We're excited to announce that we will be running a competitive Flashback Event from 9am Saturday May 5th (NZT) until 10am Tuesday May 29th (NZT). It will run in parallel to the Bestiary League which will also be enabled on the event so that you can continue your challenge progression there. The event will include rotating mods from 11 popular past Path of Exile leagues. There are microtransactions, Mystery Boxes, Demigod's Dominances and bragging rights up for grabs!

Event Details

The Flashback Event will have three random mods from popular past leagues activated at once. The collection of mods will persist in that area for one hour and the collection of mods will vary from area to area. After an hour has passed the mods will randomize for each area again. Each area will also have the Bestiary league enabled which means that you can continue to finish your challenges while you compete in the Flashback Event.

The possible league mods that you could see in an instance alongside Bestiary are Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Perandus, Beyond, Nemesis, Bloodlines, Abyss and Harbinger.

As an example, the Dried Lake could have Bestiary, Breach, Beyond and Harbinger active for one hour and will then randomise to another assortment like Bestiary, Ambush, Perandus, Invasion and then again to Bestiary, Ambush, Beyond, Torment and so on.

Flashback mods will be disabled for some areas that aren't suitable to containing multiple of them. These areas include the Oba's Cursed Trove and Untainted Paradise unique maps. Other similar maps may be excluded also as we continue our testing for this event. Flashback will also be disabled in small side areas like Aspirant's Trial, Vaal areas and some Tora missions.

Event Variations

We will be running Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF and Hardcore SSF versions of the Flashback event on both PC and Xbox One! The prize pool will be shared among all versions of the event (more in-depth information in the Prizes section of this post below).


If you reach level 35 in the Flashback Event you will be instantly awarded a Sin and Innocence Mystery Box. This is only possible once per account. Leveling multiple characters to level 35 will not grant additional mystery boxes.

On the PC versions of the event, we will be awarding an Alternate Art Demigod's Dominance to the top 3 players of each Ascendancy Class. Ranks 4-10 will receive a regular Demigod's Dominance. Each version of the event (Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF, Hardcore SSF) will have their own Demigod's Dominance prize pool.

The Xbox One users will also be getting their own Demigod's for each of their versions of the event. The only difference is that we have a smaller community on Xbox One and giving out 10 Demigod's per event version is likely to be too many. The top 2 of each Ascendancy Class will receive an Alternate Art Demigod's Dominance and ranks 3-5 will receive a regular Demigod's Dominance.

We will also be awarding the prizes below based on your character level at the end of the event. For example, if you reach level 85 with one character you would be in the draw to win any of the prizes from the level 45-85 range. You can win more than one prize per account.

Event Questions and Answers

We will add more questions and answers here as they pop up.

Can I respec my Ascendancy Class?
No, Ascendancy Class respecs will be disabled.

If I delete my character, will I still get a prize?
No. Please do not delete your characters until after the prizes have been awarded.

Will I still be eligible for prizes if my character dies?

If I level multiple characters will I have a greater chance of winning a prize?
Yes, every character you level will be independently in the pool for the prize-draw at the end of the event. This excludes mystery boxes where you will only be able to receive one per account.

Will my menagerie be shared between the Bestiary League and Flashback Event?
No, they are separate.

Will the event be voided?
No, at the end of the event your characters and items will be migrated to their parent league. For example, if you're playing the Standard Flashback Event your characters and items will migrate to the Standard League at the end of the event.

When will I receive a prize?
We will be awarding Mystery Boxes automatically when you reach level 35 in the event. The other microtransactions and Demigod's Dominances will be awarded at the end of the event. You'll receive a PM on the website to notify you when this has happened. Note that outside of the Mystery Boxes and Demigod's Dominances that prizes are drawn randomly and are not necessarily guaranteed. We'll post on our Twitter to confirm when the final prizes have gone out.

Will league unique items drop in instances with those leagues active?
No, it's not possible to get past league unique items this way.

Will you be running Standard SSF this time?
Yes, we're happy to confirm that this will be possible this time!

Can you disable the Templar Laboratory for the event?
We're still testing our solution for this but it looks likely that it won't be possible to create a new instance of the Templar Laboratory if one already exists. Additionally, it's also unlikely to be possible to open maps from the map device in Chamber of Sins.

Can you migrate from Standard SSF Flashback to Standard Flashback?
Yes, this is possible. (The sample applies to Hardcore SSF Flashback to Hardcore Flashback).

How many of each mod will appear in an area?
Each area will have Bestiary + three other random mods. Of the random mods you will be able to get:

  • 2 x additional Rogue Exiles
  • 2 x additional Invasion Bosses
  • 1 x additional Breach
  • 2 x additional Strongboxes
  • 3 x Tormented Spirits
  • 2 x additional Perandus Chests and a 33% chance to spawn Cadiro
  • Beyond
  • 3 x additional Rare Monster Packs with Nemesis Mods
  • 3 x additional Magic Monster Packs with Bloodlines
  • 1 additional Abyss
  • 2 x additional Harbingers

To finish the "Complete Your Bestiary" Challenge, will I need to repopulate my Bestiary?

Can I open more instances of the Templar Laboratory if I'm in a party?
The solution we're working on effectively permits one instance per character. This means that theoretically you can get a pool of open instances by partying with others.

Best of luck to everyone who is participating! If you're unable to play, be sure to check out the action live on Twitch!
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