3.2.0b Patch Notes

Please make the spawn chance of Uber Hillock a bit higher, because right now it's way more easier to get the Oni-Goroshi with currency, than farm it.. which is kinda unworthy.. I mean make it, like it was before.. may be.. idk.. but for 5h on each character, (I got 4 of them, which is 20h farm..) I got only 1 Tabula Rasa. So yeah, please do something about this..
Awesome job guys.. and This is why this game is so great. Dev's that care means so much keep up the good work.
I logged in and all my captured beasts are gone

edit: Well the altar might not be working, its not showing my creatures
But with the H button it does
edit2: relogging helped the problem
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Crash #1 post patch... not even 5 mins after logging in.

Summon Phantasm on Kill Support no longer supports Manifest Dancing Dervish.

Fixed a client crash that could occur while Summon Phantasm on Kill was socketed in The Dancing Dervish.

Lazy developing at it's finest.
Fixed a bug where Stairs to the next area would not open if a beast was captured in the Oba's Cursed Trove unique map.

Just tested this. It's still bugged. RIP 17c Oba's trove. Had to logout and go through the whole zone again. Ended up losing my Oba's because of the timer.
IGN: Nano
Wish you guys would fix your inconsistent drop rates and really irregular spawn rates. I've been playing since essence, and this league I didn't get an actual scroll of wisdom drop until ledge in act 1. Also this league sucks for totemers and necromancers. The net toss animation takes too long and the capture window is too short for me to pre-toss a net, let alone reliably target a mob in a pack. And before people leap on me for not having bought a supporter pack, I support them by buying 20 to 40 dollars worth of stash tabs every league since essence
Any compendium on legendary locations?
Now that you are done with hand holding of the reddit community, that is too bad to capture a beast alive..., how about fixing the real issue´s now?

Fact is, I encounter Breach and Abyss in almost each map I play, but rare beasts, especially the red ones only in each 10th?! How is this ok, I thought we are playing Bestiary and not Breach & Abyss combined?

I also miss the ability that our net´s have an AOE capture, as this is the true issue for us Necromancers. We have a huge army, it is hard to capture the right beast. Why not let our net´s target the rare one, instead of the normal and magic ones?

Sorry for the negative comment, but I still don´t understand why dead net´s are more important than the real issues. Helping bad players should not be a priority, they can always improve, but we can´t fix the spawn rates for beasts ourselves, only you can!

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Qarl wrote:
3.2.0b Patch Notes
  • Added "Necromancy Nets", a relatively rare net that can revive beasts, capturing them in the process. This is useful for characters that have difficulty capturing beasts before they die, but its rarity means that it can't be relied upon as the sole method of capture for these characters. (This patch doesn't include support for reviving monsters that have been shattered, exploded or otherwise had their corpse removed. We're working on this.)

seriously why even ask the fucking community what they want when you depend on reddit to run your game shits seriously getting old if the nets go like i know they will go my group of friends are done supporting the game.

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