or "elemental damage with attack skills") and +% increased fire damage. Then stack your resists and get some life.

Note: Two tripple WED rings (implicit + WED + increased fire damage) are more efficient than a setup of "Mark of the Elder" ring + a shaper based "Call of the Brotherhood" ring.

An alternative ring setup: "The Taming"

I´ve tested a setup with 2 Tamings already.
I´ll add my experiance and opinion to the guide.

"The Taming" Ring has a good DPS-scale mechanic. The 20% increased damage per Frenze, Shock & Ignite on enemiy looks really nice.
BUT: This is only an advantage against monsters, not bosses (too few bosses to ramp up / scale the effect). AND we lose 2 itemslots to get Life rolls.

Against regular monsters (not bosses) there is absolutely no need to get more damage. And against bosses, the tripple WED rings are better (because "the taming" won´t scale / ramp up)

I tested it with 2 taming rings and at map clearing on T16 and delve 600+ I felt no difference damage-wise (everything is oneshot on the one way or the other).
But with the 2 Taming rings I lost over 250 HP and this I felt in bossfights and in deep delves.

If you guys are looking for more DPS on trash mob you can do it with the Taming. But I won´t recommend it, because in the late boss fights, there is no advantage.

The other mechanics on the ring are obsolet:
10% chance to shock & ignite (have them already at 100%)
30% increased elemental damage & 30% increased WED (60%) -->> we have more boost on a tripple WED ring.
up to 40% resist all -->> great, but it is not very hard to get our resists capped with our gear and the passive tree.

Don´t get me wrong, you can play with "the taming", but in my opinion, a tripple WED ring is just better (most likely more plain boss dps + can have life roll on it). But please feel free to customize the guide to your needs and playstyle.


We need 3 specific unique jewels:
1) Rain of Splinters -> get 2 extra projectiles (aim for a low reduced damage roll)
2) Combat Focus, Crimson Jewel base -> ele hit can´t roll cold damage
3) Combat Focus, Viridian Jewel base -> ele hit can´t roll lightning damage

NOTE: ele hit is now forced to roll only fire damage.

Keep in mind, that the (unique) jewels can have useful corruptions, as "immune to corrupted blood" or "increased damage" or "increased critical strike chance" or "immune to silence"

We have 2 more jewel sockets in the passive tree and three more abyss sockets on gloves and belt:

aim for the following rolls:
-attack speed -> biggest benefit for our damage
hint: non-abyss jewels can roll double increased attack speed (flat increase and increase for bows)
-% increased accuricy rating -> very good damage boost
-% increased life (or +X to life on abyss jewels)
-% increased critical multiplier (third best roll for damage)
-% elemental resists to get your resists capped

Get a "wathcer´s eye" with buffs for "Grace" (toughness) or "Haste" (for damage). You can have a double or tripple roll on a wahtcer´s eye jewel.

Possible Grace rolls (in this order - best first):
-(6-10)% chance to Dodge Attack Hits while affected by Grace
-(5-8)% chance to Evade Attacks while affected by Grace
-(10-15)% increased Movement Speed while affected by Grace
-(30-50)% chance to Blind Enemies which Hit you while affected by Grace
-Unaffected by Enfeeble while affected by Grace

Possible Haste rolls (in this order - best first):
-(5-8)% chance to Dodge Spell Hits while affected by Haste
-You have Phasing while affected by Haste
-Debuffs on you expire (20-15)% faster while affected by Haste
-(30-50)% increased cooldown recovery speed of Movement Skills used
while affected by Haste
-Unaffected by Temporal Chains while affected by Haste
-You gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill while affected by Haste
(useless, because we have an Onslaught Flask equipped -> you can have this and equip a diamond flask (for better crit) but you´ll lose the important onslaught buff during boss fights, because you won´t kill when you are fighting big bosses)


1) Quicksilver Flask -> for movement (aim for increased duration + increased movement speed during flask effent)
2) Life Flask (aim for instant recovery) or get a "Blood of the Karui"
3) Wise Oak -> for up to 15% fire damage penetration during flask effect (NOTE: your uncapped fire resist needs to be the highest elemental resist to work. Don´t forget that in you resist planning!)
4) Silver Flask -> grants Onslaught -> increased attack speed -> most beneficial to this build for damage
5) Quartz Flask -> get 10% dogge and phasing during flask effect (aim for increased duration and immune to curses during flask effect). Note: you are up to 6.2 seconds immune to any kind of curses and during the flask effect you will recharge the flask by killing monsters. You are effective immune to curses all the time (example: temporal chains as map mod).

