[3.3] Trapper of Innocence - Budget 20C 4-Links only - T16/Shaper/Uber Atziri

Hi! Welcome to the guide. I've been told my written guides aren't the greatest, so I apologize in advance for the shitshow. This is my new trapper build! It costs ~20c (as of June 14th, 2018), and has completed all the end-game except uber elder with 4-links.

Build Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NkroaoQDaY

It's also quite tanky for a trapper.

EDIT: Martyr of Innocence seems to have gone up in price. It's temporary for sure, but in the interim I just downed chimera and hydra deathless with this staff I got for 1C.

Turns out the new incursion mods make for some awesome staffs for cheap! It has only around 10% less damage than martyr, but I was more worried about the lack of block chance. But it seems to work just fine :) Pick a similar staff up until Martyr's price settles a bit if you currently can't afford it.


The build makes use of the huge damage effectiveness of Fire Trap as of 3.3 with the huge flat added damage of the Martyr of Innocence. The staff single-handedly scales damage to end-game viable levels without the need for additional links past a 4-link.

It's also superbly tanky for a trapper letting you facetank shaper and most guardian attacks. We use stacking defenses that add up to a solid overall defense. We also use the Mind over Matter (MoM) and Eldritch Battery (EB) keystones along with Tinkerskin for some great synergy. I'll explain how that all works in the defenses section.


- Hugely scaleable since it clears end-game on a 4-link
- Great damage for cheap
- Quite tanky for a trapper
- Clears nicely using either arc or fire traps (arc is better for clear)
- Gearing is easy as fuck. Don't need to worry about adding damage on gear, just life+res, martyr will carry you all the way through the end-game.

- No Chin Sol
- Doesn't clear as fast as many quick melee builds
- Losing all your ES will result in a short downtime on attacking.
- No Chin Sol

DPS/Defenses/MoM-EB Explanation

It does the damages. ~50k flasked shaper dps per Fire Trap with a 4-link. Each throw of 4 results in 200k average. On top of that we have Flamethrower trap and Lightning spire, each one of those traps deals on average 200k flasked shaper dps. Going up to a 6-l will essentially triple your already end-game viable dps. Shaper and Uber Atziri being downed should give you a pretty damn good idea of how potent this is.

Arc's DPS is significantly less than fire trap (I use arc in a weapon-swap Martyr). But it adds huge defensiveness for aoe clear as it will catch all stragglers. Definitely don't use it for any real single-target on this build though.

We stack defenses on this build. All of them added together make for an extremely tanky trapper.
- 4.8k Life 1.3k ES + MoM + EB = 6K effective life pool
- 20% Evade
- 46% Block
- Enemies Blinded (halved hit chance)
- 10% Reduced damage taken from blinded enemies
- 13% reduced physical and fire damage from hits (arctic armour)
- Huge life regen (up to 20%)
- Shock/Ignite Immune
- 100 life, 50 es per trap (EVERY trap since no chain reaction. 4 per throw).

Yeah it's a lot of stacking shit. It all works very well together.

Mind over Matter - Eldritch Battery - Tinkerskin Explanation:
Eldritch Battery lets us spend Energy Shield instead of Mana. Tinkerskin makes every single trap that gets triggered give back 50 energy shield. One trap throw costs 35 mana. So one throw of fire trap (which throws 4 with cluster traps) gives back 200 ES more than covering the cost of the skill. This lets us reserve 100% of our mana using auras without worry.

Next up, we use Mind over Matter. Mind over Matter redirects 30% of damage to life to mana instead. Normally this would be stupid since we have reserved 100% of our mana and have none left but since we are using Eldritch Battery, we spend energy shield instead of mana. That means the 30% will hit our energy shield instead. Effectively increasing our overall lifepool by however much ES we have.


Q: Why no Chin Sol
A: I am trying to break my addiction

Q: Why use lightning spire trap instead of another link for flamethrower?
A: I enjoy having two charge based traps more. For clearing things like strongboxes/abysses/breaches, having both is a huge quality of life boost.

Q: Is this better than your chin sol trapper?
A: You will never get me to admit that.

Q: Why Increased Crit on Flamethrower + Lightning spire?
A: They have charges. If a charge doesn't crit, the whole trap doesn't crit and you get one less charge. Path of Building does not take this into account. Go with increased crit.

