3.4.3b Patch Notes

Ury401 wrote:
Are you guys going to give everyone the 30k sulphite cap and not give back the azurite we spent making it to the 5k cap?

I thought we were going to need to upgrade it to reach 30k, now i've spent probably like over 20k azurite in reaching the old cap, so you guys would give everyone just a 30k cap and that azurite is lost.

I think the new sulphite gain is fine, earning over 700 sulphite per vein in t11-13 maps, i've had maps in the past that have up to 3 veins of sulphite, so you can potentially leave a red map with 1500-2000 sulphite.

I really hope there's no rollback, just got a unique map drop that i need.

e: the "tiers" of azurite storage are the same, just cap changes afaik.
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Dont know but i still cant find the dam fractured wall for nothing. And it doesnt help it resets everytime you die. making it impossible to find the path. The rewards are not enough as well im getting tired of Delve already.
thx YOU SO MUCH ♥♥♥
GGG became a victim of its own success. Delve is so good that nobody wants to play core part of the game :)
Forgive my lack of enthusiasm, but given the way Sulphite has been balanced throughout this entire league, I'll wait to see the changes myself before I celebrate..
We still has a flat nerf compared to pre-patch, aren't we?
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With this patch, my cost of sulphite is worse….

Before 365 for a little way -> Now 431 :(
Before 1460 for a big way -> Now 1465 :(

At delve 195-200

EDIT : Maps look like to give more sulphite so i think it is better now.

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after 3.4.3b my game crashes and crashes and crashes and crashes and.....
After reading WoW and PoE posts, you guys have my utmost respect for dealing with the overwhelming amount of irrational complaints. The sulphite change is welcome, but there are some exaggerated complaints out there. GGG is cut above the rest when it comes to interacting and responding to this community. It takes serious mettle to read this stuff and make reasonable judgments. You guys are the best.
It looks like the costs have now been slashed in half, at least at the depth I was playing = 340:

patch 3.4.3 - 1.300 sulphite for shortest path
patch 3.4.3b - 732 sulphite for shortest path

A T14 map still gives roughly similar amounts of sulphite as before. (around 850, for a 120+ quantity map)
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