[3.4] Death from above - Poet´s Pen Arc Warper maxMF Assassin +84% quant (Uber Elder down)

Stage on for the "Death from above - Poet´s Pen Arc Warper MF Assassin"

Game Version 3.3 Incursion League
New in Version 3.4 Delve:

Everything just worked the same as in 3.3, but "Lightning Warp" got buffed -> old cast time = 1 second // new cast time = 0.85 second -> now even more movement speed by warping through the maps :-)

Latest update: Uber Elder Gear added

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Hello community, this is my very first guide and I hope you´re gonna like it. There are some similar Poet´s Pen Arc/Lightning Warp builds around, but as far as I know none as a Shadow/Assassin with max MF.

With perfect gear and the right corruptions you can get up to insane: 84% increased quantity + bisco´s collar (find the Quantaty Summary at chapter 15)


I started the current Incursion League as a Shadow/Saboteur Arc Trapper (with a bit of MF gear) and cleared everything content-wise, but I thought the clearspeed wasn´t that great.

So I and my pal decided to try to combine the Poet´s Pen mechanics with Arc and Lightning Warp with 54%+ MF quantity.

This guide/build competes with other fast MF builds like Tornado Shot or Ele Wander.

I wanted a speed build for open T15 and Elder T16 maps with maximum MF (quantity):
-to farm currency
-get a valuable map return on high tier maps to sell guardian maps and elder maps.
-find ilvl 82+ bases for jewel crafting
-getting a high monsterlevel (82) incursion temple for great profit (esp.: high tier map return, I drop 1-2 guardian maps every temple)
-farming valuable elder and shaper item-bases for crafting or selling (ilvl 82+)

Example: Shaped Bog Map (T15) in 2-3 minutes per run. Proof of concept in the video section below.

Showcase Playstyle on T15 Shaped Bog Map with breach with nearly no flasks needed in 2 min. Do you like to see more videos? leave a comment what you want to see.


01) General Thoughts / Concept
02) Disclaimer
03) Pros /Cons
04) Playstyle
05) Gear (contains recommended corruptions)
06) Jewels
07) Flask Setup
08) Example MF Gear Setup & Uber Elder Gear Setup
09) Gem Linking
10) Defence Layer Overview
11) Offence Layer Overview
12) Map Mods (mitigation)
13) Skill Tree & Ascendency
14) Pantheon & Bandits
15) %increased Quantity Summary
16) Hints & FAQ
17) Leveling
18) Thank you note & Next to come
19) Community Challange



-Insane clearspeed on wide tier 15+ maps with: dual Poet´s Pen with Lightning warp
-Damage for mapping: Poet´s Pen with Arc
-Shadow/Assassin class to scale the crit mechanic and gain maximum use of power charges (this setup grants you 6-7 power charges)
-Inpulsa Chest for some ridiculous damage / explosions
-Play a build with a good shock mechanic
-T15 and T16 Elder maps viable
-earn 1-2 ex per hour through selling T16 maps (guardian and elder) -> therefor my atlas is completed to get the highest bonus on map drops.
-In my opinion it is very easy to play a MF build to speedfarm low-tier maps like Burrial Chambers, most of these builds lack significantly at T15, T16 maps.



-It is hard to kill Shaper and Elder -->> definitely need to change the MF quant gear with some toughness gear and Mind over Matter is recommend.
-The build is quite expensive if you want to max your quantity. But I think most builds are quite expansive if you want to squeeze out every last bit.



