Item Splitting Beastcrafting Recipe Disabled

In 3.2.0b earlier today, we enabled four Beastcrafting recipes that were previously not possible. It's clear that one of these recipes is pitched in the wrong place and needs further work to make sure it's appropriately rare for the rewards it gives. This recipe has been disabled temporarily until we can rebalance it, test the solution and release a patch (hopefully later today).

As some background to this:

We wanted Beastcrafting to be valuable, and came up with some strong outcomes (such as this ability to split items in two). While the ability for this recipe to work on Shaper and Elder base types is a bug, it's intended that it can copy six-link items and other valuable base properties.

We priced the recipe as best we could using the simulations we had available before getting data from millions of players on the live realm. Our intention was to keep an eye on how people used them, and react quickly to change the recipe pricing if there were problems.

Unfortunately due to an oversight, the recipe was not possible until today. When we fixed and released it, it was with the same rough balance values that we set during development, which were unrealistic given the actual rate that people found beasts on the live realm. Also, players had saved up almost a week worth of Beasts, so once they found that the recipe was a bit too cheap, they could hit it quite a few times.

It's intended to be powerful, and intended to be accessible, but not quite to the extent that we're seeing tonight. We have disabled it and will review and re-release it as soon as possible (with a bug fix to the Shaper and Elder items issue also).

(Note that two other recipes introduced at the same time have also been disabled for safety, though will likely be turned back on later today once they're given the all clear. "Disabled" means changed so that they require four Albino Rhoas, so I guess you can still do these recipes if you haven't left the Mud Flats all week).

We'll have an update for you later on today in NZ work hours as we fix the recipes and turn them back on. I'm very sorry about this. It's clear the recipe didn't receive sufficient testing and that's on us. We're making some pretty big changes to how we develop content so that the important aspects of the league have a safety buffer of several weeks of dedicated testing in the future.
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You're fucking over everyone that didn't abuse it, nice job GGG.

There's a common misconception in the community that our balance team doesn't play Path of Exile. They actually do play it, a whole lot. We have people with level 100 hardcore characters, multiple famous community members who have come to work for us and you may not even know it. The minimum requirement to join our QA team is 1000 hours of PoE experience, and we still turn people with that prerequisite away if they're not good enough at the game. Our design, balance and QA team are experts at Path of Exile.
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