Should I Buy Grim Dawn or Wolcen?

Looking to buy a game tonight.

Which should I buy? I like lots of build options and lots of loot. Is the constellation system in Grim Dawn good? Does Grim Dawn have an end game? Does Wolcen?

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Also open to Rogue-Like/Rogue-Lites.

Dead Cells looked pretty good but I haven't pulled the trigger cuz I don't have a controller and I don't plan on buying a controller either. With Rogue-Likes also looking for loot and options!
4/13/2015 = The day so many of us got Rachel'd.

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Hurry up! one is $8 and the other is %15! No way I'm buying both.
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Grim dawn is really good and will get a 2nd expansion later this year.
Wolcen is still in alpha, but looks VERY promising.
The closest thing I know to a rogue-like would be FTL: Faster than light. Or the second game of the ones who made FTL, which is called Into the breach. Both are really good.
And ehen it comes to good, but cheap games, then there's always terraria.
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I would vote for GD just because it is finished.

Funny you bring this up. I just bought Wolcen since it's on sale. I hope it doesn't stay in EA forever. :(
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Wolcen is still very barebones so I'd go for GD.
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Grim Dawn's constellation system is largely just another passive tree, nothing too special. Good game though, fun stuff. There's most certainly an end-game; the Crucible mode gets ballshard and there's uber bosses 'n shit. I don't know much about said end-game though! Never got to it, because I'm not that kind of person (what the hell am I doing with PoE then? Couldn't tell you).

Dead Cells is bloody amazing, absolutely worth a shot. I'd set an alarm for ~100min of playtime: that way you can get a refund should the M/KB controls not work out for you. I do have a controller, and it really feels like a controller-game, hence the suggestion :)
It's still under construction, but the game is fully functional, and they're releasing frequent, large-scale updates to the game. For example, in the past four months or so, the stat system has been reworked twice and is miiiiles better than it used to be :) Plenty of fun and weird weapons imo, will take some time to collect everything, there's challenges you can attempt to make it harder (timed doors for example).. Heard they also implemented a straight-up difficulty setting recently, too?
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Grim Dawn is a full game and Wolcen isn't yet, so if you're looking for something to play lots right now Grim Dawn. I'm not bashing Wolcen in any sense, it's fun and promising, but it's still and alpha game.
grab grim dawn as its finished

personally I would wait for a steam sale however
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grab grim dawn as its finished

personally I would wait for a steam sale however

Grim Dawn is actually on sale right now for GOG until the 23rd.

The base game is currently 70% off with Crucible and Malmouth (the expansion) are currently 20% off. If one buys all three now with their discount in GOG, it would be pretty much buying the base game alone when it is not on sale, though all three discounted combined will cost a bit more. It is still much better bargain than buying all three together when they are back at full price.

BearCares, I definitely recommend getting Grim Dawn when it is still on sale in GOG. Not only is the base game finished, but the devs are still developing a 2nd expansion (will probably come out later this year) along with a free content update coming up in a couple of weeks. Grim Dawn is a great alternative to Path of Exile since the game is still growing as well......and plenty of theorycrafting in this game too.

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