3.2.4b Patch Notes

Speaking of bugs, I still can't control click items into and out of guild stash, and I have a totally empty "remove only" map tab that will not go away.
If you like anything I've said in a passionate tone or via a wall of text, please find me in game. I could use some like minded people on my friend list, if not in my guild. Thanks. Edit: I turned off reply notifications. My sanity demands it.
OMG Thank you I was getting stuck on sin in act 9 so much.
~Play On~
There is still an issue with remaining remove-only map stash tabs

its been months now.

any updates on this one? my OCD is going bonkers..
Stay awhile... and listen.
Nice, it was kinda hard getting around Sin in Act 9 Lmao :)
Thanks, was getting annoying.
Archives, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2206812
good, was indeed strange
Ah... that explains all the tapdancing my Char was doing in town
I love POE thiiiiiiiiss much (see avatar picture)
R.I.P Moonwalking [*]
So I can walk past sin now?

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