We're almost three weeks into the Bestiary Challenge League and we wanted to check in with you and let you know what the development team is working on and what to expect in the coming weeks.

As you know, we've already made several improvements to the Bestiary League so far. You can read about them in the patch notes forum here. We have read and understood all feedback about Bestiary league, and are making improvements based on the feedback. We have also significantly changed our league development process so that the same issues won't occur again.

Our Bestiary team is currently working on Patch 3.2.1b, which is scheduled for deployment this week on PC and next week on Xbox One. This patch focuses on increasing the challenge and reward of "yellow" Beasts (the ones that occur roughly once per map and have a single Bestiary mod) so that they feel closer to the intentionally-rare "red" Legendary ones. We do not plan to make the "red" ones more common because they are already an overwhelming source of good items, but by making the "yellow" ones much better, we can achieve a similar effect in a better way.

We have modified the fights with the "yellow" Beasts in Maps so that they are more challenging, drop more items and occur more often. In addition to the "Craft a rare item with specific mod" recipes that consume them being improved last week, these Beasts are also components for a new batch of recipes that can produce Unique Talismans, Orbs of Horizons and, with some effort, Harbinger's Orbs.

There are other Bestiary improvements coming as they are ready, such as the ability to see what unlocked recipes a Beast is part of before you sacrifice it.

We are keeping a close eye on other feedback, especially about the drop rates of things like Maps and Shaper Memory Fragments (which gate the absolute pinnacle content of Path of Exile and are not meant to be easy to find).

While a small portion of the team is still adding changes to the current league, most of the team have moved onto working full-time on Content Update 3.3.0. We're very excited about this update. We have learned many things from the development of Bestiary and look forward to showing you with actions, rather than words, that we are listening to your feedback.
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Edit: Also, First!
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Appreciate the transparency, as always. :)
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good timing!!!!
Already on 3.3.
I had high hopes for this league but Oak Professor didnt gave me my new Raichu so i decided to kill him with hes 2 mate for +2 skill point....
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We've learned a lot this league too. Mostly about how important QA is and how sometimes adding content just for the sake of it can be a detriment to the game.

It's not necessarily the setbacks and issues this league that made it the worst in memory, but the way they were handled (or not handled, in some cases).

Looking forward to improvements in the future!
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Nice work! GGG you also shoud chek the state of PvP, a lot of skills need PvP Value like bear trap, Volotile deth, Kinetic Blast etc, they are too Over power!
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KoЯn, ILL NINO, MUDVAYNE, Soulfly!!!!
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This league started out really mediocre, here's hoping this spices it up a bit

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