3.7 In-Depth Ice Golems Guide - Snowybois - On Hiatus for 3.8

I cast Orb of Storms on bosses but damage is so good I don't need to apply EE on trash/yellows, I mostly just walk around and occasionally phase-run so monsters ignore me. I have pretty bad carpal tunnel so these one-button builds are a god-send for me. It's probably more optimal to run this with a gmp+curse on hit ball lightning but that's too much casting for my poor wrists.

I uploaded the Elder Video and I'll have another video of a hydra T16 once I finish remuxing it. The Elder Video Portal Phase is a good example of the play-style in general though. Focus on staying alive while the boys snowball around.

Delve is going okay so far, i'm down to ~300 but the lack of CC is starting to show. I'm looking to acquire a 3R2G1B Skin and test out Ice Bite when I get a chance, been having too much fun killing Elder though to focus too hard on Delve yet. This is the first league i've had a build capable of consistently killing him so i'm using it to learn the fight better.

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Updated the guide and cleaned up the images a bit. Posted gear and will try to get some delve videos recorded tonight.
What would you say is the priority of the jewels? I have a limited budget and I'd like to know which jewel should I focus on first.
As an elementalist we don't "NEED" The anima stone compared to the other casters but it is a huge upgrade. Going from 4 to 6 Ice golems we can effectively calculate it as a 50% "More" multiplier.

The Caveat is that when our ice boys aren't cycloning they're being little idiots casting their 7k ice blast instead of their 100k+ melee attacks, so a couple of harmony and a might goes a long way early on to prevent that.

I would focus on getting 2-3 Harmonies so that your ice golem cyclone CD is brought down, then get a might so their AI is fixed to prevent any ice blasts, and fill out the rest of the slots with Cheap Eminence Jewels while you save up for the second primordial might to create your anima stone.

Once you have your Might and Anima stone both, go ahead and finish out your next 3-4 harmonies depending on how many you have left to go.

The other option if you don't mind spending the regrets later on is chasing the minion wheels near Sion and the new on on the far left side until you can afford all of your jewels. Wouldn't recommend it though, harmony stacking is just so strong for reducing the cyclone cooldown.

EDIT: Added a MoM tree. Someone who is better at MoM builds than I am feel free to take a better crack at that.

Also added an important note about Golem Summon order Snapshotting your aura's.
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How big is the clear speed difference vs flame golems? Never tried ice. Single target better with ice?
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Check out the videos i posted. The single target is much better, the clearspeed is definitely slower.
What Pantheons have you been finding most useful in the build? I usually run with Solaris for extra phys/ele mitigation.
I've been running Solaris/Lunaris depending on how I feel that day. Solaris is better for bossing but the "Don't take chained projectiles" is really useful for avoiding things chaining off your minions and onto you.

For Minor God I'm running Soul of Shakari because I don't have a poison removal flask but it's not that important you have so much life regen most chaos damage won't kill you. Soul of Garakhan is great for mapping with the +6% move speed.
Gotta say, 62 now, this is completely sick. REALLY good all around.
With that being said I'm going about it slightly different. I got

which opens up my chest slot for just about anything. Kaom's is out because I need sockets for chaos/stone/lightning golems.

edit: went with Belly for chest.

The rest of my gear:

edit: mapping now. wtf fast!

edit: almost 90. This is really good.

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any tips regarding starting this build ?
like passive skill priority and general stuff

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