Professor Stephen Hawking's has passed away.

Rest in peace you great human being.

Here's when he opened the 2012 Paraolympics, giving a speech that I've listened to a great many times both when sober and not.

I know this is a strange place to share it, but Path of Exile is anchored in a lot of memories from my life: As is Hawking's. It feels a bit like a crossroads of nostalgia for me, and I wanted to share my respects for him in a medium that means a great deal to me.

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Like many physicists, his books did a lot to get me interested in pursuing a degree and later a career in physics.

Goodbye Stephen, our field is just that much worse off without you.
He managed to stay with us for a long time, considering that in the 70s they told him that he had only two more years to live.
May he rest in peace and his work never be forgotten.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Yeah, he was supposed to be dead 40 years ago. Instead he had a very productive life by anyone's reckoning and he was a hero to many all over the world.

RIP Hawking.
Wraeclast: Where no one smokes but everyone dies.
A truly inspiring man who lived a truly memorable life. No one could honestly ask for more.
I just somehow never cared about this guy.
Completed 1 ChallengeIIPheXII wrote:
I just somehow never cared about this guy.

heartless monster...

did you really need to post that???

5/21/2018. The day the indie company owned and operated in New Zealand known as GGG died. Whether you want to admit it or not.
Completed 1 ChallengeIIPheXII wrote:
I just somehow never cared about this guy.

That's okay, I think most humans don't

But you see, people who gaze up to the stars, who wonder about things, who spend time contemplating weird shit, have little company in most of society.

That's why they also feel such love when someone can represent them.

Idiot's have trump, hitler, all kinds of demagogues who preach platitudes.

Others, they have a very few people across history
Little harsh there, Krehl.

Let's not turn this into another political thread. Stephen wasn't a big one for politics. He had bigger pictures to worry about, ne? Let's remember that and toast the stars for him.
If you're going to say RIP about someone at least do them the courtesy of getting their name right.

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