-Insane Clearspeed on high tier maps-->> In my opinion as fast as an Ele Wander (with the benefit to have a better boss killspeed due to the several Barrage nerfs on a Wander)
-A new build which many of you never played before in this specific combination
-Great quantity gear on T15, T16 elder maps (54%+) - even at map bosses
-5k+ life + solid defence mechanics
-Mind over Matter possible (If you need it)
-life leech mechanic
-Reduce your MF gear and switch to life/damage gear if needed
-several skill tree possibilities / very variable tree
-two auras/duration spells possible (if you don´t use Mind over Matter)
-with two great Ventor´s Gambles you even can wear a Headhunter with your MF gear and you are still capped resistance-wise
-5 jewel slots in passive Tree (non-blocked with weak unique jewels)

-You most likely need to skill some resists in the passive tree to cap your resistances (or you have two very awesome Ventor´s Gambles for around 4ex+ each)
-Expensive, because on your MF gear (esp.: gloves and boots) you have nearly no elemental resists.
-Most likely to choose some jewels with resists


-Keep warping from monsterpack to monsterpack, mostly a single warp will burst huge groups of magic and rare monsters
-Hit constantly your flask setup when you warp into bigger packs.
-The movement skill we use is Lightning Warp (see more details under GEM LINKING)

05 GEAR:

preamble: You will most likely need some strength either on gear or on jewels to have a proper defence layer with CWDT, IC and Molten Shell.

important note - section contains recommended corruptions for each item, but be aware that you can break the item on the corruption altar in the incursion temple (v3.3) or with a vaal orb. The double corruption at the corruption altar is insanly strong, but on the other hand risky. If you want to know more about the corruption mechanic read here:


First things first: the enchantment is the key - you want to go for 30% reduced Lightning Warp duration -->>> this is a nearly 30% increased movement buff for this build, since we move by warping through the maps.

There is no strict requirement for the helmet slot. But i highly recommend a Lightpoarcher with two abyss jewel sockets.
-get up to 15% resist all
-solid healing with the spirit mechanic
-2 abyss jewel sockets for a ton of extra damage to lightning spells, flat life and crit multiplier (even resists, if needed)
-some nice extra damage for map clearing with the lvl 20 spirit burst mechanic

We want the enchantment on the helmet, so there is no space for a corruption (implicit). But if you are willing to try to run without the enchantment:

Useful (double) corruption in this order:

-4-6% increased maximum life (you can´t get enough life)
-+2 level to socketed aura gems (perfect for either wrath aura (damage boost) or vaal grace aura (defence boost)
-+1 to maximum power charges (scales great with our ascendency class as an assassin - ton of extra damage)
-0.5% of lightning damage leeched as life (great for survivability since we deal a ton of lightning damage)
-25-30% increased effect of shock (directly scales damage)

Alternatives: Any rare helmet with: 1) Resists 2) Life


Inpulsa´s broken Heart is required
-Insane damage boost (aim for a roll with 40%+ increased damage if you have shocked an enemy recently / 8%+ explode damage
-immune to shock

Useful (double) corruption in this order:

-40-50% increased damage (biggest damage multiplier you can get)
-6-7% increased maximum life (you can´t get enough life)
-+1 level to socketed gems (solid buff for your 6 link, a bit of everything)
-6 white sockets (gain flexibility to try new combinations for frenzy)
-the rest is a nice to have, but has no enormous impact


2x Poet´s Pen is required (aim for a roll with 11-12% increased attack speed / the implicit can be rolled with blessed orbs to 15% increased spell damage afterwards

Useful (double) corruption in this order:

-8-10% damage penetration elemental resists
-all other corruptions are not needed, perhaps
-% chance to gain power charges on crit -> we are an assassin, we don´t need this mechanic
-% increased attack speed -> we´re limited by the internal cooldown of Poet´s Pen, no need for more speed
-increased AoE -> doesn´t scale with Arc
-added elemental damage or increased crit chance -> doesn´t benefit our spells
-in my poinion it is not worth it to corrupt the PP, because only one useful implicit to this build


Bisco´s Collar to maximize for MF gear (feel free to swap it to a shaper based amulet with increased item quantity if you feel so)

Alternatives: Any rare amulet with (in this order):
-increased lightning damage (highly recommend)
-increased crit multiplier (highly recommend)
-increased spell damage (nice to have)
-x% of lightning damage leeched as life (nice to have)
-increased crit strike chance (nice to have)
-we don´t need resists on the amulet (since we need to cap resist even with the bisco´s collar)
-we don´t need to stack any more attack speed (because of the internal cooldown of the Poet´s Pen - 0,25)

