3.2.4 Patch Notes

While I really like your MTX's, it would be nice to see some armor sets that actually look like they were made for casters. Give me a mage or wizard set any day.
Testing badges why not

still seeing only 7 badges, same as titles before.... where are the rest?
Last edited by BigBadWolf1776 on May 10, 2018, 5:07:53 PM
Well then
Yay, interrupting my limited play time for microtransactions.
Abyss badges are bugged. You cannot display both Abyssal Lich & Abyssal Imp badges at the same time, like you can with the Bestiary badges (Harpy & Manticore).
yay finaly the badgess
This is an insane league announcement!!!

Where are the supporter pack showcase videos? i wanna buy emm!
this sucks
wake me up when there are badges for temp league challenge completion

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