Announcing Path of Exile: Incursion


If this is just a league - I am giving 3 of 10. If this is the core game now - I am giving 8 of 10.

( 10 of 10 is really hard to achieve on my scale.. )

So.. please start looking into the core game, else I can predict overburdening soon on the "leagues" topic.
Just one very disappointed PoE fan.
CI casters made PoE to the top, and GGG decided to kill them.
Best decision ever ( if you are retarded or something ) !
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Looks freaking awesome!!

Can we have it now, please?

Looks like a great job GGG team and wonderful to hear from Chris.
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My beloved pets....

Let's see if is not too much effort for nothing again .... like the stupid beasts.
Okay, THIS is more like it.

Time to dust off the ol' DeLorean.
Carry on my waypoint son, there'll be peace when maps are done.
Lay your portal gem to rest, don't you die no more.

'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this league.
Try to make maps meet, you're a slave to the meta, then you leave.
So does this also reset on each ,,reallife (nice meme props to myself) day" like the labyrinth?
awesome ,no more stupid mechanics like capture yay !
Was wondering if any new lab-like content would be added (by lab-like I mean random dungeon which is accessible early but scales into late game). This answers that question pretty nicely, and it's a neat concept with building your very own dungeon.

I just hope you toned down the RNG fuckery a bit.

Also I'd love to get a pack this time around too, but gosh both of the sets are kinda ugly tbh.
Great Announcement !!!!

New content and league are looking brilliant.
Thx GGG for your great work

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