Useful (double) corruption in this order:

-3-5% increased quantity (itemlevel must be at least 84)
-14-16% resist all (nice to get our resist cap)
-0.5% lightning damage leeched as life (for survivability)
-wrath or (vaal) grace has 15-20% increased aura effect (depends which aura you use - solid buff)
-4-6% increased dexterity and strength (nice to solve our strength requirements for CWDT setup)

For bosses to maximize damage (if you need it/ like it):


2x Ventor´s Gambles are required with:
-8%+ quantity
-high resists (I aimed for about 120% increased total elemental resists - we need the high resists to hit the cap)
-Life (aim for a positive life roll)
(I bought my rings for about 2ex each in the first two weeks of the incursion league)

Useful (double) corruption in this order:

-3-5% increased quantity (itemlevel at least 84)
-adds lightning damage to spells and attacks (solid damage buff)
-14-16% resist all (helps to cap resists)
-immune to bleeding (itemlevel at least 85)
-15-20% increased wrath or grace effect (solid damage or defence buff)
-4-6 mana gain for each enemy hit by your attacks (helps with mana reg)
-grants level 21 wrath skill (frees a socket in helmet)


Sadima´s Touch is required with:
16% quantity

Useful (double) corruption in this order:

-4-6% increased maximum life
-+2 level to socketes trap gems (if your lightning spire trap is in gloves)
-+1 level to socketed gems
-spells have +0.5-0.8 increased critical strike chance (solid damage buff - base crit buff)
-note: don´t use the "grants curse" on gloves, because you just can inflict enemies with one curse and you need the warlord´s mark in your chest for life and mana leech


Goldwyrm is required with:
-at least 18% increased quantity
-a good fire resist roll is great
-boot enchantment - aim for:
1) life and mana reg or
2) increased lightning damage if you haven´t killed recently for bosses
3) Chance to dodge attack hits or spell damage for some extra survivability

Useful (double) corruption in this order:
Don´t corrupt your boots, get an enchantment from uberlab.

Since we are an Assassin we don´t really need the increased crit enchantement, because we crit nearly all the time.


There are a few alternative thoughts on the belt-slot. In many cases you´ll need solid elemental resistances to reach the cap, since we stack resists only on a few itemslots.

For maximum MF / quantity you should go for the Perandus Blazon, because you can get another 8% quantity. Since the belt is pretty cheap buy a few of them and slam some vaal orbs on them, you can have some great rolls. The most recommended rolls for the implicit with vaal orbs are:
-6-8% increased maximum life
-14-16% resist all
-3-5% increased quantity of items found (item level needs to be at least 84 for this implicit) -> in best case you get a total quant of 13% in the belt-slot.

For life and elemental resistances a rare stygian vise belt is fine, with the extra abyss jewel socket, you can get extra damage, life and crit multiplier or resists. Keep also in mind that you need some strength on your gear (belt) to have enough for your CWDT-setup.

The strongest belt in most cases is the headhunter - it fits quite well into this build. Just keep an eye on your resist-cap. Perhaps you need to make some minor adjustments and change some jewels to hit the 75%.

Useful (double) corruption in this order:

-3-5% increased quantity (itemlevel at least 84)
-6-8% increased maximum life
-14-16% resist all (to get the cap)
-15-20% increased effect of wrath or grace (solid damage or defence buff)
-20-25% increased crit multiplier during flask effect (nice damage buff)
-30-40% increased crit strike chance during flask effect (solid damage buff)

Alternative for max quantity (If you want to max it for low tier maps):


If you plan to run wrath (damage boost) or vaal grace (defence boost) aura, the best jewel is a watcher´s eye with solid buffs to the aura´s. But it will be quite expansive.

