Incursion Flashback Event

Am I reading this wrong? It says it starts at 11:00 PM but countdown is for 12:00 PM.

are you sure you set correct timezone? most ppl dont change it and cry about how date are not accurate.
to check/change timezone enter or if you dont trust links enter to manage accounts>Edit preferences
Edit: nvm . Nice!
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Hype !!!
xierxe wrote:
Oh it starts on my birthday.

IGN: RolandDeschain_
xierxe wrote:
Oh it starts on my birthday.

Guess it's safe to say happy birthday by now!
I'm in and raring to go. Tons of people already registered. Hopefully not around 50% bots :D

Wish it started earlier for us plurks in Europe.
Level 42 in 2 hours? HTF?
2 characters are 70+ atm :) (less than 5 hours)
Ten Thousand Ways To Die ...
Pangaearocks wrote:
gibsondar wrote:
I hope they continue to do so, not that im saying this to spite you. You must understand that its a free game and the majority of their revenue is coming from these 'lootboxes'. It's like saying "Yeah, please stop trying to make money, its bad practice and a stain on the gaming industry".

On previous accounts, GGG has shown a very healthy relationship with its community and its very likely they read these comments and take note of your concern, especially as a newcomer to the game. However, so long as they never push any pay to win shenanigans and continue to only promote things that dont have a direct impact on gameplay with a premium currency I don't mind. That said, yes the community is currently in a limbo in regard to what our understanding of the impacts related to Tencents recent acquiring of the majority stake in GGG and what it may hold for the future. Im optimistic, however there is a genuine concern for the future in 'unknown hands' so to speak.

So long as its only cosmetic, let them promote it as much as they want. It's the majority of the games income.

I would strongly suspect the main income comes from 'normal' microtransactions and supporter packs rather than the lootboxes. But who knows, maybe people's gambling habits are stronger than I think. I don't like those microtransactions either, but GGG are doing them in the 'right' manner by not making the game pay-to-win, so as long as they are cosmetic and not enabling higher DPS or whatever, that aspect is fine by me. I'd prefer if the game had another income model, so we paid for it like normal games and that was that, and didn't have all this microtranscations and lootboxes stuff thrown into the mix (nor the hourly "please buy this" messages in-game).

The lootboxes is the much bigger issue, and like I said I honestly wish they didn't stoop to that level, and let the truly horrible gaming companies in the industry try to take advantage of people's gambling problems via it instead. I'm used to EA and suchlike acting like utter cunts, so I just ignore everything they put out.

As for my original question further up, I suppose the answer is obvious and we start out completely naked, and no currency or gear can be transferred? It seems so from what I have picked up between the lines in other posts.

Jesus Christ stfu with your lootbox crying. You don't fuckin know EA, other than a company that has some lootboxes in some of their games, most other game companies do this. It's a model to make money, no company can survive without making money, something you'll probably learn later on in your life. You don't fuckin know where the "main income" comes from, assume all you want. [Removed by Support]
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