Phasing is very helpful in DELVE, you can discover the sideways and walk through monsters on your way through the darkness.

An alternative to the Quartz Flask is a Dying Sun (unique Ruby Flask) for 2 additional projectiles during flask effect. More projectiles = more AoE damage (Area of Effect). With a Dying Sun your totems will fire 5 instead of 3 arrows.

Alternative for more AoE:


My setup for deep delve mines - a second defence curse:

-You can speedfarm maps with a Headhunter.
I tested the Headhunter in Delve (400+), but I experienced a lack of rare monsters to steal the buffs, at the delve bosses the Headhunter is useless.
-You can go MAX Quanitity with a Headhunter + 2x Ventors Gamble + Goldwyrm on T15+T16 maps. My mouseover DPS with the MF gear was 69k and the Headhunter will provide many speed and damage buffs at map clearing See my MF sample gear:

To squeeze out the last bit of potential:
- +1 Arrow as corruption on the bow -->> done
- Corruption on Kaom´s Heart -->> done
- Corruption on Gloves -->> done
- Corruption on Amulet (+1 Curse) -->> done

I tested a Rigwald´s Quills Quiver - In theory the Fork mechanic is great, but the damage with this build is so nuts, that after our totems volleyed, there is no target left alive to get hit by the forked projectiles. Another downside by using no "Skirmish" quiver is, that we lose a totem (4 instead of 5) -> equals a huge damage loss...


HELMET (4 link):

1) Elemental Hit (quality grants more damage)
2) Ranged Attack totem Support (quality grants faster summoning)
3) Elemental Damage with Attack Skills Support (quality grants more damage)
4) Combustion Support (quality grants more damage)

WEAPON (6 socket - 5 link):

1) Cast When Damage Taken on level 8 (quality grants faster casted trigger)
2) Immortal Call on level 10 (quality grants increased duration / consumed endurance charrges)
3) Increased Duration Support (quality grants more duration)
4) Vaal Haste (more movement speed and attack speed (no quality needed)
5) Vaal Grace (no quality needed)

1 socket left: Blink Arrow (to jump cliffs)

Important Note:
Use the Haste aura (from Vaal Haste Gem) for mapping and better clearspeed. Use the Grace aura (from Vaal Grace Gem) for more survivability if needed. Since both are 50% mana reserve auras, you just can use one of them at a time. BUT: even if you use the haste aura, the vaal grace effect (due to increased duration in the setup) is your "panic button" and gives you at level 20 huge 34% plain dodge chance for 10 seconds. The perfect first defence layer... (see more in the defence layer chapter of this guide).

GLOVES (2-link):
There are two options for the link:

1st option (damage max):
1) Increased Duration Support (quality grants more duration)
2) Blood Rage (quality increases effect)

Blood Rage gives us over a period of about 20 seconds 20% increased attack speed, but during this time we have a life-degen. We compensate this debuff with the life-reg mechanic on our totems (due to the hierophant ascendency).

2nd option (movement):
1) Increased Duration Support (quality grants more duration)
2) Phase Run (quality increases effect)

With Phase Run, you gain a movement buff and it can be helpful while exploring the Delve. Make your choice, what suits your playstyle best...

