Where does Apex of Sacrifice fall in the Map Tiers now?

Being safe from one-shotting yourself to reflect should make it much more manageable. I ruined my first set as I kept attacking that bint with my Juggernaut. Damn thing was closest to the entrance, and monkey hits what monkey wants :D

Especially if you haven't tried the map before, you should also be wary about the triplets earlier. Pretty easy to die there too - or, well, at least I did... Make sure you don't kill the chaos-shooting woman last, or you'll be in for a world of hurtin'.

There is excellent info about all parts of this map in the video I linked above. I saw it several times before doing my 2nd set, and managed to take them all down :)
shoju wrote:
Awesome. Thank you for telling me the build can do it.

Now, How hard is the leap from Watching Videos to Execution? haha...

If my wife goes out with her friends tonight, we may just find out.

The videos can help a bit but you don't really learn what you have to do from them, you kind of just see the moves.

In my experience the key things are:
- For the Vaals, try to get each on low health and then kill.
- For the Trio, most builds will go for the chaos rainer, then the dual striker, then the cycloner. Can't really remember their names... The chaos rainer is the most dangerous if your health is on the low side(and yours is).
- For atziri during regular phases, your attack windows are pretty much during her storm calls, just make sure you always stand on safe ground before attacking. If she flameblasts, you get a window when the location is fixed and you're outside of its maximum radius.
- For atziri during the split phase, the flameblasts come in constantly so your attack window is when their location is fixed and you're safely out of the radius. You have to dodge the storm calls too.

I'm not really sure if this will help make those videos more useful though, it's hard to beat her without a bit of practice at the fight. The good thing is those sets are really easy to come by now.
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How difficult Atziri is really depends on your ability to dodge her spells because tanking them is next to impossible. Did her with my Juggernaut a few times by now and i can barely tank a hit from those normal flameblasts and stormcalls. The empowered versions oneshot even with a resist flask active. Personally i have the most trouble with her empowered flameblasts. When she starts it i have like 2 seconds before it goes of and i usually need two leap slams to get out of the radius which is a close call even if i am not locked into a cyclone by the time the flameblast starts. Pretty much all my rips go to this stupid thing -.-

With just 4k life you better make sure that nothing ever hits you because even a normal stormcall will most likely oneshot you.

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