Path of Building

4-Link: https://pastebin.com/Ax65HtKx
6-Link (same gear): https://pastebin.com/NeysNMff

Leveling/Leveling trees

Leveling a trapper is a goddamn joke as of 3.3. Just throw on whatever life+res gear you can, start with explosive, get Fire trap at level 12 and Flamethrower + Lightning Spire at level 28. Put them in the 4-links and you literally don't have to change anything for them again.

Use herald + anger until you get Tinkerskin. Then throw on Arctic Armour too and spec into EB and MoM (3 skill points).

Lvl 20 tree: http://poeurl.com/bYBm
Lvl 40 tree: http://poeurl.com/bYBl
Lvl 68 tree (tinkerskin switch): http://poeurl.com/bYBk
Lvl 85 tree: http://poeurl.com/bYBj
Lvl 100 tree: http://poeurl.com/bYBi



Mandatory. Carries your damage to end-game levels by itself. Incredible item, and only 1C.

Mandatory. Allows you to use 100% of your mana for auras and along with MoM provides a bunch of effective HP. The 100 life + 50 es regen per trap is incredible.

Optional - Quality of Life. Occasionally if you take some big hits, you will run out of ES. This means you can't throw any traps until recharge begins. It doesn't happen often but it's fucking awful when it does. This item circumvents that problem entirely. Put it in the right socket near the shadow for some solid ES regen. I did shaper+guardians without this, so not mandatory.

Literally anything with some hybrid life+es. Just spend 1c on each item. Nothing fancy needed.
Here's my shit (The amulet I found, but you don't need crit multi it's not gonna remove that much damage):

Life-quicksilver-diamond-atziri-wise oak. That's in order of importance.

Ascendancy/Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Saboteur
Order: Pyromaniac -> Born in the Shadows -> Explosives Expert -> Perfect Crime

With the huge amount of trap aoe trigger radius we get, we no longer need chain reaction for anything. Instead we get more defensive options like Born in the Shadows or Pyromaniac. The added benefit is that every trap you throw will give you the full 100 life and 50 es from tinkerskin. It's dope.

Tree (lvl 91): http://poeurl.com/bYBn


Bandits: Kill them all or Alira. I always kill them all. 2 points 2 OP.

Pantheon: Brine King is mandatory. Minor god is whatever the fuck you want.

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I'm gonna reroll my LA char into this, thanks!
do you have other builds as well? im surprise this is not catching any attention
Great to see another video from you my man, and even better to see someone using a really underutilized item in Martyr of Innocence. I always knew that item would have some use sometime, and it seems the insane damage effectiveness of Fire Trap is finally what made it good.

Great video, great inventive build, really good stuff.
Great one, happy to see more viable trap builds.
Ishamz wrote:
I'm gonna reroll my LA char into this, thanks!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Angelorush wrote:
do you have other builds as well? im surprise this is not catching any attention

I do! I made the Trapnel Shot trapper back in 3.0 (still viable today) and a 15c end-game viable BF Marauder/Gladiator

Xanthochroid wrote:
Great to see another video from you my man, and even better to see someone using a really underutilized item in Martyr of Innocence. I always knew that item would have some use sometime, and it seems the insane damage effectiveness of Fire Trap is finally what made it good.

Great video, great inventive build, really good stuff.

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. It unfortunately looks like martyr of innocence took to the sky in price. If the price doesn't stabilize soon I'll try to find an alternative weapon.

kutreels wrote:
Great one, happy to see more viable trap builds.

Thank you for the kind words!
Nifty, Don't know why I didn't think of Martyr of innocence, I'm running a fire trap build, using a staff and trying to get flat damage, and I really like the weapon. Just forgot about it!

I was going for +2 fire gem staves, but the flat damage does give a lot more with the damage effectiveness. I probably won't switch now as it's too much of a switch round, I'm specced for dodge etc.

Hi! I really liked the format of your video - a nice presentation of what the build can do.
That being said, I hope you add a section of items/links one might strive towards once you have enough currency to upgrade (high budget version)
- is it hc viable?
Does MOM actually do anything since you effectively have no mana?
+1 for the chin sol comment :D (Doing a chinsol trapper this league)

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