Mostly it is recommend to run many jewels with:
-7% increased life
-increased critical multiplier ("increased critical multiplier for lightning skills" can roll higher - up to 18% - and it is cheaper than the global roll)
-resists or attributes

Abyss Jewels with 3-4 of the following stats:
-to maximum life
-added lightning damage to spells
-resists or attributes
-added lightning damage to (wand) attacks won´t effect the Arc damage (because Arc is a spell - not an attack), but still gain a little boost to frenzy


-Vessel of Vinktar with lightning damage to spells is recommended. Also this flask provides a solid healing mechanic because of the 20% life leech to lightning damage during the flask effekt.
-An instant life Flask with anti bleeding.
-Experementer´s Quartz Flask of Reflexes for 10% dodge, up to 100% increased evasion and longer duration (ton of toughness)

The rest is up to you as you prefer it, perhaps:
-a diamond flask for nice extra damage
-a jade flask for better evasion
-a mana flask if you have not a good mana reg (esp. if you want to skill Mind over Matter)
-a Divination Distillate for some extra MF quantity and mana

Aim in your flask setup for:
-against bleeding
-against freeze
-against curse

My flask setup as an example:


MF Gear Setup

Uber Elder Gear Setup

If you plan to do the Uber Elder, then you need to switch your MF Gear into solid damage gear. I made Uber Elder with 5.7k life. You need to switch fast between your weapon setups (arc+warp & arc+ball lightning) Learn more about the weapon setup / switch in chapter 9 (gem linking).


Gloves: (shaper base) with Trap & Mine Damage Support + Crit Multi for socketed spells
(insane damage boost for our Lightning Spire Trap)

Rings: Mark of the Shaper + Elder based Ring with a minimum of 120 total resists to reach the cap.
(insane overall damage boost and increased life thanks to the Mark of the Shaper)

Amulet: Choir of the Storm
(insane Lightning Damage overall boost)

Boots: Bubonic Trail (with 2 Abyss Sockets)
(increased % life and great overall damage boost, because of the 10% increased flat damage boost for each kind of abyss jewel affecting you - In items or the skill tree - I use 3 different types of jewels for 30% increase. In Addition to that you get 2 more free abyssal sockets for more flat life -> for my strength requirements (CWDT setup) I needed some str aswell and some resists on the jewels to stay capped)
(there are several useful entchantments on the boots - check chapter 5 of this guide)

For Uber Elder I changed from my Headhunter to a Stygian Vise with resits, strength and life.
There is no great use for the Headhunter during the Uber Elder fight in my opinion.

Note: For this specific setup you need to stack your resists on (challenging):
1) the Belt
2) one Elder based ring
3) Helmet (Lightpoacher has up to 15% resist all)
4) passive tree
5) some jewels
to get a minimum of 135% resist all elements (due to the -60% perma debuff / minus points) to be capped at +75%

And I should say, that the Uber Elder Item Setup isn´t cheap at all. It will cost a few ex.
But for that you guys farmed with the quant MF gear :-)

I´m glad that this build is now Uber Elder proofed aswell. Have fun & good luck to all of you and thank you for playing this build. Hope you all enjoy it!

Note - You´ll have several opportunities to customize this build for your needs and playstyle.
Note - You want to have all your damage spells on level 21 with 20% quality. Go in this order for most benefit: Arc, Lightning Spire Trap, Ball Lightning (if you use a third Poet´s Pen for bosses), Wrath (if you run the aura in your setup) - after that try to get the other useful support gems on level 21.