BOOTS (4-link):

There are two different options you can choose:

1st Option:
1) Blasphemy Support (quality increases curse effect) -> grants an aura to curse nearby enemies with the linked gems
2) Flammibility (quality grants better value) -> lower enemies fire resists (huge damage buff -> you don´t see this on mouseover dps, but in Path of Building)
3) Enlighten Support -> grants a mana multiplier below 1.0 to lower the mana revervation of th curse aura (minimum gem level 3)
4) Enfeeble (quality increases curse effect) -->> second curse for narrow spaces -->> it debuffs enemies and is the most effective way to increase your toughness, because cursed enemies deal less damage and will hit less likely.

Important Note:
You can only curse enemies with one curse at a time. Therefore we activate the curse aura we need in a specific situation (example: delve or bosses or mapping). Chose Flammability for maximum damage and Enfeeble for maximum toughness. With a corrupted Yoke of Suffering you are able to apply a seconds curse on enemies.

2nd Option:
1) Frenzy (quality grants additional attack speed)
2) Greater Multiplier Projectiles Support (no quality needed) (GMP)
3) Curse on Hit Support (quality grants better curse effect)
4) the actual curse: Flammbility or Enfeeble

Note: the frenzy attack doen´t deal damage (due to the note "Ancestral Bond" in the passive tree), it just curses monsters or destroys baskets (clickables) in the map. Therefore we dont need a quality GMP gem.

With frenzy you can curse the enemies from great distances, but you need to curse them yourself. With Blasphemy you can be lazy and the aura will curse automatically, but you need to get a bit closer to an enemy to inflict the curse (compared to the frenzy method)

Pick the way that fits your playstyle...

Option 1 (max damage)
premise: you have a "Yoke of Suffering" with +1 curse

1) Blasphemy
2) Flammability -->> first curse mechanic
3) Projectile Weakness -->> second curse mechanic
4) Enlighten (level 4)

Option 2 (max defence)
premise: you have a "Yoke of Suffering" with +1 curse

1) Blasphemy
2) Enfeeble -->> first curse mechanic
3) Enlighten (level 4)
4) Frost Wall (to keep monsters away from you)
AND: Corrupted Tombfist Gloves with: "Curse Enemies with Level X Temporal Chain on Hit" -->> second curse mechanic

1) The bow needs 3 off colors (red sockets), If you buy a six socket with 5 link, be aware that the 5-link is across the first 5 sockets. Than you can craft the 3 off colors (red) for 120 chromatic orbs with a Vorici Bench in your Hideout. The first 3 Sockets in the 5-link will turn red and since a bow is a dex item , the other sockets will most likely turn green.
2) The helmet has 3 off colors, since it is a evasion based helmet the sockets will most likely be green. If you produce your own frostferno (with the prophecy "A Vision of Ice and Fire" + a "Heatshiver" helmet in your inventory whlie killing the boss on the estuary map, you can craft off colors on the Vorici Bench by using the jeweler method. Watch a tutorial on youtube "poe crafting off color".


1) Grace Aura -> grants evasion to evade attacks (arround 25ish %)
2) Acrobatics + 3 notes -> 40% plain dodge chance to attacks
3) Phase Acrobatics -> 30% plain dodge to spells
3) Quartz Flask -> additional 10% plain dodge chance
4) Pantheopn -> Soul of Lunaris -> capture all souls
5) Vaal Grace -> additional 34% plain dodge chance (the "panic button")


1) up to effective level 27 Elemental Hit
2) 100% chance to shock (due to Yoke of Suffering + ignite chance)
3) much elemental damage penetration (items + skill tree +flasks)
4) damage versus ignited enemies (item)
5) huge debuff mechanic (flammability curse)
6) 3-6 arrows per totem (Splinten of rain + dying sun + corruption on bow)
7) FIVE freaking totems = 15-30 arrows
8) 2.6 attacks per second = 39-78 projectiles piercing & hammering monsters up to 3 screens away... a gore feast

10 MAP MODS (mitigation)

-reroll "no mana regen"...
-ele reflect is a bit annoying, but feasable
-40% ele resist -> only at guardian maps (T16) real cancer, reroll on T16 maps


Skill Tree: pastebin = https://pastebin.com/y7P0EZWA ==>> Regular
https://pastebin.com/JKehzB1e ==>> Late Endgame (min-maxed)

Hint: If you want more life: read the FAQ section or read below.

