[3.2] √ SeaBaller, Totem Arc Hierophant, Mind over Matter


Well, after about 1 month playing this build, from lvl 40 to 95, and almost completed all the Atlas.
I can post my build.

It's a build with fast clear speed, can be played SSF, not hardcore for higher content.



Damage on the tree variations:

- Heart of Thunder (6 pts > 73% dmg, 3% pen, 10 int)
- Shamanistic Fury (4 pts > 58% dmg, 15% placement, 10 str)
- Dark Arts (5 or 6 pts > 20% cast, 20 dxt, 20 int)
- Mental Rapidity (3 pts > 12% cast, 20% mana rate)

Life and mana regen nodes:

- Changing Templar Start (in three points we have 30% dmg or 1,2% life reg, 45% mana rate)
- Combat Stamina (3 pt > -1,8% life reg, 20% armour, 5% life)


Kill All Bandits (my option) or Kill Alira (20% crit multi, 15% res) or Kill Kraityn (6% cast, 6% mov)


Culling Strike, more Protection from Spells, self cast Golem


Brine King (stun Recovery, reduced freeze, chill and stun), Ralakesh (reduced bleeding, physical dmg over time) or Tukohama (life regen, reduced physycal damage taken)


Totem Arc Single Target DPS ~ 300K (considering 40% res boss, 4 totems, buffs up)

Tooltip DPS 71600 (buffs up)
Lightning Penetration 46%
Casts per Second 2,8 (buffs up)
Chance to Critical Strike 43,2% (buffs up)
Crit Multiplier 441% (buffs up)



Enchant on Boots grant 2% life and Mana Regen, if you were hit


Total Life 5160
Free Mana 3420 (3810 Total)

Tooltip Armour 2700 (18%)
Tooltip Evasion 2970 (22%)

Fire Resistance 75% (80%)
Cold Resistance 75% (80%)
Light Resistance 75% (87%)
Chaos Resistance 3%

Life Regeneration per sec 410 (4 Totems up)
Mana Regeneration per sec 700 (4 Totems up + Arcane Surge)

Chance to Block Attacks 15%
Chance to Block Spells 20%
Stun Recovery 30%

Movement Speed 51%



At the moment I do all the content, but still I trying to kill Elder at tier 15, without die!
I didn't play for 2 years, so i can miss something...

I tryed some other helms, but still I prefer Devoto's for Lightning Damage Enchantment and Movement Speed. I tryed the Indigon Helmet, but mana and regen are not enough.

Assasin Mark on hit is very cool also, but I preferred the Essence Worm Ring, in combination with Watcher's Eye.

Lightning Coil is hard to color with 5 blue, still I think it worth it.

Another thing is playing a second spell like Lightning Tendrils, it's cool with Gloves that give Faster Casting or Critical Multiplier for example, to make a second spell 5L or 6L.

Also thought about some variants with 3 Totems, trying to max the single target DPS, but I didn't try. As you know, Arc has not much single target DPS.

I will update soon, maybe after Shaper or Elder T15.

And waiting for the new upcoming changes on Arc Gem.

Now testing the Shimmerons.

Edit 21.05.18: some updates
IGN: SeaLaser
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Progress History:

- Elder T15: almost done. Vaal Haste doesn't work on Elder fight.

- Labirinth: I did Rank 86, for curiosity I finished it in less than 11 mins, without racing.

- Added 2% life and mana regen enchant. With Enduring, 5 Totems, Surge, Stone Golem. I have more than 1k life and mana regeneration.

- Fail with the Shaper. Survivability is good, but I feel damage is not enought for Elder and Shaper.
I should to try double Diamond Flask and put some more damage on the tree.

- Switched to Lightning Golem and small changes on the tree to add some damage (about 9%).

- Changed second equipment setup, added Culling Strike.

- Elder T12 done: waiting for his spown at T15...

- Thinking about remove some regen, life and mana, and add more damage, as explained in the build before.

- I tryed to remove some life, mana, regen and I gained the equivalent of 120% spell dmg, with templar nodes, and Heart of Thunder, gaining like 21% more damage. More damage, less life.

- I tryed two Shimmerons, DPS rises of about 30% against my 2 rare daggers and 15% against my 2 rare wands. The downsides are, changing whirling Blades to Lightning Warp, that actives the lightning damages to hiself when crit. So, after a crit Warp, have to swap on 2nd equipment. That can be bad for gameplay, basically you should not to use movement skills.

- Waiting for changes about Arc Gem.

EDIT: 20.05.18
IGN: SeaLaser
Sea Builds, Characters, Shops, Links & Records:
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