3.7 In-Depth Ice Golems Guide - Snowybois - On Hiatus for 3.8

Utopian238 wrote:
ThorTheGray wrote:
Anyone starting with this? Also has anyone incorporated cyclone cwc with offering/desecrate?

Cyclone cwc with offering/desecrate was really popular with a lot of people last league. Best cwc's are cyclone, storm burst, or if you're bow scourge arrow.

Thanks for the info. This looks fun and going with it as a starter. I've played for 6 years and never played any type of minion build so this will be a breath of fresh air.
Anyone playing golems in Blight league? I'm having a Blast. ;)

League start was rough due to prices. But once I dropped few ex on blight encounters atlas was a breeze afterwards.

Made myself a full ele conversion golems with help of Triad Grip gloves.

Since our golems are immune to ele dmg (all of them since 3.8) reflect maps are no longer a problem. Which saves quite a lot of map rolls and finally we can do uber atziri without any worries :)

Golems are not bad early on on blight league, especialy ele conversion, thanks to:
- Feeding frenzy frees one jewel socket and saves like an ex in early league because no need for Primordial Might, while still being an ok gem in the link thnx to 35% more dmg multi.
- Ele dmg with att supp gem which gives a whopping 54% more dmg multi, basicaly brutality without any downsides.
- Elemental equilibrium now covers full dmg spectrum
- Elemental weakness curse if mixed dmg types. Idealy frostbite curse with full cold conversion but 4 green triad grip is a struggle, didn't come up with a satisfying gem setup to support this. Probably could even go dual curse Ele weakness+Frostbite+EE should be -150% cold res on enemy :o
- +1 golem on tree allows to use 4 support golems which makes every harmony 100% inc dmg. Didn't try 7 ice golem +3 supp golems yet.
- Support golems no longer die like bitches thnx to ele immunity on all golems.
- Golem Commander passive cluster allows us to drop eminences.
- Ravenous Horde passive cluster is a huge buff early on to golem att/mov spd, dmg and chance for onlaught for golems on kill. Later on Ravenous Horde annointed on amulet to save 7 skill points.
- Gravepact passive cluster is just bonkers. 70% minion accuracy and dmg/att spd/chance to deal double dmg on top of that. All the accuracy that we lost with Warbanner nerf is back. Later on could be dropped for 4 additional skillpoints.

3G1R because I hate playing phase run without inc duration supp mainly because of delve. Hard to run around side alleys without flares if inc dur supp is not there :(
Ideally I would go 4G Phase run - Enhance PoI Desecrate in gloves and swap ele weakness for frosbtite.
Could drop PoI, get some mana reserve reduction and get Haste, maybe? But 50% reserve for so little benefit, Haste needs a rework imo. If it was 35% reserve I would seriously consider it.


Harmony x8

16 deaths. Mainly due to lag while leveling and blight map crashes/lags. Got rly crappy internet and this is why I play golems lol even when I lag hard golems still do their job ;) Think I died maybe 2 or 3 times at atlas and that was mainly due to my arrogance combined with lags ;) Gonna try uber elder tomorrow. Update incoming ;)

Currently at lvl 94 on 6k life and a lot of spare room for improvement as most of the gear is selfdrop/selfcraft/mostlyaltregalcraftomegalul ;)
76/80/76 resist profile.
~42% phys reduction + 3.7k armor/14.3 with granite. Got one spare flask slot. Gonna go taste of hate thats why PoI and hi cold res profile. ToH should be another 16% phys reduction. If I find a better dex alva ring probably another minimum endu for another extra 4% phys reduction.
Dunno what they done to chaos golem but when i turn it on my phys reduction toltip goes from 32% to 65%. 33% phys reduction chaos golem? Think GGG screwed up xD Golem Commander might be multiplicative with Elemancer/Liege of the Primordial as it is different wording ;)
Oh yeah I forgot. 1.3k life regen without any Life recovery mod ;) Just tree and stone golem. Its definitely multiplicative xD

For now playing with feeding frenzy in main link. But I'm about to buy empo 4 to check if primordial might + empo4 is better. Gonna be kind of a struggle to fit might as I went for Soul of Steel, Bloodless, Golem's Blood which means -1 jewel socket. But Soul of Steel is hard to pass omegalul

Idealy Ice golems would land in a 7L elder bone helmet with:
- +3 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems
- Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Minion Damage
- Either
Horror Socketed Gems deal 30% more Elemental Damage
Insanity Socketed Gems gain 50% of Physical Damage as extra Lightning Damage

Horror would probably be best. But that's probably like a 100ex endeavour, so yeah, there's that ;)

Later on definitly gonna try old good phys ice golems and how they perform with all the new nodes on the tree. Maybe some brutality + pride aura + dread banner shenanigans ;) Or maybe just MoM Brutality Warbanner since dmg never was a problem with snowybois, especialy now that we got buffed so much. But, definitly having fun with ele conversion golems. Big QoL.

Please share your ideas for golems in the new league, I'm curious what people came up with ;)

PS: Carrion Golems + Zombies/Spectres look sexy ;)
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Second time doing this buiudl as starter. It's so much fun.

But i got a question for the experinced golem masters,
what do i anoint my amu with ?

Purity of Fleash
Rightous Army
Ravenous Horde
or something else.

What's the best choice for the Endgame (UberElder) ?

Thx for your help !
Dunno what they done to chaos golem but when i turn it on my phys reduction toltip goes from 32% to 65%. 33% phys reduction chaos golem? Think GGG screwed up xD Golem Commander might be multiplicative with Elemancer/Liege of the Primordial as it is different wording ;)

The elementalist buff bonus was changed from 100% flat bonus to total of 50% per golem. So 10 golems = 500% increased effect of golem buffs + 70% on the tree. That is nuts, just nuts.

This is such a massive buff to elementalist when built this way. I have had TONS of fun playing with 9 golems and just using the buffs to self cast. Basically makes any spell viable and fun to play!

You can make a generic crit spell self cast spellcaster tree and then just play a lot of different builds on the same character. Lightning golem buff gives you 60% cast speed with nine golems. That feels gooooooood.

Regrading your build though, Skitterbots with Bonechill would be pretty nice for the full cold conversion golems as well. 20% *1.2 = 24% shock and 10% * (1 + 0.2 gem level 21 + 0.45 gem level 21) = 16,5 % chill
This totals to 1.24 * 1.65 = 1.4446 = 44% more damage taken from a 42% mana reservation.
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So has anything changed gearwise and the tree? or is the 3.7 good to use? :-)

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