Ascendency: HIEROPHANT
1) Pursuit of Faith
2) Ritual of Awakening
3) Conviction of Power
4) get the 2 points with 20% mana regeneration

"Divine Guidance" with the "mini Mind over Matter effect" will cause trouble in deep delve level (400+), when you run over DoT things on the ground like poison puddles or little fire flames you have no mana to cast your totems = baaaad

Screenshot Skilltree max Damage:

Screenshot Skilltree max Life:
respec six damage notes into life notes
loose -16.7% damage and gain +12.7% total life pool


1) Soul of Lunaris
2) Soul of Gruthkul

Note: capture all souls with divine vessels -> solid defence buff!
Keep in mind, that it is beneficial to swap the minor god on "Aul, the Crystal King (delve boss in v. 3.4) to: Yogul

Kill all bandits for the extra 2 points in passive tree.


Here you see a guideline for leveling the character:

Important hint: skill "avatar of fire" at the time you have both "combat focus" jewels & put the jewels in the exact same jewel slot like in the guide (because the jewels need some stats in radius to get active). I skilled it around lvl 50ish...

Level with "Smite" + usefull support gems until act 3. After the Quest "a fixture of fate" you can change to ranged attack totem + elemental hit. Or buy the gems on poe trade.

An Alternative:
Until you can get the "Ranged attack totem" & "Elemental Hit" skill you can also run "Spell Totem" + "Arc" + useful support gems (you can get the combo with level 12). So you can run Totems very early. Although we don´t stack any spell damage (arc scales with spell damage), it is more than enough damage to run until you can get the elemental hit combo.

When you have Elemental Hit, get a Quill Rain bow + Skirmish Quiver and level trough until you can wear a Chin Sol.

Decent level uniques: "Thief´s Torment" ring (in combination with the +100% increased attack speed of Quill Rain bow = easy leveling...
Get frenzy or barrage with faster attacks + LMP / GMP for AoE (learn more in the "gem linking" chapter -> ("curse on hit gem linking").
You won´t do damage with frenzy / barrage (due to Ancestral Bond note), but you apply curses (debuffs) on hit AND according to the "Thief´s Torment" rolls you get much life and mana on hit.

Play the "Elemental Hit Totem" 4-link (change combusion with lesser or greater multiplier projectile support for AoE) gem setup for ele hit (see under chapter 07 "gem linking") -> until you can afford (or produce your own) frostferno, try to get a cheap Tabu. Add "added fire damage support" and lesser or greater multiplier to the six link. stack life and resists on yellow leveling gear.

try to get the combat focus jewels as soon as possible. get a splinter of rain (than you don´t need GMP anymore). feel free to skill "Ancestral Bond" when you want to start to play with totems. Then try to get as soon as possible to the very right side of the skill tree to get the very important "additional 2 targets piercing" note.

get attack speed and ele damage and totem notes, last the crit and bow notes. always try to stay healthy with your life pool.


Aim for the following rolls on items while leveling:

Weapon + Offhand:
You need a bow (don´t mind about using a wand) for "ranged attack totems" + "ele hit". Keep looking for rare bows with great attack speed and at least two flat elemental damage (fire prefered) rolls.
I recommend the unique "quill rain" bow, because it has +100% increaswed attack speed (even with the nerf in v3.5 it is still ok for leveling), because it will work great with "thief´s torment" ring (with life/mana on hit + curse on hit - learn more in the "gem linking" chapter (find it here: recommend linking on boots).

Get as early as possible the "skirmish" quiver for extra 1 totem, it will most likely be very cheap to buy, because it is a common unique item.

