Daegon's Crafting Service (+ Fractured Fossil Mirror Service)

This was my first time, trusting a Master Crafter.
But it was quick and perfect!
11/10 would craft again :-)

Easy(ish) recolor. Fast, friendly, and free of charge (tipped ofc) 11/10
very fast, 10/10.

Thanks once more ♥
Hello I have a question.

once again very friendly and fast service. :)

even borrowed me chromes xD

did vorici 8 craft, quick and easy :)
IGN: EchelonTL, neophyte
Guild: Team Liquid
the best, AAA+++ service, quick and secured, in my case recolor of vaal item

Changed sockets for me, didn't charge fee. Gave back extra orbs. Paid with a tip.

Great service.

crafted for me nice and fast ^^

Helped link and color these, very quick and easy!!

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