Daegon's Crafting Service (+ Fractured Fossil Mirror Service)

Great guy, helped with Vorici 8 crafting. Thx alot!

Fast, friendly, trustworthy, what else do you want?

Hello I have a question.
thanks for your help with vorici lvl 8

socketed linked and coloured really quick and nice.

try to tip !
Quick reply and very helpful. Linked and colored. Thank you!

[dbLinkedItem id="12590934463"]

Helped me with Vorici 8 ,2 tries , quick and easy . Tried to tip , he didn't wanted ,what a great guy.
Would reccomend .
thank you for helping me :)
great service and super kind!! ty very much
REALLY!!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Did cannot roll attacks for me.

Fast and trustworthy, ty!
fast and safe!!
Crafted Haku lvl 8 for me. Fast, easy, friendly!

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