Other recommend item rolls:
-Attack speed (when you have elemental hit equipped)
-Flat Elemental damage (because of low itemlevel - ilvl - the percentage increased fire rolls or the WED rolls are not very high, it is better to use flat elemental damage)
-increased fire / elemntal damage

1) start with smite (melee) or arc + spell totem (lvl 12).
2) if you want to use totems very early on, get "ancestral bond" note fast (only skill it, when you play totems - because other skills wont do damage anymore).
3) If you start with arc totem (spell based) use some spell damage gear until you change to elemental hit + ranged attack totem.
4) be aware to use a bow + quiver when you start running with ele hit totem.
5) get a "splinter of rain" jewel for passive tree to get more. projectiles (otherwise your totems will only shoot one projectile!)
6) stack flat elemental damage during leveling (story mode).
7) you will be able to do the story mode on a 4 or 5 link (elemental hit + ranged attack totem + LMP/GMP + elemental attack damage (on a 5-link faster attacks), very easily...
8) try to stay healthy with your life pool and your resists.
9) after story mode - try to upgrade your gear piece by piece
10) ENJOY :-))))


1) start running ele hit totems
2) progress story mode
3) force ele hit to roll only fire (combat focus jewels)
4) get the recommended gear piece by piece


Once again a special thank you to my pal "DieserNerd" for testing this build in delve league and trying all combinations, variations and items ingame and in PoB. Always great to spend time with you trying out new things and discussing ideas!

Also lots of thanks to "LiftingNerdBro" for featuring this guide in his Youtube Video for great & new build guides. Check out the video and subscribe to his channel.

Big thanks to my buddy "careface41" for min-maxing the build and doing lots of testing on endgame, such as deep delving and endboss farming. You rock.

Thanks to "chupacabra87" for the opportunity to introduce this build on the Twitch Channel "TheGermanAllstars".
Check out his Channel on Twitch and follow (german language).
(beginns at 1h:44m)



Q: What does it cost to get started?

A: It depends on the time of the league. Please don´t compare with my gear -> it is quite expansive I guess.

Lets have a look at each slot:
(market prices: 3rd week of delve)

Helmet: buy a heatshiver (0.5c) + the prophecy "A vision of ice and fire" (30c) and make your own frostferno -> craft your sockets with the jeweler method

Bow: buy a Chin Sol (5c) or exchange the div cards. Roll 6 sockets (or craft the off colors with vorici bench and then 6 socket it for 350 jeweler orbs), then use your fusings to get the correct 5-link (across the first 3 red sockets + 2 green sockets) -->> with some RNG it takes 50 tries to hit the 5-link? Or just buy a Chin Sol with the correct 5 link and 6 sockets and roll 3 red sockets for 120 chromatic orbs (30c).

Body Armour: If you can´t afford a Kaom´s Heart, use any armour that gives you the most life (as you see you don´t need sockets on your body armour) - You´ll find decent life rolls on yellow armours for less than (10c). A Kaom´s Heart costs right now (3rd week of delve league) with minimum +35 fire damage (2.5ex).

Boots: The Gang´s Momentum with decent roll cost (1-3c). What makes the items expensive, is the enchantment. Run a few uberlabs (when the layout is good) and make your own boots.

Quiver: Skirmish without corruption costs (0.5c), Buy 15 and slam vaal orbs and make your own Point Blank Skirmish. I needed 18 tries = 9c for the Quivers and 18 vaal orbs (25c), or start without the corruption...

Amulet: If you can´t afford a Yoke of Suffering (75c), than take any amulet with ">40% increased elemental damage with attack skills" and life and resists (15c)

Belt: If you can´t afford a good stygian vise, take any other belt with WED + resists + life (15c)

Wise Oak Flask: an alternativ is a diamond flask, craft your own one (2c)

Gems: check prices for 20/20 corrupted elemental hit when you don´t want to level it by yourself. level lvl 1 20% ele hit and other major attack gems in your off hand.

required unique jewels: 2x combat focus (5c) each, Splinter of Rain (1c)

Gloves: If you can´t afford 2 socketed Tombfists, craft yourself a nice pair of "Gripped Gloves" (with increased Projectile Damage as implicit) crafting base (1c)

Rings: start with opal rings with just a little WED and life or resists or both, depends on your budget. You get decent ones right now for less than (12c) each.

