3.2.1b Patch Notes

The rare beasts now have even MORE HP? Did anyone really ask for this? That seems dumb.
d o p e
Qarl wrote:
3.2.1b Patch Notes
  • Fixed one instance crash.

when will the remaining over 9000 ones be fixed`?
Hopefully this patch will magically make me stop crashing and flat line latency every 5 mins
Xanupox wrote:
BaronCrovax wrote:
nobody cares about beasts, wut u guys doing about map/currency drops? this league is a complete joke and u guys dont fix it.

I care, so you are incorrect with your entire post.

He's incorrect about you, but right about everything else.
No fun allowed.™
Fixed a bug where Brinecrack could get stuck underground if you attempted to capture it as it was burrowing.

I actually had this one happen to me. O.o
Fixed a bug where Fenumus, First of the Night could become untargetable after retreating to its cave

I want a refund. Wasted my captures for this stupid bug.
Can't use the stairs of the Ancient Pyramid in Act 2 anymore. I logged out, tried again. Does not work. :(
Zoning within a zone is broked af!
Can't teleport to from upper prison to warden's chambers on a new char, logged to another one and it worked just fine, too bad zones are created for the char not the account.
great job updates would love to play them but after update applied game will not launch "path of exile has stopped working"

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