[3.4] √ SeaBaller, Totem Arc Hierophant, Mind over Matter

Hey Dude,

nice guide in here!

I ran atm a similar build.

Im looking for similar buildes or Guides without the Soulmantle.

COuld you maybe crosscheck my Tree and give me some suggestions? Atm I can run pretty all maps but im still very squishy and in t12+ im very stressed because that :D

I know that my Armour and Helm are not the best and I will try to trade something new soon.

Could you tell me if the Enchant on Helm has to be Arc chains an additional time or is Increased Arc damage also sufficient at first?

I think my main Problem is my ES gear.. I really have to exchange them to have more sustainability.

Would be nice if you have some suggestions for me :)

Passive tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAUCAAOaBAcEUQSzBUIHHg5ID8QQURBYEQ8RLRGWFkAYXRo4HYMfAiBuJy8qEysmLJwtHzBbMPgy0TbFOhY62Dt8QZZFR0WdRtdJT0lRSp9Ms06uUDBTUlXGVylYbVnzWitd8l5dXypkM2aeZ3FoWmpDa9txhXIPdhF8g36vf8aCm4Pbg_OEg4UyhX2Ggom8i4yNGY_6kFWVIJUuly2a4KDmogCio6Pyp5Ssl63xrhKus67_sTa4yrmTvKq86sBmwfPDCcMT0B_Q9dH91abZX9te3YzgEuZ96-Tr7uv17yHv6_DV8h353Q==?accountName=Timorion&characterName=ArcGames

Thank you in advance and I can highly recommend this build :)
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helm with 40% Arc Damage is pretty equal to 1 more chain, in terms of DPS, but 1 more chain is a bit better, also you can find some 40% minion damage helmet, because of your tree,

but what you need is also level up and take more life and mana nodes on the tree, the optimal ratio of Life:Mana is 1,5:1 for this build, because of 60:40 ratio of MoM.

also you can consider Mindspiral or Memory Vault, for mana.

Run a basalt flask with reduced charge is very important too, and anti bleed/freeze/curse... some Jewels with Life and other stats.

Also i would to add Elemental Focus as Support, for DPS.

See you.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the guide. I'm having a ton of fun at the moment. I am level 40, just started act 5, and all the mobs are dying with 1 shot from 1 totem (I can deploy 3 max). Syndicate battles are very easy, I deploy 3 totems and cast Vaal Summon Skeletons with my Chaos Golem (both supported by speed and damage gems), then literally just stand there and watch everything melt in about 5 seconds. Dominus took about 15 seconds to kill including when he changes form, Malachi took about the same, didn't take any damage on either. I haven't died, yet.

Anyways, wish I had some constructive feedback, but just wanted to say it's a lot of fun so far. Thank you!
Thanks for the feedback,

also with top equip you can farm Uber Elder, like I did it in 3.4.

But in 3.5 we lost one Totem, that is a significative nerf.

Anyway enjoy, I enojeyd a lot too. ;)
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