Weapon linking:

First Poet´s Pen:
1) Arc (no Vaal Arc required)
2) Added Lightning Support
3) Increased Critical Strike Chance

Second Poet´s Pen:
1) Lightning Warp
2) Less Durration Support (for 49% "increased movement speed", since we warp through the maps)
3) Swift Afflication Support (additional 15% reduced Duration equals another "movement speed buff)

Third Poet´s Pen (for bosses if you feel the need):
You can use another Poet´s Pen for boss damage setup with:
Instead of your Lightning Warp Poet´s Pen you equip a PP with Ball Lightning for huge boss damage
1) Ball Lightning
2) Lightning Penetration Support (quality grants extra lightning damage)
3) Slower Projectiles Support (quality grants 10% extra projectile damage and Lightning ball counts as projectile) (You will hit the boss more often with the same ball - great damage buff)


1) Frenzy -> quality grants additional attack speed
2) Greater Multiplier Support -> Quality grants a lesser damage debuff
3) Curse on hit Support -> quality grants 10% buff of curses
4) Warlord´s Mark -> quality grants chance to stun on hit
5) Faster Attacks -> quality grants increased attack speed
6) optional: Life Leech Support -> quality grants more life leech

Variation for your 6-link for bosses (if you need it/like it):
If you feel great with your leech mechanic without the life leech support (perhaps you have an amulet with % of lightning damage as leech or warlord´s mark is enough in your eyes), and you can affort to not use the lightning spire trap (perhaps you just use a second weapon setup with ball lightning and swap between your setups) you can use blood magic support gem in your chest for the frenzy. In this case we can reserve all our mana and can go for wrath aura and vaal grace aura (for toughness in bossfights) at the same time.

Helmet Lightpoarcher (with 2 abyssal sockets):

For the aura/duration skill setup that suits your playstyle:
(Don´t link the two sockets, or your auras/duration skills will reserve more mana)

Offensive choice: Wrath -> 50% mana reserved (no quality on gem needed - just increases the radius to buff your party)
Defensive choice: Vaal Grace 50% mana reserved (no quality on gem needed - just increases the radius to buff your party)
Defensive choice: Arctic Armour 25% mana reserved (solid defence buff)

Important note:
Reserve a maximum of 75% of your mana because you need to cast Frenzy and Lightning Spire Trap.
If you decide to go for Mind over Matter, you shouldn´t run mana reservation gems at all (due to 2 Ventor´s Gambles there is no space for an Essence Worm ring.
For my playstyle I chose Wrath and Arctic Armour. If you are risk averse, go for Vaal Grace and Arctic Armour.

Gloves & Shoes:

First 4-link:
1) Cast when Damage taken (no quality needed)
2) Increased Duration (quality grants extra duration)
3) Immortal Call (quality grants cast speed)
4) Molten Shell (no quality needed)

Important note: Since our shoes are evasion based (green sockets) and the gloves are energy shield based (blue sockets), it is hard to get 4 off-colors (red) on them. I recommend to use the crafting bench from vorici to get 4 off-colors. It is nearly impossible to get it with just Chromatic Orb spamming. Look it up on Youtube how to craft off-colors on items and follow the instruction.

Second 4-link:
1) Lightning Spire Trap
2) Trap and Mine Damage Support (quality grants extra damage)
3) Lightning Penetration Support (quality grants extra lightning damage)
4) Added Lightning Damage Support (quality grant extra lightning damage)

-Dodge attacks 50% (Acrobatics + Quartz Flask) (even 84% with vaal grace)
-Dodge spells 40% (Phase Acrobatics + Quartz Flask) (even 74% with vaal grace)
-life leech with Vessel of Vinktar (20% of lightning damage during flask effect)
-life leech with Frenzy (2% LL in your 6-link chest)
-life leech with Warlord´s Mark - cursed on hit (2% LL in your 6-link)
-mana leech with Warlord´s Mark - cursed on hit for Mind over Matter (2% ML in your 6-link)
-Cast when Damage taken + Increased Duration and Immortal Call + Molten Shell
-optional: Vaal Grace 34% chance to dodge spells and attacks / aura with some nice evasion
-optional: Arctic Armour for additional physical and fire damage reduction (Because of the mana reservation do not combine it with Mind over Matter)
-optional: Mind over Matter for a 30% of max. Mana increase of your effective health pool (want to know how MoM works, read on PoE Wiki). You shouldn´t run aura´s when you decide to use Mind over Matter.

