May Flashback Event!

i was playing in the bestiary hc until i died last night...
this is my first flashback event and it is so much harder!
this is incredible, all this "new featuares" should be add to the game!
it's harder but i'm amazed *-*
so hyped for the new league to come!
Can you get a box for each event? Or just 1 box total?
If I delete my characters on flashback, can I still get the rewards? I leveled up to 85 BTW.
When is the draw? Race is closed now right?
Wasn't the race supposed to end tomorrow? Usually I'm NZT +7, and my race has ended 24 hours earlier than expected...

Also, when are the prizes gonna be drawn?

Awesome race by the way, never had so much fun playing this game!
Probably I will win nothing but still it was great event.

Also, when are the prizes gonna be drawn?

Yeah, I'm wondering too.
plz rng gods can i have a prized
can we get a time when the draw is for the prizes. I would like to clean up characters. And by cleaning i mean deleting.
Up - do u know, when they will give away the prices?
Don`t forget RL.

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