Other jewels: use what you have or craft what you want with the jewels you found.

TOTAL COSTS TO GET STARTET: with a maximum of 131c you get started and can pretty much farm all content according to the previous thoughts excluding uberelder - therefore you need some of the better gear. There is always room to improve. Get your upgrades one by one and keep going. After a while you have all the key items and you overtake me :-)

Q: What was your mouseover DPS on ele hit when you first kissed the shaper easily goodbye?

A: about 42.500 (but with a Yoke of Suffering)

Q: How did you get your implicit roll on the frostferno (+2 lvl)?

A: I vaaled it myself. It took 28 tries to hit it. I don´t know what the average is. If you buy the helmet with the recommended corruption, you will probably pay around 10-12ex for it at the current stage of the league, I guess.

Q: How does "Avatar of Fire" benefit this build?

A: Weapon deals phys damage + the base fire damage of ele hit is buffed with 50% of the cold and lightning damage of ele hit. Due to the combat focus jewels, we only have the fire attack roll on ele hit. After all that the "damage multiplier chain" sets in -> mostly elemental damage and fire damage increases -->> Boom, a ton of damage.

Explained in detail:

zhenyaowen wrote:
One stupid question here.

I'm using two combat focus jewel so that my elemental hit can only roll fire hits. I also have avatar of fire that convert other types of damage to fire. And the cold to fire support from frostferno. I just don't understand why we need to convert other types of damage to fire if we cannot deal those types of damage?

Hi buddy,

there is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid answers...

Let me do the math and explain the concept:

On level 20 Elemental Hit has the following base damage rolls:

590 to 1096_____483 to 896______95 to 1802
(Min + Max roll /2 = average damage)

Now we know the average damage rolls of each elemental damage type. But it is very important to understand, that all damage types are still existing - some are just "inactive" - when we force Elemental Hit to just roll the 843 fire damage with the two "combat focus" jewels (crimson + viridian base).

Keep in mind, that our Chin Sol Bow deals Physical damage.

The "Avatar of Fire" note in the skill tree has the following effect:
"50% of your Physical, Cold and Lightning damage is converted to Fire damage. Deal no Non-Fire damage."


The fomrula (simplified) for the new damage of Elemental Hit:

Step 1)
(843 average Fire damage roll) + (50% of the average 698.5 Cold damage) + (50% of the average 948.5 Lightning damage) + (50% of the average Physical Damage from Chin Sol)

843 + (698.5 * 0.5) + (948.5 * 0.5) + (phys dmg * 0.5)

1666.5 + (phys dmg * 0.5) --->>> phys damage depends on your roll on the chin sol bow and other items and the passive tree. Let´s assume a physical damage roll of 250 for this example.

1666.5 + (250 * 0.5)
= 1791.5 FIRE DAMAGE

Step 2)
Frostferno grants a level 30 "Cold to Fire" support gem.
According to PoE Wiki this is 39% of Cold damage as extra fire damage.

698.5 * 0.39 = 272 EXTRA FIRE DAMAGE

= 1791.5 + 272 = 2063.5

This 2063.5 Damage is the "base fire damage" for all damage multiplier on items and in the skill tree, such as:
+increased fire damage
+increased Elemental Damage
+increased Elemental damage with attack skill
+increased Totem Damage

2063.5 compared with the initial 843 fire-damage. You see, this is a huge delta / difference. (a relativ boost of about 245% increased base damage)

Please keep in mind, that this damage calculation is a very simplified version of the actual / real damage calculation. But now you will understand the concept and how it works. The detailed damage calculation is shown in PoB.


Q: What is the most beneficial damage multiplier on jewels or items for this build?

1) increased attack speed
2) accuracy rating
3) critical multiplier
4) adds fire damage

Q: Why no "Mind over Matter" for more toughness?