-This build provides several damage sources for fast mapping:
If you don´t use Mind over Matter, you can go for the Wrath aura for nice additional lightning damage.
1) Frenzy damage (Inpulsa 6-link): You attack with frenzy and due to the Poet´s Pen mechanic you will trigger gems in your wands cost-free with the internal cooldown of the PPs.
2) Warp Lightning Damage (Poet´s Pen)
Gets triggered by Frenzy
3) Arc Damage (Poet´s Pen)
Gets triggered by Frenzy
4) Lightning Spire Trap for map bosses (4-link in gloves or shoes)
At map or incursion bosses, throw three traps and try to lure the boss into the damage circle. Even in a 4-link setup it is a solid damage output, since we skill and scale a ton of lightning damage notes in the passive tree and jewels.

You are fine with everything instead of no leech and elemental reflect. hexproof minigates also a part of your leech mechanic.


Since we are an Assassin, we are a crit based char and generate power charges very easily. Therefor we want to skill at least two additional power charges in the tree (the third comes with the ascendency). And with the scale mechanic to total damage, crit damage and spell damage per power charge, we deal a ton of damage when we are fully buffed with power charges.

Skill Tree at lvl 95:

Skill Tree at ~lvl 30:

Ascendency (in this order)
1) Opportunistic
2) Ambush and Assassinate
3) Unstable Infusion
4) Deadly Infusion



Major God: Soul of Lunaris and !!!capture the 3 Souls with divine vessels!!! for extra defence
Minor God: Soul of Garukhan for additional defence

Kill all bandits for the extra 2 points.


1) Ventor´s Gamble = 10% (+5% with corruption) -->> 15%
2) Ventor´s Gamble = 10% (+5% with corruption) -->> 15%
3) Sadima´s Touch -->> 16%
4) Goldwyrm -->> 20%
5) Perandus Blazon = 8% (+5% with corruption) -->> 13%
6) Bisco´s Collar (+5% with corruption) -->> 5%

Total MF Quantity bonus = 84%!!!

Learn more about the corruption, check out the GEAR section of this guide.


Q: What to do to gain more survivability?
A: stack resists with jewels. It is highly recommend to have at least 87+ elemental resists, due to debuff to player resists on yellow maps. Even consider to run Vaal Grace aura or no aura and refund some damage notes in the passive tree and go for Mind over Matter.
Q: How much currency do I need for this build?
A: Depents on the time of the league and the overall ingame economy and the meta. This build isn´t cheap, I guess you´ll need about 10-20 ex to get started. But its costs are equal for example to a Tornado Shot MF Mapper in my opinion.


I started this char as a Saboteur Arc Trapper. This is the easiest way to level. With level 83+ you can switch to this build very easily. You just need 40 orb´s of regret to reset/change your ascendency from saboteur to assassin and about another 30 orb´s to reset some passive point´s (re-skill your trap notes to lightning notes).

Sneak Peek / from the beginning:
Leveling is quite easy. Just start with Explosive Traps from the beginning until the end of act 1. Then get Arc + Trap Support (or buy deerstalker boots with lvl 22) + Multiple Trap Support.

While leveling in act 2 you get Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ice. Some nice damage buff in cost of 50% mana reservation. But you can get clarity aswell if you have any mana problems.
If you can play Arc in 4-link, get Added Lightning Damage Support for juicy extra damage.
At around lvl 30 you get Lightning Spire Trap and add it to Added Lightning Damage Support, Trap and Mine Damage Support and Controlled Destruction.

With this setup (4 link Arc & 4 link Lightning Spire Trap) you will pretty much fly through the Story Mode. Get the other gems you need / see in Chapter 09 during the campain and level them in your off hand if needed.

Skilltree-wise follow any guide for any trapper until lvl 60-70 and respec later or use my skilltree and head for all the juicy life notes first, then get the lightning damage and jewel sockets, then the crit notes :-)

If you have already a bunch of currency, you can directly level with 2 Poet´s Pens. See here a showcase how fast you can level up to 70 with 2 Poet´s Pens
In our case we don´t use volatile dead, we use Arc instead. With 2 PP you will hit lvl 70 within a day easy.


to my pal DieserNerd for all the great discussions during the Incursion League and the PathOfBuilding Sessions to get this build to the point where it is today.

