[3.5] Llamasaur's Aurabot - 10 Auras 2 Curses - Budget/Beginner Friendly & League Starter

Hi and welcome to my aurabot guide! This is my first ever guide so your feedback is welcome.
If you have any questions, please post them in this thread so everyone can see.

If you want to support me, you can follow me here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheLlamasaur
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/llamasaur

Path of Building link for my character: https://pastebin.com/TmC8NzSc

Build Explanation

This build is an aurabot. It is purely a support character and not designed to do damage in any way. This particular build was created with the idea to support one person, not multiple people (although it can be done).

This build is also designed to be as "lazy" as possible. There's no need to be casting Ball Lightning to curse things, or micro-managing Coruscating Elixir's to prevent yourself from dying. All you need to do is press Vigilant Strike every 30 seconds and press your Vaal skills as you need them.

Pros and Cons


+ Extremely tanky
8000+ Energy Shield
80%+ elemental resistances
30+ seconds of Fortify for your group
70%+ physical damage reduction

+ Very fast movement speed

+ Doesn't require 5/6 link

+ Can do every map mod

+ Budget friendly & great league starter

- Can get expensive if you want to min/max
Some items can be expensive at the start of the league, but they're not build enabling, so you can make do without them until you can afford them.

- Can't do any content solo
Cant kill mobs if you cant do damage.

/ Playstyle - This build has a very unique play style. You need to be keeping up with your group, managing your flasks, using your vaal skills appropriately, keeping up fortify, and picking up loot. It's a lot to do and can either be a pro or a con for different people.


As an aurabot, your main job is to provide auras to your group. This means you need to be as close to them as possible at all times. With 20% quality auras, you have about one screen size (1920x1080) area of effect, which isn't very much at all. Basically, if you can't see your friend on the screen, they're not getting any of your auras.

Flask management:
Managing your flasks is important, especially your soul catcher. This flask basically means you only need to to fill up 75% of your souls to use a skill, and it will come off cooldown 40% faster. This allows you to have very high up-time on your vaal skills.

Vaal skill management:
Initially it will take time for you to build up souls on your vaal skills. I recommend not using any until they're all ready, just in-case you need one of them.
Vaal Discipline: This is your personal heal, your "oh shit" button, your "life flask". Whenever you take damage, use this to heal yourself.
Vaal Grace: A great defensive skill. It allows you to survive through tough situations. Great against map bosses, or when opening strongboxes, or when fighting beyond bosses etc.
Vaal Haste: Helps with clear speed. This is one I try to have active 100% of the time.

Vigilant Strike:
Whenever you get an opportunity, dive into a pack of monsters and use vigilant strike on any monster that you can to apply fortify to your team.



Helmet - Alpha's Howl

Weapon - Ephemeral Edge

Shield - Prism Guardian Archon Kite Shield

Body Armour - Shavronne's Wrappings

Solaris Lorica - A very cheap and good league starter option before you get a Shavronne's Wrappings. Mandatory for the "chaos damage does not bypass energy shield"

Gloves - Rare Gloves

The main stats you're looking for are high energy shield and cold/fire/lightning damage to attacks. Make sure the elemental you choose doesn't conflict with Elemental Equilibrium.
Secondary stats would be high intelligence for a little bit more energy shield.

Boots - Sin Trek

Belt - Bated Breath

Rings - Lori's Lantern / The Pariah

If you can't afford a Pariah, get a rare unset ring with high ES. Try look for high Int as well for a little extra ES.

Amulet - Presence of Chayula

Use an Eye of Chayula until you can upgrade to Presence of Chayula.


Go with Experimenters flasks, or alchemists if you want your quicksilver to be faster but less duration

Flask of Staunching
Anti-bleed flask is a must have on every build. It will kill you extremely fast if you're caught off-guard without it active.

Flask of Dousing
Being ignited stops your energy shield from regenerating.

Flask of Warding
Temporal chains maps feel horrible, vulnerability and elemental weakness will get you killed quickly. Use a warding flask to stop curses from applied to you.

Soul Catcher Quartz Flask
This flask is insane. Try and get a 40% reduced soul gain prevention duration one.


