Some of you seem to hate maps, why?

I think the whole shaper/elder interaction is somewhat to blame. Earlier you could just prepare a stack of ~10 maps, roll them, run them, rinse and repeat.

Now you need to check your atlas all the time, check if you have elder/shaper influence, go to your map stash, get the map, roll it and run it, rinse and repeat.

Elder shaper is great, dont get me wrong, but it somewhat killed my flow.
I dont hate them but I do think they are in need of work. Why must I start outside of the map when I die ? It also needs to be more clear when you clear a map, like a COMPLETED text across the screen or something.
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The majority of maps have clutter and doorways/frames in them that make playing projectile based skilled damn near impossible in most instances, especially in maps where mobs will sit on the doorways, so you can't attack through the door, can't move through the door, and while sitting in the doorway (at least with Freezing Pulse, since GGG's smart skill design makes it act like a AOE when propagating) your skill will disappear and 90% of the time hit nothing...and the other 10% of the time it will hit the first mob in front and nothing else behind him.

I've died more times attempting to get through doors/frames than most other BS.
At legacy I actually enjoyed maps, had a whole stash tab full of red ones. But after the nerfs, I can call myself lucky to have more than 5.

To base delving on red tier mapping is a big mistake.
I dont feel there is anything inherently wrong with maps, just that they are very stale. GGG should probably change up at least the location of the maps on the atlas every league.

Delve is essentially mapping through a different lens, and I feel they would do better to complement each other instead of one being gated by the other.

I understand GGG wants an oppurtunity cost to delve like maps have, especially on the deeper ones, however maps are essentially free as is, since they pay for themselves. This makes the sulphite gating of Delve feel very artificial.

People are going to do whatever is most efficient because it feels like the time consuming grind that it is, and they just want to get it out of the way to get to the fun stuff.

I do not hate maps.
I actually liked a lot what they did, bringing the Atlas of Worlds, Zana, and the overall story behind that.
Current Zana mission changes and the actual Atlas quest tracking made a huge improvement and now I actually know what I should do without blindly selecting maps to see if it will make a quest progression.

Map drops? Yup, need to be better.

I'd introduce some red tier drop chance increase, dunno, maybe something like "red tier map drops +% more, where % is your character level" or whatever mod that could be. Or an item, or a second set of bandit quests, where this would be one reward...
Completed 8 ChallengesCataca wrote:
Elder shaper is great, dont get me wrong, but it somewhat killed my flow.

Frankly I either want elde/shaper to not influence map drops (and have map drop balance adjusted accordingly) or bring back elder ring tbh.
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Can't speak for other players, but for me it is all quite simple.

Cheap maps are not challenging and harder maps are gated by currency/rng.

So, you either have to sacrifice gear upgrades (currency for buying/crafting gear) or your time/enjoyment by running unengaging content.

The new Zana mods are a great improvement, but 6c is a lot for many players. If you want to sustain that, you pretty much have to do the chaos-recipie chore (and it is a chore) or actively trade (which is also a chore.)

Delve had the potential to change all that, but they made it so rewarding that it had to be gated behind maps. Gated behind a chore once again.

I really wished GGG would have allowed us to grind for gear without "taxes" on enjoment this time, but, alas, that was not to be. Hence the disappointment.

On a side note, if the power-level of this game was adjusted so that lower level maps were once again challenging (not one-shot fests), then mapping would feel a lot better again. And this is from a SSF-perspective.
Completed 12 ChallengesCipp wrote:

I really wished GGG would have allowed us to grind for gear without "taxes" on enjoment this time, but, alas, that was not to be. Hence the disappointment.

Oh yeah, let me rephrase that: grind for BETTER/UNIQUE/WORTHWHILE gear...

Everyone wants everything without paying the price for it...

If I want something, I just go for it and accept the rules. It is my free choice to play this game under the given conditions and if I do not like them, I don't play.
I joined Februar 2013.

Since then the only end game for some of us are maps. This means we are taking this RNG shit since 5 Years. 5 Years of maprolling and hoping that you will hit the f*king odds.

Delve at least removed some of that RNG..
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

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