Next to come:
-various versions of skill trees, if you guys need it. Leave a comment then.
-pastebin for PoB
-more videos

Thank you for your interest in this build, I hope to fulfil your expectation. Feel free to leave a comment.

Link your best corrupted items due to this guide in the comments below - and of course your bricks aswell :-)
Share your lucky and sad moments.
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It was a lot of fun to build this build
First time played traper and love this guide is very fast for farming.
Loving the build. I switched around lvl 82ish and have been smashing red maps since then in mf gear with 63% quantity, Nice build to break away from windripper mf meta, and you can farm red maps for better drops.
Awesomme guide! Very well explained and so inspiring to try this!

Keep it up! Will definitely try the build. :)
Are you able to easy farm Guardians too? If so this could be my next build beside my finished elemental hit char :).
NeBuLa199 wrote:
Are you able to easy farm Guardians too? If so this could be my next build beside my finished elemental hit char :).

You can do guardians too (but to be fair - it is a challange) - but you should switch some MF gear with toughness gear for hard bosses (ex. switch the bisco´s collar with a heavy defence amulet with flat life (and strength for more life) and amour or evasion and on top some nice damage (ex.: spell damage and/or lightning damage)).

Next nice thing is, as long as you keep warping you can´t take damage during "airtime". I guess that you are at least 50% "in the air" and invincible. Try warping in circles around the bosses -> Arc will hit them and you are in most cases too fast for the bosses to react (but be aware of DoT and AoE). Next thing is, that due to the Poet´s Pen mechanic you "do damage" with your movementskill. You don´t have to stand still for dealing damage...

For guardians you can also switch to a second weapon setup with ball lightning if needed.

Thank you for your interesst in this build
Hey so this is by far the most interesting build I've ran into I've been looking for an arc build away from traps totems and witch which you created. My question is if I were to remove all my gear could i make this build viable for shaper and hard bosses I could switch all mf gear to lets say choir of the store. For damage and switch rings for spell damage life and more defensive stats. And switch back for lower tier maps and have 2 poet pens for single target what gems should I run. Thank you.
encrypting wrote:
Hey so this is by far the most interesting build I've ran into I've been looking for an arc build away from traps totems and witch which you created. My question is if I were to remove all my gear could i make this build viable for shaper and hard bosses I could switch all mf gear to lets say choir of the store. For damage and switch rings for spell damage life and more defensive stats. And switch back for lower tier maps and have 2 poet pens for single target what gems should I run. Thank you.

I did Chimera and Phoenix with my full MF gear so far (see it in gear section). For the other guardians I switched for some defence and damage gear instead of MF. In my opinion Hydra was the most difficult with this build (warped several times into the balls and fork attack of the boss). But please be aware, that the boss fights are tough. This is no easy "afk" boss farming. This wasn´t my intent when I created this build, but it is possible.

You can do the Elder Guardians with full MF gear too, no need to switch.

Elder himself and Shaper will need a switch into def and damage gear for sure. I have also two weapon setups which I can change with "x". So I don´t lose the "mobility" of lightning warp when I need to quickly change positions.

But I have to admit, that I didn´t do Uberelder yet with this build so far, please keep that in mind.

Also a variation for bosses:
You can run Vaal Grace (50% mana) and Wrath (50% mana) at bosses if you switch the Life Leech Support with a Blood Magic Support gem. When You have an amulet with %-lightning damage leeched as life, you can use blood magic for sure in your 6-link. But keep in mind, that your have no mana left for your lightning spire trap to cast. This is a veriation, in which you only deal boss damage with arc and lightning ball, but you gain the vaal grace aura.

greetings and thank you for your interesst in this build / guide.
Is there a way to see what path you took on skilltree as leveling.

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