3.3.0b Hotfix 1

Completed 13 Challengesleeber wrote:
Still no Poets Pen Vaal skill fix? Any ETA?

Fix Poets Pen Vaal Power Siphon please!!!
Still experiencing client crashes. Within 10 mins of the hotfix.
"Il n'y a pas de soleil sans ombre"
Thanks <3
Completed 20 ChallengesEunomic wrote:
Buffer Underflow Crashes within one minute of play for ~ 5 crashes in 5 minutes, then it seems to have stopped.

Same issue. Although not having other crash issue anymore O_O
Thanks, keep up the great work!
Completed 26 Challengesbarcha wrote:
Alva no longer spawning in my maps after this hotfix

Once you go 11 levels over a zone she doesn't spawn again in that zone. (i.e area level 4 Mudflats requires your character to be 2-14 for her to spawn. Once you ding 15 she no longer spawns). GGG likely did this in order to prevent overgeared players from easily obtaining the rooms/links in lower level zones with top tier gear. The downside is that this is why the Act 1 is always flooded with new characters.
Qarl wrote:

[li]Fixed a bug where leaving the Brine King boss room could sometimes place the player in an Incursion.[/li]

Would love to see the face of the player when that happens

A fix regarding Leap Slam crashing the client when you leap over unpassable terrain would be great too.
Thx for Legacy Armour set fix.

Any idea when Ice tiger pet get its translucent effect back?
Still crashing...


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