A: Personaly, I don´t like MoM. Our defence are the totems between us and the monsters. With MoM we get hit -> have no mana -> can´t cast totems -> deal no damage -> SAD...
AND: we want to skill auras -> our auras are way more beneficial to this build than MoM -> haste or grace & blasphemy curse -> If you need toughness, equip the BEST DEFENCE IN THE GAME = ENFEELBE CURSE with blasphemy (ask every intense player what the best def mechanic is = enfeeble...)
AND: we waste great skill points to get there in the skill tree.

Q: I have problems to reach my resist cap, any suggestions?

A: You can switch the jewel socket on the very right on the skill tree (respec 3 notes and lose 2x4% projectile damage and spec the jewel socket above the note "Sentinel" to get additional 18% resist all and a jewel socket for 4 points.

Q: Can I have life & mana leech?

A: Totems can´t apply leech on you, because you deal no damage -> your totems do. The only way to get leech from totems is a shield called "Trolltimber Spire" (status quo in version 3.4)

Q: How can I get a better life pool? suggestions?

If you are fine with losing a bit of damage, you can easily hit the 7k life mark:

1) Just respec the two damage wheels on the lower right side of the skill tree. You get 9 points to fill up more life notes.

2) Just respec the 5 points in the "Celestial triangle" and get some more life notes.

Life notes examples to spec:
-5 addidional points in "constitution life wheel"
-2 additional points in "life and chaos resistance" wheel
-3 additional points in "blood drinker" wheel
- a nearby jewels socket for a 7% life jewel

RESULT: now you should hit the 7k life mark and your mouseover dps on elemental hit should still be more than 70k. Feel free to respec to your whishes.
HINT: Did you try the enfeeble curse aura first? For me it feels great with a life pool of 6.2k and enfeeble (delve depth 430 right now & farming uberelder). Found my sweet spot :-)

P.S.: I get so many ingame whispers, I hope I could help you all for now. I try to answer all your questions to get this build out in the delve :-)


Last edited by Lunasicc187 on Mar 11, 2020, 2:08:41 PM
Last bumped on Jan 16, 2021, 7:53:04 AM
The damage output is crazy. The build has a fast clearspeed and at the same time every boss is slain in less seconds also shaper and Uberelder no problem.

Strongest build I've played so far.
Not a chance for M0M?
pawe1991 wrote:
Not a chance for M0M?

Not necessary...
If you feel the need to get some toughness, just equip enfeeble into the blasphemy setup (this is the best toughness buff in the whole game)

you have a "mini MoM" with the Hierophant Ascendency (Divine Guidance).

But here is my personal opinion... I don´t like MoM -->> you get hit, have no mana -->> can´t cast totems (mana flask in flask setup is a waste of one slot) -->> totems are like a nice "meatwall" between you and the monsters. And: you want to run auras -->> the benefit of auras is greater than MoM -->> so MoM makes no sense in this build.

Hope I answered in detail, so you can follow my thoughts on MoM

Last edited by Lunasicc187 on Sep 22, 2018, 9:20:34 AM
with budget gear and no enchants what bosses can this handle?

also, how do your totems stay alive?
easy1x wrote:
with budget gear and no enchants what bosses can this handle?

also, how do your totems stay alive?

First Question: I added a budget gear guide in the FAQ section (Appendix)
with that gear suggestion you can do the shaper.
I hope this helps you guys :-)

Second Question: The mana reg is great (Ascendency + Frostferno + skill tree) -->> I like to cast totems all the time (gives you power charges and endurance charges due to Ascendency). I look that I have always my charges up at 3.

Please give me a day or so to make some showcase videos. Then you can watch how it is done.
yeah I was wanting to get a boss killer for any boss in the game
I had arc totems starting this season but this build seemed to be a better boss killer from what you said

so hoping that is true lol
easy1x wrote:
yeah I was wanting to get a boss killer for any boss in the game
I had arc totems starting this season but this build seemed to be a better boss killer from what you said

so hoping that is true lol

I'm debating switching my arc totem to this too. Let me know how it goes!
Thank you this build works great.
Last edited by ZekeAsakura on Sep 22, 2018, 9:46:17 PM
Could you explain how Avatar of Fire helps this build? all I see is fire damage so I don't understand how this adds damage

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