[3.4] Ascendant Reave/Blade Flurry - Fast Mapping - Easy Bossing - Uber Elder viable.

I tried this build last league, but fell short due to burn out. However, for this league I am having a blast actually investing and making this char. I'm missing a few pieces of gear like 6L chest and taste of hate, but have no issues clearing maps/guardians with my current set up (tried uber elder last night, was able to get through the first phases but ended up having to call in a carry due to insane server issues...). My only concern is that my DPS is significantly lower compared to others that have posted their POB even after some tinkering with dmg configuration. Can anyone take a look and suggest what else I can add/change/do? Greatly appreciate it!

POB: (went with 2 passives instead of alira due to mistake)

My Gear:

Hey guys :)
I`m really liking this build so far, it took me to lvl 92 actually. Played a while in Bestiary and Incursion but lost my interest for those leagues pretty quickly. Delving on the other hand is fun =)

But at the moment i don't really know how to improve gearwise beside 6 linking my belly (bought 1 with perfect rolls and still trying to 6link it LOL).
I think im still not that experienced in PoE even if i spend a good amount of time playing it so any help is appreciated.

It's hard to give you any advice since you didn't link your current gear and your characters on your profile are private. If you want to link your gear you can click on your character's name in the upper left hand corner of the screen and click on your gear, once per piece, and it will link in in a forum post.
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Oh, I did not notice that ;)
Now my profile should be public, but i linked my gear pieces here aswell.

Anyone tried not using Kaom's Root for a Vaal Double Strike 4L? Maybe using Kaom's root only for Uber Elder? Then we can keep Reave + Vaal Double Strike for all other content

Also, why not use Loreweave instead of Belly of the Beast? Pretty much better in every way except life. Looking at Reave build on poeninja, most of the top builds seem to use Loreweave over BotB
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guys guys scino is better than other ascendansies?
Hello guys im kinda new to the game (played and tested some stuff in standard only)

I wanna start this build in delve now, but there is no guide for the skill tree..only full points..anybody knows the order to go? thanks in advance.

My take on this build. Made it after I sold my Poet's Pen VD Pathfinder (I got bored), and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. My goal was to make an end of league character to Delve as deeply as possible and kill Uber Elder for the first time (I tried but failed in Incursion, my first ever league). The perfect form with good rolls + Iron Reflexes (because Kaom's Roots makes any Eva we get from increases in Dex worthless already) provides respectable armour and a solid boost to accuracy, as well as a really nice defensive boost from Phase Acro. Combined with a Quartz Flask, a Basalt Flask, and a Green Nightmare enhanced by Might of the Meek, I'm able to go up to 60% phys dmg reduction, 23% chance to dodge attacks, and 54% chance to dodge spells.

A bit on the sword; got it early on for 15ex because I was sure I would struggle with Accuracy. However, now that I have Accuracy from so many sources as you can see above I could probably get away with replacing it with a foil-type sword. At this point that would be fairly cumbersome and I'm quite happy with my DPS (the Unnatural Instinct + Might of the Meek combo really is OP), so I won't be doing that.

A video of 2 T16s with a lot of stuff going on in them:

Thanks for reading and good luck Delving :).
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@Dalykas first of all awesome build, good stuff ! read through every post more or less in the thread and got inspired to try it myself, going to level a scion first thing in the morning :D

have some questions and wall of text incoming, but will try to get all the info I need from this post hopefully, and will try to make it as easy to answer as possible :S appreciate any and all feedback/help here!

1. am aware its maybe not the best leaguestarter or budget build, have right now about 20 ex to spend on the gear for the character,30-40 ex if I sell some stuff laying around if needed, would this be enough to get a good version of your build right now in the end of league? (I want a tankier version though, its fine if its slower, more about that below)

2. would like the character to be more or less a dedicated endgame bosskiller to have shaper+his guardians+uber elder on farm mode more or less,mapping and trashmob/raremob clearspeed and general movementspeed is not a priority for me, more interested in good damage but at same time tankyness,eHP, sustain and mitigation if possible, will be whirling/leapslamming anyway and im sure slayer+raider is best for this, but for what I am interested in im thinking slayer+jugg is better choice for me? and any other general tips and help you could give me if going for a more tanky version of your build? (any gear-changes/playstyle changes/good ways of sustain and charge generation, etc?)

for example it seems your current delve scion is slayer+jugg, maybe some reasons why could help explain and give me tips for what I have in mind above?

3. if lets say I would want to clear some maps now and then between bosskills with my tankier/slower version of your char, still recommend reave for mapping or should I look at some other AoE skill for that, since reave kind of requires us to keep moving fast between packs I think? saw some interesting post in the thread about using haemophilia gloves+bleedsplosions for pack clearing, maybe blade flurry with inc AoE instead, even if its slower? and just swap out AoE for bosses? any tips here appreciated,

4. any general tips to make the leveling process from 1-70/80 as smooth as possible, leveling in general is easy and leveling uniques I have a good idea of since long time , but wonder if you could point out some noobtraps to avoid and like as smooth as possible way to get to uber lab skill points and into the higher levels where we can equip the endgame gear in easy way more or less? (level with sunder? at around what level to start using bf/reave, things like this if possible)

5. do you still recommend all the same gear and/or uniques as in the beginning of the thread, now that you have more experience and knowledge from the character, still belly and not loreweave for example? would claws be better idea for me if safety/sustain/tankyness is more important than clearspeed? (bosskilling is still priority for me, but with easier time surviving and less chance of dying, etc)

6. for the uber elder fight, I guess the most important things, besides routine/knowledge of the fight mechanics, is things like taste of hate, purity of ice, kaoms roots (if not going slayer+jugg, then no need kaoms right?) etc, anything else to make it as "noobfriendly" as possible?

7. I saw some post on some page, in this thread about kind of a "hc-version" of the build, someone was testing hc-setup and stood still tanking damage in t16 map, that looked VERY interesting to me, standing still for several seconds in t16 minotaur packs and tanking damage, while still clearing monsters very fast and easy, and then killing the minotaur superfast aswell, that is kind of what I would like to do,

again movespeed+clearspeed not the top priority for me, just moving decently fast enough with whirling blades+be able to have the character setup in a way that makes dedicated endgame bosskilling+sustain+survival as smooth as possible, while still having nice damage is what I want kind of, any help in this direction would be appreciated aswell,

the video im talking about is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPlagUpYB4M

any comments or info about what he did different vs your original version? I could probably also try looking for that guy and ask him directly, but since his version is a modified version of your build, im sure you know just as good or even better what I should focus on to achieve similar results,

8. last question, thoughts on going slayer+elementalist for full reflect immunity, as quality of life thing, perhaps defeats the purpose of dedicated tanky bosskiller I had in mind and more a good idea for general mapping without having to reroll maps, but is possible you think to do this while still having tankyness, good sustain/eHP while not losing much damage or any at all with good gear? kind of a do-it-all version including mapping even if its slower?

im sure more questions will come later on but think these are the most important ones for now atleast, if anyone else wants to help or give answers to some or all of my questions you are more than welcome! would be great to hear it from the creator aswell, ofcourse ^^

thats all for now I guess, sorry about the wall of text and long post but kind of wanted to get as much info as possible in as short time as possible to get going, and thanks for super awesome+inspiring build!


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Some one can check my pro5 what should i do to improve powerful of BF? 11k dame AVG now and feel very weak. Kill t15 boss so hard
BF only 8k AVG dame :(

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