Straight port on Incursion/Temple doesnt work tbh

So not in...

[01:19] Jeff_: @pbfloyd2112 Jonathan did look into this and tried an implementation leading up to 3.3.0, but it proved to not work and is 10x more complex then he originally thought. Unfortunately his time had to be spent with important incursion implementation. It's high priority and will be done as soon as he can, I'm very sorry for this and am following up on it daily.

[01:25] Jeff_: -You can now press Y to select "Purchase Items" when interacting with an NPC.

-Added a textbox filter to vendor windows.

-You can now accept trade offers instantly on the Trade Board by pressing A + Y simultaneously.

-You can now press Y to "Seek Prophecy" from Navali.


D-Pad Navigation coming back soon too, likely in the patch after this one.(edited)

and patch coming:

[06:53] Jeff_: @everyone Patch will be released tomorrow evening at 7:00pm Eastern. Full patch notes will be posted roughly 1 hour before.(edited)

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