Demigod's Rewards for Ascendancy Classes in Flashback

Yesterday we announced the upcoming Flashback Event that begins in early May. The prizes include microtransactions, mystery boxes and Demigod's Dominances for the top ranked players. Based on community feedback, we're planning to change how the Demigod's Dominances are rewarded so that each Ascendancy Class will have its own Demigod's prizes up for grabs!

On the PC versions of the event, our new plan is to award an Alternate Art Demigod's Dominance to the top 3 players of each Ascendancy Class. Ranks 4-10 will receive a regular Demigod's Dominance. Each version of the event (Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF, Hardcore SSF) will have their own Demigod's Dominance prize pool.

The Xbox One users will also be getting their own Demigod's for each of their versions of the event. The only difference is that we have a smaller community on Xbox One and giving out 10 Demigod's per event version is likely to be too many. The top 2 of each Ascendancy Class will receive an Alternate Art Demigod's Dominance and ranks 3-5 will receive a regular Demigod's Dominance.

This also means that Ascendancy respecs will be disabled for the event. We are also changing the start date to 9am Saturday May 5th (NZT).
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Thank you :)
we did it reddit
GGG : enable revert to mayhem/turmoil demis allocation. And then... Double it.
Bullshit. Alt arts should be earned not handed for participation....
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gj tarke

Not like I care, but it's a good thing for the racers.

edit: also hi mom I got first page
13 auras, 2 curses (both supported w/ a Lv3 Enhance), 103k armour, LL Shavs (No Chayula Amulet), 7.3k ES
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Completed 38 ChallengesTheTzn wrote:
Bullshit. Alt arts should be earned not handed for participation....

What? People racing with less popular ascendancies are still racing. Like, pretty hard :P

It'd suck a lot to see many aurabots and (mainly) Rangers grabbing the top spots.

You're really sounding like an elitist (probably because you and your group are pretty much unbeatable when it comes to racing efficiency/playtime?), lol.

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