Note: you need at least 2 jewels with 1% reduced mana reserved to use all auras and curses.

The Vigil - 1% reduced mana reserved corruption
Mandatory for fortifying your friends. If they already use fortify, you can spend these 2 skill points somewhere else.

Wachers Eye
-10 Mana Cost is a MUST if you want to flame dash for free.
Otherwise, -8 Mana Cost is a MUST for free shield charge.
If you're rich enough, I'd recommend going for either of these as a secondary stat:
% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline
% of Maximum Energy Shield Regenerated per Second while affected by Discipline

Conqueror's Potency - 1% reduced mana reserved corruption

Conqueror's Efficiency - 1% reduced mana reserved corruption

Where to put The Vigil

Gem Setup

Purity of Ice - Purity of Fire - Purity of Lightning - Enlighten (4)
Purities in the helmet for the +2 to socketed gems. This will give you an extra +1% to maximum elemental resistances if the gems are level 21.

Vigilant Strike - Faster Attacks - Shield Charge
If your friend is already using fortify, you can socket the Fortify Support gem in here instead of Vigilant Srike to give yourself fortify when you Shield Charge. If you do this, you NEED a -10 watchers eye.
*Make sure you activate 'attack without moving' for shield charge.

I highly recommend a 3 link setup if NOT using Flame Dash, and a 2 link setup if you ARE using Flame Dash.

Clarity Level 1. This is to make use of our Watcher's Eye jewel and makes Shield Charge free. Make sure it's level 1 only.

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration.

If you want, you can swap out Increased Duration for a Stone Golem

Flame Dash Level 1. Put it in here if you're doing maps that require you jump over many obstacles. Make sure it's level 1 only.
*Make sure to activate 'attack without moving' for Flame Dash.

Vaal Haste - Vaal Discpline - Vaal Grace - Increased Duration
Note: Make sure you don't activate the base auras that these Vaal skills give. Instead, active the auras that are in your shield and ring.

Body Armour
Hated/Wrath/Anger - Generosity
Pick the two best auras that fit their build and give them the most damage.

Blasphemy - any 2 curses.
Use any curses you want. Two offensive if you need damage, two defensive if you need the survivability, or one if each for the perfect balance.
I recommened using 1 of each. For defensive I recommend Enfeeble, but Temporal Chains will also work. It's personal preference.
For the offensive curse, use one that caters to your friends build. If they're running a curse setup, don't pick the same curse.

Discipline - Discipline is a must. It gives you a LOT of energy shield.
Note: Make sure you activate this aura and not the Vaal one in your boots. A good way to tell is this aura will give slighty more energy shield.

Grace, Haste, Determination
Note: Make sure you active this Grace and Haste instead of the Vaal ones in your boots. A good way to tell is this will have a 'B' denoted on the aura icon.


Coming soon.

Skill Tree


Between the Necro and Guardian subclasses, this is the best option for offense and defence.

POB Links:
Level 90 skill tree

Level 100 skill tree

Ascendancy Priority:
1st - Normal Lab: 40 Int + Passive Point
2nd - Cruel Lab: Necromancer + 20 Str/Int
3rd - Merc Lab: Passive Point + Guardian
4th - Uber Lab: Passive Point + Path of the Witch

Bandits and Pantheons

Kill all bandits for 2 points.

Major Pantheon
Soul of Arakaali - Upgrade all the way.

Minor Pantheon
Soul of Shakari - Upgrade all the way.



Help! I can't activate all my auras!

Make sure you have Enlighten 4 and at least two 1% reduced mana reserved jewels. I recommend using 1 curse in the mean time.
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Nice! Now I just need to find a friend.
An incredibly well written and in depth guide on aura botting. Can't wait to try this out, thanks!
Nice build Lama :)
Looks very solid. Could, you, please, give a link to the skill tree (not the PoB version)
Thanks for awesome guide! Planning to play with my wander friend this league, could you please advise how to "start" league, leveling aspects in party etc.
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nice bild how play ples
Updated for 3.5
Great guide, do recommend.

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