Incursion Flashback Event

Hi, quick question, i saw this:
"The following prizes are available to players who meet specific level thresholds. These prizes are shared with the Incursion Flashback HC Event, Incursion Flashback SSF Event, Incursion Flashback SSF HC Event and Xbox One versions of these events. The winners will be chosen through random-draw"

Does this mean that if i'm playing regular softcore i won't be eligable for the draw? Or you just missed the softcore here in this paragraph? :)
The most abrupt that from a box I have received a thing which I already have for the 35th level


Just got automation herald effect from the chest! THX GGG
are demis per base class (shadow, witch etc.) or ascendency classes (sab, assasin, trickster)?
merp merp
I already open Apocalypse Mystery Box and get Automaton Lightning Wrap, but I can see in my Microtransaction or Cosmetic. Who can help me? :(
Registration open?? What does that mean? I thought everybody who plays the game can have a chance at the prizes.. now I find out you need to somehow register to the event via forums? wtf???
Estimate 4000 people participating in the lv95 rewards.

750 /4000 for the outfit draw :/...

This would be rough
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This is my first league event. How long does it usually take to get rewards if we win them? Just curious
I'm an idiot. I deleted my characters. I guess no rewards for me.

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