[SC Delve] FREE End-Game & Boss Carry Service - All Bosses in the Game | Uber Elder Kills: 250+

2 min uber elder kill. numero uno!
Great service, appreciated.
uber elder kill save and smooth thanks !
IGN: SchleiferBaerbel
Ty For Uber Elder kill
Thx. Good Service . Nice and Fast
helpd me kill uber elder nice and fast, recomended
Last edited by temp999 on Jun 14, 2018, 6:38:11 AM
Great service, loved it.
Great run. Got a awesome ring out of it

Started an Uber Atziri run, had 4 ports left, he came in and helped me kill her. Very fast, professional and friendly. Got my first pair of Atziri gloves! Very good boss killing service.
this was rly fast o.O thx.

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