3.3.0b Hotfix 1

Is there any way we can help debugging by sending/uploading the dmps somewhere or is there an automated process that collects them?
Pretty disappointed you guys decided to fix the trio bug instead of just changing the challenge. Now you have a lot of people who got a free easy challenge, and the rest of us now have a difficult challenge :(

I completely agree. This encourages exploitative behaviour. If this is really how GGG deal with their mistakes, I am not sure I want to invest any more time or money into this game.
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Killermaggot wrote:
.... nice hotfix. Game started crashing about every 10-15 minutes since the hotfix was deployed.

Oh and just to clarify: I have never EVER had any problems with game stability up to this point. Game crashes rarely ever happened (maybe once a day on a hefty session but usually only every other day). I have not done any changes whatsoever to my system be it hardware or software. All I have been doing when using this PC is literally just turn it on and start PoE.

...ok so after a lot of frustration I found a solution to the problem (at least for me):

Somehow one of the recent patches seems to have affected Engine Multithreading. I turned it off and did not crash once since then. Performance is quite a bit worse now but at least the game is not crashing a bazillion times a day anymore. Hope this helps some of you with the same problems.
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Well, I guess PoE players have to live in a world where this is considered an unfair advantage:

Glue a popsicle stick to your keyboard to pop three flasks with one finger instead of having to use three fingers.

This is not:

Invest three Sacrifice sets (10 chaos) and win easy boss fights instead of investing three Mortal sets (220 chaos) and winning difficult boss fights to complete an endgame challenge.

Why? Just because the developers cannot admit they made a mistake and just change the challenge to even the odds for all players.

Goodbye. Well, this is still the best game I've ever played. I won't stop because of this. But please fix it anyway :-)
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